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How to Movie-Hop

Updated on June 18, 2013

AMC Gold Ticket

Movie-Hopping Tips

So, I guess I should throw a precaution in here first for the heck of it: if you are decently rich and want to movie-hop simply to test your sneaking skills, please refrain yourself, because movie-hoppers can then feel better about themselves when they are of minority. If otherwise, the large theater companies cheat their way through our money any way. (I mean, $4.50 for a tiny bag of m&m's?? Ripoff!) Alright, so let's start. Here are the tips to help you perfect your movie-hopping skills:

Movie-Hopping Tips:
<3 Dress in simple, maybe even drab, clothes. You don't want to attract unnecessary attention to yourself. Movie theater workers will much more easily notice someone dressed in glittery attire and a rainbow Afro than the average Joe or Plain Jane. Also, be sure your movie-hopping crowd isn't too big. The more the workers notice you, the more likely you'll get caught.
<3 Be sure to buy a ticket beforehand. Don't just sneak in. This will alleviate the worst of the guilt- at least you're paying for part of it, right?
<3 Research the movies you want to watch ahead of time. Go on or other similar website and plan your movie-hopping schedule. Make sure the times don't overlap. It's ideal to have about 10 minutes between each movie. This way, you won't be scrambling to decide which movie to watch at the time and risk looking suspicious. It's also much less stressful, and a movie day is supposed to be relaxing.
<3 When you enter the theater, you will give your ticket to the guy standing in the front. That guy will say something like "Theater 3 on your right." During that time of instruction, look distracted, and just say thank you and walk on. If you are with friends, put all of the tickets together so the guy can rip off the ticket stubs at once. This way, it'll be much easier to look "distracted." Then, walk in the exact opposite direction the guy instructed. In that opposite wing, you scope out the theaters of the other movies you want to watch. For most theaters, if it's a decently new movie and will have numerous showing times, a movie will be in the same theater for the whole day; the theater employees don't want to set up the same movie film in multiple theaters- it would just bring unnecessary complications. If the other movie(s) is/are not on the other side, go back to the correct side (act all "pshh, I'm so stupid. The guy said the RIGHT side") and just walk throughout the wing until you find every movie you plan to watch. Now watch your first movie. Don't stall around outside if you don't need to- that would just provide more chances for employees to notice you.
<3 If you have an overlapping movie, decide which movie you're more interested in. If it's movie #1, then stay behind to finish and miss part of movie #2. If movie #2, then leave early to go to movie #1. Either way, be sure to make a stop at the bathroom or buy some overpriced food (or take this time to get refills). This would give the workers a reason to have seen you before. Do not immediately go from one theater to the next, especially if both are within eyesight of each other and there are adult witnesses nearby (kids are usually more understanding).
<3 When you leave the theater, try to make your escape in between a crapload of people. That way, the employees will have a harder time differentiating you from the crowd. If it's a popular movie (especially near the first few showing days), be aware that there may be a few workers standing outside the theater doors (to guide you out and also wait to clean up, etc) when the movie ends. If you think this will happen, either leave with a crowd as mentioned earlier, or just leave the theater a few minutes before it ends, before any worker would stand beside the doors.
<3 When you leave the cinema, don't hang out with your friends for a long time- just leave and talk outside. This will minimize the chances of an employee recognizing you from the morning or realizing your circumstance.

Other Movie-Watching Tips:
<3 Take advantage of the fact that movies are much cheaper in the morning (at least for many large movie companies). For example, most tickets cost $6 before noon (12:00 pm) at AMC Theaters.
<3 If you are running late for a movie, understand that movie theaters earn a lot of funding adding advertisements at the beginning of each movie. Often times, your movie will be about 10 minutes later than the listed time. So if you really are running late, calm down and make your way safely to the theater- most likely (unless if you're, like, half an hour late), you're okay.
<3 If the reason you are movie-hopping is that you're very very broke, then bring your own food and drinks. As a fellow human being, I guarantee you will get hungry if you watch several movies. Unless if you are willing to pay the extremely overpriced food, just pack some of your own snacks (not noisy packaging, please). Put it at the very bottom of your bag. Most places don't check, but you never know. If you visibly bring food out in the open, they may stop you from entering until you finish it, or sometimes they might warn you not to do it again (but let you go). In that case, oh well- it's not like he or she will remember you. Otherwise, to get the most out of your money, buy the large size drink or popcorn, especially if you're with friends. Free refills!!
<3 Many people already know this, but in case if you don't, you're welcome: I like to go to theaters early and watch the advertisements, sneak peaks, and trailers (which are usually the more detailed versions) that go on before my movie. It's interesting to see which ones are coming out, and some have a "Inside Look" feature, which goes further in-depth to give you a better understanding of what to expect.
<3 If they discover you movie-hopping and kick you out, don't be rustled: they won't call your parents (if you're a minor) or anything. Just walk out of the theaters with your head up. Just don't go back to the same cinema for at least a one week period. Just in case.
<3 Remember: practice makes perfect. But don't go overboard. The companies still DO need to make money, after all. If every single movie watcher movie-hopped, these companies will indeed go bankrupt, and then you won't get these opportunities to movie hop through an array of huge-ass theaters (smaller chains usually are smaller, so the chances of getting caught are much higher).

Alright, now that you've perfected your ninja-like movie-hopping skills, put your powers to good use. And remember: great power comes with great responsibility.

<3 Pandy2323

If you have any Movie-Hopping Tips that I haven't included, by all means: please share in the comments below! Thank you- the movie-hoppers.


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    • profile image

      john 3 years ago

      i movie hop when i expect a lot of peoplenseing the movies either at Night or on weekends. This way the guards wont remember me even after he sees me.