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How to Make a Fun YouTube Video

Updated on December 29, 2012
Shark | Source

A fun YouTube video is one that can make people laugh a little. Some kind of video that contains a story and that has exaggerated people´s characterizations throughout the video. A fun video can be made by yourself and your friends as characters; a family video or an animated video if you use any video editing application, such as Anime studio.

In today’s lifestyle, everyone needs to find a time for laughter. Having some fun of any kind can relieve the stress of daily life. There are many ways to find fun. In YouTube, you can find many funny videos that people have uploaded. You can make your own video and uploaded to YouTube, as well. Throughout this hub, I´m going to show you how make a fun video for YouTube.

Things Needed to Make a Funny Video

  • A setting (location)
  • Characters
  • Script

How to Start a Fun Video?

There are three basic things you´ll need to create a fun video. First, you need a setting; this can be your home; the park; your school or any other location you can imagine. Next, you need the characters for your video. The characters can be yourself; your friends; family members or animated characters. And lastly, you need a script. A script is an outline of the dialogue, and audio and visual elements throughout the video.

How to Choose the Setting for a Fun YouTube Video?

For the setting of this video, I thought of the beach. The beach is a setting that attracts my imagination and I thought I could easily create a story around it. The setting for your video can be any place, such as a library, a shopping mall, a cruiser, an airplane, etc., or any other place, as long as you can create a story around it. The best and most convenient setting is the one you have at your own home, but if you create an animated video, then, your setting can be any other imaginable location.

Setting | Source

How to Create the Characters for a Fun YouTube Video?

Based on the script of your video, you can create the characters. For this video, I created two characters; one is a boy and the other is a dog. Since this video uses animated characters, I created these characters in a digital animation program called Anime Studio. Like I said before, the characters in your video can be yourself; your friends; family, etc., or you may create your own animated characters in any digital animation software.

Characters | Source

How to Write the Script for a Fun YouTube Video?

Throughout this video, most of the talking is made by the boy. He speaks through the scenes in the video and the dog listens and reacts. The funny part is played by the dog and his occurrences. I exaggerated the dog´s character to make it fun and I also included an animated shark. The scene at the beach where the dog and the shark appear is the funniest part of the movie based on my own consideration.

Funny | Source


To make a fun or any other type of video, you need three elements, such as a location for your video, which is the place where you want to film the video; you need a set of characters or actors; and you need a script, which is an outline of the dialogue and visual and audio elements included in the video.

The following is my first animated video on YouTube, starring Tom and Tomas.

Tom and Tomas daydreaming about being at the beach

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  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 4 years ago from Mexico City

    You´re right! There is some work to do to create and animate the characters.

    Thanks for reading and commenting on this hub.

  • flashmakeit profile image

    flashmakeit 4 years ago from usa

    That was so cute and thanks for the tips. I think the hardest part is writing the story and animating the characters.