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How to Find Royalty-Free Music for your Video or Website - Made Easy

Updated on July 2, 2012
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Finding and Using Royalty-Free Music

All music is protected from un-authorized copying by the copyright laws. Just because you have purchased and own a CD of a song does not give you legal permission to use that song in videos you create or on your website without paying royalties or obtaining permission from the copyright holder or artist.

The only legal way to add music to your website or videos you create is to use what is known as "Royalty-Free" music. That is music that is being offered for free or for sale that can be publicly used without breaking any copyright laws.

Buy or Download Royalty Free Music

So, to find royalty free music there are several places on the Internet that you can go to. I have bookmarked a few.

Sites on the Internet that have royalty free music generally have clips that you can listen to before you decide what do you want to download the music or not. Once you find something you like, you can download it to your computer. Then you will be able to Load it as an audio track onto a Movie or Slideshow you've created in Picasa. You can also use the music on your website or in other "movie" like creations like commercials for your website or Animoto videos (more on Animoto in another Hub.)

How to Add Audio to Picasa Movies and Slideshows

To add an Audio Track to your Picasa Movie, just click the Load button beneath "Audio Track" in the Movie Maker Tab.

Load Audio Track
Load Audio Track

Audio Track Options in Picasa

You have some options when you load an audio track: you can fit the photos into the audio or you can loop the photos to match the audio or you can truncate the audio. I usually try to fit the photos into the audio just because I think it are makes for a cool slideshow.

Once the audio is loaded to the movie and you've played it and you like the way it looks, you're good to go and can click "Create Movie."

Once your movie is created you can Upload your movie YouTube or to Facebook or do with whatever you'd like with it. If it didn't come out the way you wanted it to you can click on edit movie and go back into edit mode...

Thanks so much for "listening" and have a great day!

How To Video - Download Royalty-Free Music


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