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How to Get Ready for a Dance Audition

Updated on January 15, 2013
Prepare for Dance Audition
Prepare for Dance Audition

How to Prepare for Dance Audition

A dance audition is an opportunity that helps a person to become well known as a dancer. Preparation is the key fact for dancers to succeed in auditions, as the well prepared participants can make an impact on the judges. An audition can be a terrifying experience if it’s your first one. Below mentioned are some simple tips and advices with which you can make sure you give the best of you, by scaring off the pressure and nervousness.

So the key factors to do your best in an audition is to do regular practice, make yourself look the best on the stage, enjoy while performing and provide a resume with your full details. Consider all the above mentioned tips when you register for an audition that helps you to perform through a successful audition.

Key Factors for a Successful Dance Audition

1) Selecting the dance style

The most important step while preparing for an audition is to select the dance style. It varies depending on the audition. Choose the style that fits you the best if you are participating in a general audition. But in case of auditions that require a certain style of dance, have it prepared in that type. Always choose a song and movement that suits your physical structure and abilities. If you are required to perform a solo dance, choreograph it ahead of time. Create a new choreography by yourself or with the help of some one else rather than copying it from somewhere.

2) Focus on expressing the dance

In order to stand out of the crowd you have to focus on expressing the dance rather than remembering the next step. To do so you need to learn the steps in advance and practice as often as you can. Create a consistent dance schedule and stick on to it. This will help you envision each move with great ease. Always remember that practice does make perfect. But don’t overwhelm yourself. Take enough time to rest and eat. Be realistic and give equal importance to your body requirements. These small things will actually help you perform better.

3) Dress in appropriate dance attire

Whatever dress you select to wear for the audition should be neat, clean, comfortable, and suits the style of your audition piece. Usually leotard and tights is considered standard attire. Select a dress that makes you look very attractive and buy it in advance so that you can practice in it. The dress you select must compliment your body shape. Choose the right pair of dance shoes that looks good. Arrange your hair in such a manner that the judges can see your face. Make sure that all the accessories as well as make-up is appropriate and flattering too. Record yourself in full attire and watch the video several times to find out your mistakes and any necessary change that has to be made in your costume.

4)Prepare a resume

Make sure you have included your name, contact information, telephone number and email address in the resume. Don’t forget to include a list of your dance accomplishments highlighting your skill in choreography. Also include the details of the dance schools you have attended, any degree in dance and your teaching experience.

5) Warm up before the audition

Arrive early at the location where the audition is set. Try to arrive at least two hours early at the spot so that you get enough time to warm up before the audition begins. The more relaxed you are the easier it would be to render your natural talent and impress the judges.


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