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How to Get Away From Michael Myers in 3 Easy Steps

Updated on September 21, 2015

Escape the Unstoppable

Michael Myers is the ultimate killer and the ultimate threat who may seem impossible to escape. However, upon careful examination one may see that he is, in fact, quite easy to get away from and possibly defeat. Follow these three simple steps for a smooth getaway when this beast comes after you.

Step 1. Run

If you pay close attention to the movies, the guy never runs. Maybe, he's embarrased of how he runs or he gets tired really quickly. He may even have asthma, but without his inhaler he runs too big of a risk engaging in strenuous activities. This guy is mysterious, and no one really knows what's up with him. The point is, he doesn't run after you, so run as fast as you can and get the hell away from him!


Step 2. Use Common Household Items to Your Advantage

If you can't outrun him or he somehow sneaks up on you and gets too close for comfort, simply turn some common household items against him to stop him in his tracks. Knitting needles seem to work really well. If you can get a hold of a pair, or even just one, you have a really good chance at stopping him, or at least slowing him down. Jamie Lee Curtis demonstrated this skill in the original Halloween (1978). She also shows us that simple coat hangers are also extremely effective in slowing down the beast. Fashion a basic eye poker out of a wire coat hanger and consider yourself armed!

Myers poses next to some deadly household weapons
Myers poses next to some deadly household weapons | Source

Step 3. Take His Mask Off

If he gets really close and you don't have any access to a coat hanger, go for the mask. Jamie Lee Curtis proves this method to be effective in slowing down the self-conscious boogie man. Pulling off his mask distracts him just long enough to get out of his grasp and out the door. While he's busy trying to put his mask back start running! If he gets close again, repeat the cycle.

He's super freaked out
He's super freaked out | Source

You're all set!

Now you know that there is no reason to be (too) scared of Michael Myers. If you find yourself hunted by him this Halloween remember the 3 steps! If you have no idea what i'm talking about, watch the movie Halloween (1978). It's a horror classic!

Watch Halloween, the original


Can you escape?

Can you really escape Michael Myers?

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