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How to Know If You Are the Main Character In Your Life Based off Anime

Updated on January 5, 2020


1) You always sit near the window in a classroom
A common trope for anime for whatever reason. Probably because it dictates the characters torn between their everyday life and need for adventure somewhere out there in the world. This is almost a requirement to be a main character in your story as in like at at least 90% of anime involving a classroom. Whether it be Death Note, School Rumble, Bleach, etc. they always are near the window usually in the back seat.

2) You are an insider to a big secret that most people around you don't know about

Being an insider often means you not only know about what's going on that others don't, but your life actively revolves around major events involving them. Most people around you wouldn't consider you being as involved as you are unless they are like in your inner circle.

Examples: Luffy being a devil fruit user and knowing haki, Goku being friends with the Omni King, Edward Elric being able to use alchemy without a transmutation circle

3) You were once a loner who had no friends, but now you do or vice versa
Polarizing factors such as this often dictates that one is destined for success whether it be easy or difficult remains to be told.

Examples: Kiyo and Yusuke were once loners with no friends, but now have plenty. Kazuma Yagami and Ganta Igarashi who had friends and family, but now have themselves for the most part to rely on.

4) At least 1 cute or attractive girl plays an active role in your life
Another very common trope in anime where the main character (often a guy) has at least 1 girl who after meeting her changes his life. Often making it somewhat of a living hell, complicating things or adding to his life in ways he's never imagined. Often the girl is a potential love interest of his down the line. I imagine the reason for this trope is to say for every strong man there is a woman who helped make him stronger or something like that.

Examples: Rukia and Ichigo, Shiro and Ganta, Light and Misa, Goku and Bulma (Dragonball), the list goes on and on

5) At the end of your adventure or near the end you are the most overpowered if not not one of the most overpowered characters throughout the series
It's pretty much inevitable that after all the adversity, all the pain, confusion, loss, and uncertainty that you will be one of the most powerful and influential people in life or your version of reality.
Examples: Naruto, Goku, Yusuke, Inuyasha, etc.

6) You have a rival who loves to challenge and may also be one of your biggest driving forces to improve
Your rival is often a close friend or a stranger who you compete with whether it be for sport like Might Guy and Kakashi or for more serious goals such as Naruto and Sasuke.

Monkey D. Luffy's family
Monkey D. Luffy's family | Source

7) There are people who love you and people who hate you, but hardly if ever in the middle. The reaction is almost always extreme.
If pretty much wherever you go you are faced with strong reactions of love and hate then this a sign you are liable to be the main character. Sometimes you may just want to be normal and not have all these reactions like Naruto when he was a kid, but you use them to make yourself stronger and to prove everyone else wrong.

8) At least one family member is of very well known status in the world around you, but chances are you never knew this until later on in life
A family member whether it brother, sister, cousin, uncle, etc. often dictates that you have to measure up if not surpass them at some point. Chances are you did not know this because they usually disappeared, died or you never met them often when you were very young. Also the family member doesn't have to be related by blood to be considered a sibling. Often just having strong ties to the person in one way, shape or form is enough of an indicator.

Examples: Monkey D. Luffy is the best example of all of this because pretty much his entire family is well known in his world.

9) You almost always seem to find yourself involved with top officials and well known entities
To be at the top of your field or wherever you are trying to go you have to be involved with the best of the best. Whether it be at the beginning or later on in your life people at the top want to be involved with you for better or for worse.

10) You have a dream and ambition that you put everything into without consequence
So common it's almost a mandatory trait to being a main character. Whether it means life or death you will do whatever it takes to achieve whatever it is you do.

11) You are either the top dog or the underdog
Having something polarizing about you in comparison to other people around you is often a prerequisite for great things to come in your future.

Examples: Ryoma Echizen being one of the top rookie tennis players, Kazuki Shikimori having a low spell count making him consider as the worst magician in his school

12) Someone close to you dies and it forces you to become stronger. It may even be the reason you began your journey to begin with.
Death when it comes to main or anime characters may not be so much a commonality, but when it hits best believe it leaves a lasting impact on the character. It forces them to become something more then probably what they thought they had to become previously.

Naruto's dark past
Naruto's dark past | Source

13) You have a dark past
A dark past gives you more of a driving force to succeed. By pushing yourself to succeed when most people would not you shine brighter than anyone else.

Ex: Aang being the last of the airbenders, Midoria being born without a quirk, Inuyasha's struggle being born as a half demon, etc.

14) You have a signature move, ability or trait mostly if not exclusively to you

Examples: Saitama can defeat pretty much anyone with one punch, Goku being one of the last Saiyans in existence, Naruto being a Jinchuriki, etc.

15) You converted at least one former rival or enemy into a valuable ally
Converting someone to your side whether they be a once powerful foe or a former rival is often a strong sign of the influence you have over others and prerequisite for great things to come.

Examples: Goku converting Piccolo and Vegeta, Naruto bringing back Sasuke, Ichigo converting Renji, Yusuke converting Hei, etc.

16) It's almost like everybody seems to know who you are, but you may not know them
If you walk into a room and many people know who you are likely to be the main character. Also if you are often the subject of a lot of controversy even when you don't intentionally try to be known or cause controversy then this is a sign as well. Celebrity status much?

17) You are often late to the party (action), but when you do show up you show out in a big way

Another common trope in anime is for the MC to be late for the party. Whether it's being late to take on an evil villain, a time when people need you the most or just a casual celebration you are often late. However you weren't late for no reason because when you finally do arrive best believe you really surprise people with your character, skills or development of your abilities.

18) You are or were the student of a great master

The MC can't do everything by themselves and often times it takes more than a group of friends to push them wherever they are trying to go. They need a teacher to gain more strength then they ever thought possible to overcome their adversities.


In conclusion, if you can identify with around 1/3 of these then chances are you are the main character in your life which means there is a strong possibility you are destined for greatness. I did this all for fun since I found that there was a big correlation between success in anime and success in the real world. Just finally got around making the comparison.


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