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How to Memorize Dance Steps?

Updated on September 22, 2017
Craan profile image

She's a children's author who loves to dance! She enjoys sharing her lovely moves with you!

Zumba is fun and composed of awesome dance!
Zumba is fun and composed of awesome dance! | Source

You Must Love to Dance!

The easiest way to memorize a dance step is to practice dancing to a song or melody you enjoy. The beat of the song will eloquently help you to remember the steps of a dance number. Watching someone else’s dance will also make your dance practice a lot easier, because, you'll be able to visualize the elegant forms of the overall dance movement with detailed dance steps.

You can learn your dance steps by trying to emulate dance moves from a videotape, or dance instructor, even if you are a dancer and choreographing a dance routine. Once you get the hang of the movement and rhythm of the dance, your dance practice will be further simplified.

If you have a partner, your dance routine in a heartbeat will be easier to remember, since your partner will be leading you on. If you are a woman, you'll feel happy to follow his lead. Honestly, to dance wonderfully, you must have body rhythm, and be capable of moving your arms and legs freely, especially your hips, if you are a woman.

In college, a class named Dance Notation teaches the dance steps straight from pictures that resemble a slide. You're taught to read and record a dance by drawing etched pictures on a piece of paper, you choreograph or follow. Your dance instructor will normally demonstrate the dance steps for you, and you'll go home with a paper recording of the dance routine to practice the dance moves step by step until it becomes second nature to you.

These recorded dance steps are easily memorized without difficulty. When a dancer has a photographic memory, understands the rhythm of the dance moves and feels the dance within, their routine is easier to practice. You must let go of your dance fears and believe you can dance!

Practice Your Dance with Enthusiasm

To get started massage your legs, before you begin to dance, to get rid of stiffness and stage fright. Psych yourself to believe you know the dance steps already, and imagine how it feels to dance on a dance floor. Keep coming back to that place in your mind’s eye, where you trust, you know the flow of the steps to your dance routine perfectly. Practice, practice and practice more, until you get it, to your utmost satisfaction. Your teacher should be pleased as well.

When you are first learning a dance step, you may count the steps in your mind to make your task easier. For instance, when doing the cha-cha step, count 1, 2, 123, step forward twice and lift your feet, three times, next do the same thing backward.

Every age has had its share of popular dance moves. Moreover, the art of dance has lived, since the recording of time. Dance art is interesting for all learning how to dance, whether it’s classical ballet, the waltz, tango, salsa, rumba, cha-cha, cultural or folklore and even the new hustle age of the 1980's, freestyle of today and now Zumba, etc.

Every dance technique has the most common, routine steps! The more you practice and learn the dance steps, you'll derive more pleasure in dancing. You must like the music and melody you are dancing to, to dance your best ever.

A dance form becomes pleasurable, whenever you like the music of the dance beat. Your dance; and the beat of the song become one as you dance, and this is why it is important to have dance cadence and rhythm.

In the Ball Room, Dance Steps Have a Name and Make Use of a Timer.

I dance, because I love to move!
I dance, because I love to move! | Source
In professional dance, form is everything!
In professional dance, form is everything! | Source

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 5 years ago from Florida

    Thank you Isen,

    Zumba is loads of fun and teaches a plethora of dance steps, and guys love it too.

  • isenhower33 profile image

    Bobby Isenhower 5 years ago from Crothersville, IN

    Now I know why some of my friends have been going to zumba classes. Beautiful girls and exercise, thats a deadly combination. I have never been to one myself, for some reason I see it as a girl's "thing." But I do P90X at home. I just feel that I'd be looked at as the guy that just goes for the girls, and Im not like that. When I took karate it was almost like memorizing dance steps. We had to memorize a thing we call forms. It's basically a dance showing off your techniques. Good hub :)