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How to Freestyle

Updated on April 23, 2016

Free-style rapping is like free-writing. You verbally express whatever idea comes in your mind without putting much thought. Most people don't start free-styling at the top of their head the very first time they rap. Rapping takes a great amount of patience, practice, endurance, skill, and effort. If you have ever felt clueless as to what to rap about or tried to rap at a consistent basis, but fail miserably every time, i will provide vital points based on my experience.

* Have a unique flow - Having a flow is a key quality to your identity as a rapper. Practice rapping and at the same time, change the tone and mood of your voice.

* Have an excellent writing style - Your choice of words will say a lot about your character, so practice displaying your voice verbally as well as you do on paper.

* Practice your build-up and delivery - Your build-up are the words used in each line you rap. If your a rapper who uses rhymes, use a thesaurus and look up words which rhyme with that word. Build up is very important because it's the overall message. How good your rapping is will be determined by your build-up most of the time. This will greatly help you when free-styling.

* Write rap lyrics before free-styling - Writing can help you be creative and warm up your mind. If you want to be a fast rapper when your free-styling, you must be able to read lyrics, memorize them, and rap them at a quick speed. You can do this by beginning to point your finger to each word and read it as you move your finger along.

* Don't think, just rap - The main reason why people mess up when free-styling is because they spend too much time thinking instead of rapping. If you think too much about what your going to rap about when free-styling, you can freeze, lose focus, and your flow. If you think too much about how you will move in sports, you won't do it. If you think too much about how you will fight when doing martial arts, you will already be at a disadvantage. In some situations, you must act without much thought. Studies show that your mind changes when you free-style (Look at the link below). The more you practice rapping without much thinking, the better you will be at free-styling.

* If you mess up, keep flowing - If your mind goes blank, don't stop rapping, keep going, even if you mess up. Stop worrying about how stupid you sound and just keep rapping, but don't just keep rapping, try to make a powerful comeback. Say things like "I say..I said..I mean.." or "Did i stutter? it's all good, I'm makin my flow as smooth as spreadin butter.." or "They say no matter how many times we fall, we get up, i couldn't stay down and miss the chance to blow you away with my lyrics N' get you struck.." and even if you have nothing to say, just giggle and keep rapping. Don't just make a mistake, turn it into an advantage.

* Be strong and have confidence in yourself - Without these things, you won't be a great free-style rapper. Confidence is essential to rapping from your inner voice whether you are rapping to yourself, on the mic, or just rapping with friends.


Free-style rapping takes alot of time, effort, practice, and persistence. Having a powerful voice and confidence are essential to free-styling with ease. Perfecting your skills can make you a unique rapper who is a great- free-styler whether in your house by yourself, on the street, or on stage in front of an audience.

Are you confident in your ability to freestyle?

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