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How to Enjoy Playing Piano

Updated on October 26, 2011

Don't get bored on the piano but enjoy it to the fullest.

Express yourself

As opposed to sport music isn't about being the best, it's a way to express your self in a way that can't be done by thousand words. When I heard that for the first time I was a bit surprised because it would be so cool to brag about my skills to others that weren't as good. But of cause I didn't do it because I am not a Virtuoso and even if I where, I shouldn't brag because it moves the focus from the real meaning of music. You could see music as the language specially designed to express yourself.

It's difficult to find even one of those amazing pianists that doesn't get emotionally involved with the piece. If you are deeply in a emotional "trance" when playing music, you should be enjoying it. If I play a piece that I like and just let go, I get a feeling that can't really be described by words. Therefore I would like to share this for those of you who doesn't feel "it".

To feel "it" you need to like what you play. If you hate that tune, you wont get much enjoyment out of it. Learn a piece you really love, and master it. I once made an accompaniment of the song "forget you" at that time I couldn't stop listening to it. I loved that song so bad, so I learned it thoroughly because it was so good. By the time I learned it I had to play it all the time, and I still play it.

Become a part of the piece

By that i mean that when the music builds up tension, you should also build up tension within yourself and when it releases you should too. Don't just play the keys, feel them. It is those moments that remind you of why you love to play the piano, and if you don't experience them, you'll end up being bored or maybe even stop playing the piano.

Make it interesting. Even "Marry had a little lamb" can be very nice to play if you make it interesting. If you haven't played piano for that long, it shouldn't be a problem to create something that you'll find interesting. Just make a piece you know a bit harder. If you play blues, instead of playing a block chord maybe you should try a walking bass. If your a more experienced pianist, you should try to go beyond your capabilities.

Be creative

Actually it all comes down to being creative. When your hear the word "piano" never think about boring scales and such, but think of a great instrument to get all your creativity put together in.


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    • Dawit T profile image

      Dawit T 6 years ago from Denmark

      If you have the time you should try playing yourself. Glad you liked it

    • profile image

      gift61 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing.I cant play any music instrument but love to listen to a good piece especially piano. touches my soul