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How to Get more Followers on Tumblr and Other Social Sites

Updated on May 19, 2015

The Importance of Social Media

We've all been in the situation of "being at square one". Most of us have had Myspace or an old school account on a social site where friends and followers didn't really matter. We had a top 8 and were happy to just share things with close friends and help make each other's profiles. At some point though, we reach the stage where we want to fill our social needs. We want to make more friends, we notice other people starting to gain more views/follwers/likes and we want to reach out to more people. At some point when you discovered Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen friends getting hundreds of likes and reblogs and thinking to yourself it'd be nice to be able to do the same thing. Some of us, especially the older folk, don't see the need to have social sites (except maybe a Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends) but children and young adults more than ever get a thrill from the endless social sites to choose from. There's probably one's you didn't even know existed. Some of the more popular ones of course are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MeetMe, and Pinterest. Some other less heard of ones include Bebo, LinkedIn, and The world of social media is ever expanding and is used for so many things from keeping up with friends, planning dates, making commissions for your work, and even making some extra cash. In case your not social media savvy, this article will educate you on the impact and importance of social media and how to build a social media empire. Here's just a few things to consider before you brush off the importance of "followers" on social networking sites:

  • Facebook has over 900,000,000 users. That means 1 in 10 people have a Facebook. Facebook allows you not only to share pictures and get likes. You can create pages for your band, an idea/unique concept that is yours, or raise awareness for campaigns or funding.
  • The most notes on a Tumblr post was over 190 million! That's a lot of eyes looking at a post. I'm not guaranteeing a certain number of notes, but the point that should get across is the more notes=the more views. Views=attention. Attention to a post means influence, whether you're trying to make a career in art or sell ebay products with your blog, the higher the views, the higher your chance of success.
  • 1 in 4 relationships now start online. That means your princess or prince charming could be a few clicks away. Social media allows us to connect people in unique ways. We can find people based around similar hobbies and interests, and allow social media sites to suggest people that it thinks are compatible for us. Perhaps this will save on wasted money for lame dates, and means we can find romantic happiness faster than ever.
  • Think about your favorite big name bands. They all made a start somewhere. Maybe you've even found out about a band after they became popular due to a media site like YouTube. Myspace might seem outdated now, but it helped bands like Panic! at the disco and The Maine build a fan base and career. Social media sites can build careers, if you have the talent and the patience, sites like Twitch can even sponsors on YouTube can be a source of a sustainable income.
  • Social media keeps us updated on important events. trending topics and hash tags make it easy to discover what's going on locally and in the world around you. Some people don't sit down and watch the news for an hour to find out gas prices or how the war is going overseas. But apps, statuses, and tweets are just a few of the many ways to update us instantly so we're not kept in the dark.

Social Sites

How To Gain Followers

You don't have to be the most attractive person in the world or an on the rise celebrity to get the attention of followers. There are a few basic requirements you should meet if wont expect to see those followers stacking up.

  1. Quality. Think about the people or blogs you follow on social sites. What made them stand out to you? Chances are if it wasn't interesting, you didn't bother. People want to see quality things on their blog- things that are funny, cute, or appealing in some way or another. Make sure to use clear pictures. You want your blog or social site to be an accurate representation of you or your goals, and people won't take you as seriously if you use low-res pictures and lame descriptions. Always try to post the best pictures you can, descriptive text with good grammar, and organization. Try to avoid any spam or too many selfies unless it's Instagram.
  2. Quantity. People want to be a part of something that is constantly changing and growing. The less amount of material you share, the less people will care. What if your favorite band or celebrity went mia for days or weeks at a time? You might feel frustrated or impatient. If you're going to have a social site, make sure it's something you can keep up with. Try to keep your posts and shares consistent and often to keep your followers happy.
  3. Goals: You have a better chance at gaining followers if you have a clear goal in mind or can envision exactly what you are "selling" to your followers. Is this more of a personal blog or are you sharing things with common ground. For example, a personal blog may not get as many followers. It might be fun to still have one for personal and not practical use. Your followers might not care if your sharing cluttered thoughts or pictures of how cute you looked at prom. A blog that's more clear cut will probably gain more followers. A clear cut blog just means something that is suited for a specif group of people, like a fashion blog or cute blog dedicated to the cutest animals. A blog with focus will keep you on tract and you'll know exactly what to post.
  4. Follow. One of the most common sense ways to get followers is by following others. Just be cautious in your doing so. It is okay and expected that you follow back any followers that follow you. It's just the right thing to do, and if they share something of yours, their followers will then see it. Following celebrities and your favorite pages is alright because it could spark your creativity and give you ideas of your own. But famous users rarely follow back. It is smart to follow people that are active yet don't have very many followers. It is okay to unfollow people who don't then follow you back to avoid clutter. Sites like twitter have a follow limit-so understand the limit and follow wisely. Sites like tumblr don't have a follow limit, so take advantage of this. Use #followforfollow or #followback to gain followers that want the same thing as you: more followers.

Quick Check List to Attract Followers Instantly

A detailed biography or "About Me"
A catchy Username and/or URL
Organized content
Proper use of hashtags
Good Grammar and spelling
All areas of your profile are complete
Your best profile picture
Background images and music
A link to your other social media sites
Plenty of Content
Sharable material
Using trending keywords and phrases
Up to date Info
Avoid spam and broken links
Shows focus and accuracy
Follow others back instantly
Cool extras like videos or links
Relevant material

How Social Media is Changing Marketing

How to Stand Out on Social Media Sites


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