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How to Make Your Own Music Video

Updated on December 13, 2012

What is a Music Video?

There are many ways in which you can share a talent. Either, you can perform live in front of the family and friends or you can make a music video and share your talents with a wider audience, such as in the internet. A music video contains images, video and special effects. A music video may allow you to be seen and heard by an ample multitude of people over the internet.

A music video can be made in a few easy steps and may include a live performance of yours; memories recorded on video from a remarkable trip; or pictures with background music, it all depends on what your particular needs are. There are many programs that may allow you to do that. In this Hub, I´m going to show you how to make your own music video using Pinnacle Studio, a video editing program.

Steps to Make Your Own Music Video

  • Choose a music file for your video
  • Capture video with a digital camera, camcorder or webcam
  • Download free Pictures and Images to Include on your music video
  • Edit the music video in a video editing program
  • Choose a format for your video
  • Publish your video

How to Choose a Song for a Music Video?

You probably have favorite songs that you like to listen at very often. Select one of your favorite songs, so that it can be included on your music video. If you need to, download it from the internet and save the song into your computer, then use a converter program to convert the song into an MP3 file.

How to find Free Images?

Use your digital camera or camcorder to capture video for your music video. You can also capture video with your web cam.

Take pictures or download free pictures, such as from wikimedia commons or Flickr. Once you have all the material needed for your music video, create a folder, such as ¨My video project¨ to store all your files needed for this project.

How to Add Music into the Timeline?

On the edit window, there is a library on the right side of the window with six icons. Each icon corresponds to certain types of files, such as video music, photos, transitions, titles, sound effects, etc.

Click on the show music icon at the bottom of the library. From the list of music files, click and drag the music that you want to include in your music video. For this project, I chose the ¨Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.¨

Adding Music
Adding Music | Source

How to Add video Into Pinnacle Studio's Timeline?

Click on the show video icon in the library. Select and move into the timeline the videos for your music video. I moved all the videos for this project at once. Once in the timeline, you can move and arrange your videos in your preffered order.

How to Add Video
How to Add Video | Source

How to Add Pictures Into Pinnacle Studio's Timeline?

Click on the show photos and frames icon in the library. You will be presented with all the pictures and photos that you imported previously into Pinnacle Studio. From the list of pictures and photos, click and drag the files needed for your project. For this project, I only used two pictures.

Pictures | Source

How to Add Transitions to a Music Video Project?

Click on the show transitions icon in the library. You can click on every transition to get a preview how they work. To add transitions easily into the timeline, click on the storyboard view tab on the right side of the timeline. Drag and drop the transitions between the video and picture frames of your music video project. I included a transition into every video and picture in this music video project.

Transitions | Source

How to Add Titles to Your Music Video?

Click on the show titles icon in the library. Click on a title and then press the space key on your keyboard. The preview screen on the right side of the edit window will reproduce the title. Drag and drop a title into the title track in the timeline where you want that title to appear. Double click on the title to open the title editing window. On this window you can edit your titles. I included a title at the beginning of this music video and a few more titles, without the text, along the project.

Titles | Source

How to Add Sound Effects into Your Music Video Project?

Click on the show sound effects icon in the library. From the drop down menu, choose what type of sound affects you want to include based on category. For example, for this project, I chose the cartoons folder, then the bonk and sproing sound effect. In the miscellaneous folder, I selected the mystery sound effect.

Drag and drop the sound effects into the regions of your music video where you want them to be reproduced.

Sound Effects
Sound Effects | Source

How to Publish My Music Video?

Once you´ve finished your music video, click on the make video tab on top of Pinnacle Studio. From the drop down menu, select the music file, including audio, flash video, MPG-4, AVI, 3GP, etc., to which you want to convert your music video. You may also choose to publish it on YouTube by clicking on the Web icon on the left of the window; I chose to convert this project to the default format. If I decide to convert it to other formats, I´ll just use other converting programs.

Publish Your Music Video
Publish Your Music Video | Source


To make a music video, you need a few photos, or pictures, music and video. Next, you need an editing video and music program, such as Pinnacle Studio or others. After this, you need to edit all your pictures, music and video with the editing pŕogram and last, you need to decide the format for your music video project. Once you have the finished music video project, you can publish it on the web.


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