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How to Dance at Parties

Updated on October 7, 2013
How to dance at parties
How to dance at parties | Source

Your Dance Resume

You totally rock the wedding dance floor with moves like:

  • "The Sprinkler"-put a bent elbow behind your head and stretch out the other arm in front and "spray" your arm like a sprinkler.

  • The "Wobbly Knees Criss Cross Arms" move-bend your knees, bounce your knees and criss cross your arms on da beat.
  • A modified version of "The Charlston"

The club dance floor loves you because you bust moves like:

  • The head nod-no explanation needed
  • The "Toe Tap"
  • The "Madonna Face Frame"

So you Think You Can Dance

Learning how to dance at parties is an essential question that needs addressing. I'm not just talking to regular dance club crew people, I'm talking to average men and women who may just need some helpful tips to get through the next corporate social event, the next house party, the next Christmas social or the next stag or stagette party.

It just occurred to me that I've never really known any proper dance techniques for club dancing. I rarely, if not ever go club dancing, but was recently asked to go dancing with some friends. What comes to mind when I think of club dancing is scantily clad women in high heels running fingers through their hair, moving hips provocatively and occasionally grinding against men or women. My experience (or lack of) tells me that most men I've encountered at clubs are not there to dance. Please don't judge, I'm simply relaying my personal club dancing experiences here in Vancouver, which I've heard some say that Vancouver is pretty anti-social. Most men are circling around the perimeter of the dance floor, sipping on their gin and juice, ready to pounce when they see something they like, mostly of the female variety. Sometimes I'll see men and women circling each other, jumping up and down on the dance floor with arms draped around one another, and I think to myself, I can do THAT! What also comes to mind is loud music, shouting conversations, hot and sweaty air and no space to do my dance moves (or lack there of).

So, how can you enjoy yourself to the fullest on the dance floor knowing that:

a) It's been years since you've been on a club dance floor

b) You've got no dance moves at the moment

How to Dance at Parties

How to Dance Hip Hop Style

How do you hip hop dance?

  • Hip Hop dance is ALL about attitude, so put on your game face. Let your true colours show on your face, especially that anger/angst that you've been holding in for awhile now and show the world how to dance at parties.
  • Do a simple side to side toe tap, but add in emphatic shoulder shrugs, hand gestures, and pump those arms and legs.

How do you look cool dancing hip hop style?

  • I already said this earlier, but show some serious emotion on your face-not sad emotion, but angry.
  • Put 150% effort into all your moves.

How do you dance hip hop in a small space such as a club dance floor?

  • Use your elbows and arms to create space. "Be obnoxious, through dance".
  • You don't need much space at all to groove to the music, just own it.

What is the hippest thing you could wear to a club?

  • Wear something that expresses who you are.

Hip Hop for Beginners Guide

How to Dance for Average Guys

How to dance at parties
How to dance at parties | Source

How to Dance at Parties-Men


  • Move your body to the music.
  • Talk to your date-make conversation and just have a good time while moving to the music
  • Clap your hands or snap your fingers to the beat.
  • sway back and forth to the beat.


  • Dance with clenched fists. You'll look like a stressed out weirdo.
  • Look at the floor.
  • Draw attention to yourself with BIG moves (especially if you don't want everyone looking at you).
  • At corporate events, don't jump up and down-let's keep it classy.

How to Dance at Parties-Women


  • Be confident and own your moves.
  • If you're not sure about what to do, watch you tube and music video clips for ideas and practice in front of a mirror.
  • Dress comfortably and sexy: t-shirts, jeans
  • Once you're comfortable on the dance floor, find a partner to dance with!


  • Twerk
  • Wear shoes that grip the floor too hard-you want to be able to slip and spin easily and you don't want to break an ankle.
  • Cross your arms or look down at the floor-have a great time and engage in conversations with the people around you.

How to Dance Like Shakira


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