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How to Get Good at Guitar Playing

Updated on October 22, 2012

To Get Good at Playing the Guitar you Have to Practice

The guitar is an instrument that can be carried anywhere, as it is easily handled. Guitars are essential music instruments at parties, friend or family reunions, outings, etc. The guitar is one of the most versatile music instruments and anyone who plays the guitar becomes the center of attraction in social gatherings. So, how can anyone become good at playing the guitar?

To become a real good guitar player, you have to make the guitar part of your everyday activities. That is to say, you have to dedicate part of your time to practice the guitar. The daily practice of the guitar or any other skill helps anyone, involved in the task, become proficient at any skill easily. The more time you dedicate to practice the guitar, the more skillful you´re going to become.

The Guitar

Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar | Source

Basic Chord Knowledge

Anyone who plays the guitar knows at least some basic chords or guitar open chords, which are named like this because there is usually one string that is played without fingering it. The basic guitar open chords include C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. these basic chords are formed by fingering three single notes on the guitar. For example C is formed by C, E and G, which are the root note followed by a third and a fifth note.

The other chords follow the same pattern. Learning these basic chords include practice and getting your fingers used at forming these chords on the guitar. This is not easy at the beginning; however, if you practice often, you´ll be able to form these chords with ease, over time. On this page, you can find a basic guide to chord formation.

Play Other Guitarrist´s Songs

After having learned and practice these seven basic chords, you may start playing either other guitarist´s songs or your own songs. Playing other guitarist´s songs can provide you with lots of practice; however, if you can start practicing your own creations, over time, it will result more profitable, as you´ll be on your way to become a composer.

Every time a person creates is because he or she feels their creation. Playing songs on the guitar is like communicating language. With the guitar you communicate your feelings and experiences in the form of musical notes.

Stimulate your Senses

Mountains | Source

Where Do I Get Inspiration for Playing the Guitar?

A guitar song is like a sung song, only instead of words, the guitar communicates your feelings to others with sound. The sound you create with your guitar is the language in which you have imprinted your thoughts in a song. The thoughts may stem from a past or present experience or they may come from observed objects around you. Anything that may inspire a thought can be used as a source of inspiration for writing a guitar song.

While we are surrounded by objects, and we can recall past experiences every time we engage at the task of placing our thoughts in the past, some people may prefer to be stimulated by objects and images to which they feel more attracted to. Some people may get stimulated by watching the beautiful sunrise or sunsets, others may prefer watching the mountain landscape, and some others may find inspiration by looking at the night sky or the ocean.

It all depends on your personality and kinds of interests. You might do well if you profit from every situation that inspire your inner thoughts while you carry your guitar with you and let it speak for you. Many guitar players have found inspiration for their songs by being stimulated by objects and beautiful lanscapes around them. That is the reason, many guitar song albums show a setting, such as a forest, the beach, the ocean, or any other beautiful landscape.

Let the Guitar Speak for You

The guitar song that I played at the beginning of this hub consists of only three chords: Am, G and Bm. Along this chord progression, I created the melody of the song. At the moment I created the song I was not tired, hungry or stressed. That is very important at playing the guitar. You have to free yourself from every situation that may prevent you from thinking clearly. The embellishments that I added to the song contributed to make the song speak for itself. The guitar song that I played at the beginning of this hub may give you an idea as to how to get good at playing the guitar. Practice and inspiration are the main ingredients at becoming good at playing the guitar.

In order to get good at guitar playing, you have to let your guitar speak for you. If thousands of guitar songs that have been written by other guitar players and that make use of similar chords were not language, they would all sound the same. With only ten numbers, we can create an infinite quantity of other numbers. In the same way, in musical terms, with only seven notes, a musician can create a great quantity of songs with distinct sound.

Dedicate Time to Practice Guitar Playing

The most effective thing you can do to get good at playing the guitar is to dedicate a significant quantity of time to practice guitar playing. Some of the most successful guitarists have become good at playing the guitar because they have dedicated significant amounts of time at playing the guitar.

I took my first guitar lesson at the age of fifteen. Like any other person, I had trouble getting good at playing the guitar because I was thought the basics, but not other important factors at mastering it. With the basic knowledge I learned from my first guitar lesson, I tried to learn other guitarrist´s songs; however, I always found it difficult. It was not until I read an article on a music magazine about how to become good at playing the guitar. One of the most impacting commentaries in the article recommended enjoying the act of playing the guitar. That´s when I started to really feel that I was getting good at playing the guitar.

To get good at playing the guitar, you have to have fun while playing. To have fun while playing the guitar, you have to be free of daily stressors, and other worries. The act of playing the guitar has to be taken as an act of communication between you and your guitar. To establish communication there has to be silence around you.


To summarize, to get good at guitar playing, you have to acquire some basic knowledge on how to construct guitar chords; you have to practice either other guitarist´s songs or your own songs; you have to find inspiration from objects, images or memories; and you have to establish communication between you and your guitar.

Where do most guitarists find inspiration for playing the guitar

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