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How to Draw a Cartoon Character in Anime Studio?

Updated on January 19, 2013
Figure | Source

What is Anime Studio?

Anime Studio is a vector based animation software. Anime Studio is used by those who work or create projects for the animation industry. The tools contained within Anime Studio allow animation creators to produce professional animation projects. Among other features, Anime Studio allows creators to trace an image and later animate it.

I came across this animation software, while looking for an application to create an animated video and found within it the necessary tools to create my project from start to finish. Throughout this hub, I´m going to show you an easy and simple technique for creating a character with Anime Studio.

Things Needed to Create a Character on Anime Studio



Picture sketch



Anime Studio

How to Start Creating a Character in Anime Studio?

Anime Studio, like any other graphic editing program, contains the tools for drawing figures on the stage. The tools palette, which is located on the left side of the main working area, contains the freehand, the add point and the draw shape tools, among other tools.These three tools allow you to draw any kind of shape on Anime Studio´s work area. I used these tools to draw my character on the stage.

To start creating your character, you need to make a sketch of it, either on paper or with a drawing program. After you have sketched your character, scan it or take a picture of it and save it into a folder in your computer. Now, open Anime Studio, create a new document and save it as ¨my character.´ This will be the title of your project.


How to Import an Image on Anime studio?

On the right side of the main working area, you can find the style and the layers palettes. Click on the new layer icon on top of the layers palette and click on image. Select the image that you sketched of your character and import it. The sketch of your character should appear on the main working area. Resize the image on the working area, using the scale layer button, as needed.

Import Image
Import Image | Source

How to Start Drawing a Character on Anime Studio?

Create a new vector layer and name it face. With the face layer active, select the color of skin of your character on the style tool palette. Select a stroke of similar color as the skin and on the width option write 1. Select the add point tool and begin tracing the head of your character. You create points around the image by clicking and dragging the cursor of your mouse. After the shape is complete, it will be automatically filled with the color you chose.

Click on the advanced option at the lower left side of the style palette, then select the shape tool and click on the shape of the head to select it. On the style palette, write head in the shape box. Now click on the style box and select new. You can name the syle whatever you want. In this project, I named it as skin. The skin color that you chose is saved, so that you can reuse it for other body parts in this project.

Drawing the Outline of Your Image
Drawing the Outline of Your Image | Source

Using the same procedure, you can draw the outline for the hair and the rest of your character´s body. You will need to create a layer for each body part on the layers palette. When you finish tracing lines around your picture sketch, the finished character should be finished like the one below. For creating this character I drew a sketch of it on a piece of paper and then took a picture of it, then I save the picture on my computer and imported it into Anime Studio.

When you have finished tracing the image with the drawing tools, you can either hide or delete the picture sketch from the layers palette by clicking on the hide layer icon or the delete layer button in the layers palette.

This is my character after I finished tracing points around the outlines of my sketch. To draw the curves, such as those on the pockets, ears and nose, you can use the add point tool to create more points around the tracing lines of your character and the translate point tool to move those points and reshape your character´s features.

Character | Source


To create a character in Anime studio, you draw a sketch of your character on a piece of paper, then you scan the picture sketch or take a picture of it and save it into your computer. Next, you import the picture sketch into Anime Studio. Now, you create layers for each body part of your character and use the add point tool to create vector lines around the picture sketch. When you finish tracing lines around your character's picture sketch, you should have your character drawn on Anime Studio's working area.


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  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 3 years ago from Mexico City

    I used anime studio debut, which does not let you use all the functions as with anime studio pro. Anime studio pro lets you work with editable motion graphs with Bézier handles.

  • TimArends profile image

    Timothy Arends 3 years ago from Chicago Region

    It's interesting that Anime Studio doesn't have bezier curves and control handles such as in programs like Adobe Illustrator, or at least you don't need to learn these to draw in the program.

  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 4 years ago from Mexico City

    You'll see the animation of this character on the next hub. It's called " how to animate a character with bones with Anime Studio.

  • dailytop10 profile image

    dailytop10 4 years ago from Davao City

    I would love to see how that character is animated. Thank you for sharing!