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How to Promote Your Music Easily

Updated on January 5, 2015

Online Music Promotion 101

Why Promote Music?

Without music promotion who is really going to hear your music? This is why promoting your music whether it be online or off-line is so important. Musicians need to market themselves just like businesses do so that they can obtain more fans and followers.

A successful marketing campaign or online promotion will bring you not only fans but also song downloads and sales.

Methods of Online Promotion for Musicians

There are many ways a musician can promote themselves online, here are a few of them. I'll go over these in more detail below and how you can immediately start using.


Promotion Using Facebook

Facebook is home to over 1.2 billion active users per month. This is a huge area that musicians need to focus on and I'm not talking about simply posting to your personal newsfeed or your musician fan page.

To properly use Facebook for music promotion one needs to understand that sharing content is one of the most popular and powerful features of this social media site. If you can convince others to share your content you can potentially go viral. Going viral is one of the most amazing things that someone can do on the Internet for themselves. For instance, if you made a new music video or song and a few people shared it then the next morning you woke up and hundreds of thousands of people have shared your song. If I'm not mistaken this is the same way that celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy became famous almost overnight.

Twitter Logo


Twitter - Fly Away Into Success

With 284,000,000 (284 million) active monthly users Twitter is not to be trifled with. While it isn't as big is Facebook Twitter is still able to help musicians promote themselves on the Internet. Maybe it's because 500,000,000 tweets are sent every day by real users that are talking about everything from the latest fashion to what their favorite artist are up to. You can catapult yourself and your music into the mix by joining the conversation.

All you need to do to get involved in what's called the Twitterverse is create an account and start tweeting. There already so many big-name musicians and super producers on Twitter that you can potentially collaborate with. Let's not forget about the other indie/independent musicians like yourself that also are capable of working with others.

Promoting Your Music on Twitter

Free Promotion Via Followers

Can help you to not only increase fans but also increase Twitter followers. You want to have as many followers is possible as these are the amount of people that are able to retweet what you tweet out which will help you to promote yourself for free.

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In closing, using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter can have very profound effects on your online marketing campaign. In addition, if you already have a website set up, such as a free website for musicians offered by TuneFreak you can further take advantage on the traffic that you generate from likes, shares, retweets and favorites by sending that traffic to your official website.


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