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How to Make a Hobbit Costume

Updated on December 12, 2012

If you or your kids wants to wear a hobbit costume, then you will find it is really easy to make one rather than buying one from the shops.

Look at the costume on the right here, and you will see that all you really need is a cape and some minor adjustments to some old clothes you may have lying around.

A Hobbit's Pants

Note how baggy the pants are. So you will need a pair of pants that are too big for you, to give them that spacious look.

Have you an overweight relative you could collect an old pair from? Or, if you are a child, an adult size pair should do you.

While the material is supposed to be coarse and made from a woven fabric, this would make them uncomfortable and scratchy (especially for a child). As long as they are brown or black in color and not of too smooth a material, they should be fine.

Put the pants on, using a belt around the middle and a pair of suspenders to hold them in place, and measure out a cut-off point halfway between the ankles and the knees.

When measuring, allow an extra inch for hemming.

Cut and hem the legs and that is that part of the hobbit costume prepared.

Hobbit shirt
Hobbit shirt | Source

Hobbit shirt

Next you will need a button up shirt with long sleeves. Ladies blouses are more likely to have the flared sleeves that you can see in the picture.

White or cream is perfect. Cut off the collar at the crease where it folds down to give the shirt that old-style look.

Don't go and buy a new shirt just for this. Either use an old one belonging to a relative, or buy a cheap one from a thrift or second-hand shop.

Hem the cut collar else it will start to fray very easily, and spoil the look of the hobbit costume. Sleeves can be rolled up if they are too long, or if the weather is hot, but they must be long-sleeved to start off with.


Next you will need a waistcoat.

Look in thrift shops if there isn't one in the house. It doesn't matter if it is too big or too small, as it can be left unbuttoned.

Ideally you want the waistcoat to be in earth colors - brown, orange, yellow or even cream or green.

If you are handy with knitting needles, consider knitting a sleeveless top that has a V neck, and this can look the part too.

Of course, a waistcoat would hide the old-fashioned look suspenders, so you can leave it out. If you have forgotten to buy suspenders, however, consider getting a waistcoat.

Make a cloak

You can make the cloak from an old grey, black or brown blanket you may have lying around, else buy a length of soft material in those colors.

Hem it all round into a large square or rectangle.

The size will depend on the size of the person wearing it, so measure length from front of neck, over the shoulder and down to about the same length as the bottom of the cut-off pants, then add on about another 12" for the hood.

Take the material at the top end of the rectangle or square, half it over on itself, and sew together.

This will form the hood that you want to sit on the shoulders and top of back of the person wearing the cloak.

Use a safety pin to hold the cloak in place around the neck at the front.

You can add a special touch here by placing a belt buckle or ornate metal brooch over the top of the safety pin.

Hobbit feet

Hobbit feet are bigger than your average feet, and very hairy, so to be honest simply going barefoot is not going to cut it. Nor it is advisable, you never know what you might step on.

You can buy custom-make hobbit feet that will fit the bill, or if you are feeling extra creative, either buy or dye a pair of soft shoes a skin color, perhaps sand or whatever color you can find to match the skin.

If the shoes are extra big for the person who is to be wearing them, you can use several shoe liners to make the foot fit them better.

Unless you have access to the cut hair from a hairdressers which you can then glue onto the shoes, a black felt tip marker pen can give the impression of hairy feet.

And that is it! That is how to make a hobbit costume.

A complete and utterly unique costume that no-one else in the world will have one the same as.

It is actually very easy to make a hobbit costume for your child, yourself or for any male member of your household, though I expect girls can wear hobbit costumes too, why not?

Hobbit 2012 trailer


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