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How to Rap: 101 (Freestyling)

Updated on April 28, 2014

How to Freestyle?

Freestyling is performed by adding rhyming words together in a sentence without writing down the lyrics in preparation for the song. The lyrics for the song so often completely improvised on-the-fly which can make for a really unique song. Artist usually call this "rapping off the top of their head". These can often lead to what are described as rap battles, where two artists battle each other via the use of verses and lyrics.

First Things First

Let's go ahead and learn about Freestyling because that is the base of rap music and other related types of music.

What is Freestyling?

Freestyle rapping is a form of music that may or may not feature an instrumental, which is a type of background music that rappers used to rap on top of. So a freestyle rap can be a song that is only words if the artist wants to do what is called an a cappella.

Popular Rappers in the business


What Better Way

Another good way to learn how to rap is to take advice from actual rappers. Below you'll see a video that you can watch from successful rappers that have specific advice for you to learn. Please pay attention to what these rappers are trying to teach you about being a rap artist. Hip hop has its ins and outs but once you learn them everything should be gravy.

Tips From a Rapper on How to Rap


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As you can see in the video

The rapper in the video shows you how to freestyle by:

  • Multitasking - Being able to do more than one thing at one time.
  • Pre-thinking - think of your next thing you'll say after what you just said.
  • Having melody - If you are able to rap to your beat you are doing good. That's melody and it's very important in music.

It's not very hard at all to become a rapper all you really need to do is have a little bit of melody and that melody will carry you on through the rest of the beat to make a complete song. Rap is really easy if you have some say in the first place. If you're reading this text complete in all the way through then you can see I'm talking to you.


Try to challenge yourself with by having yourself or your friends point out items randomly for you to begin rapping about. This will teach you how to rap about things spontaneously which will really help you to rap "on your toes". Being able to rap on your toes as it's called is a really good feature to have. It will allow you to basically rap about anything, which can really help to improve your rapping skills because you will have a very large range of things to rap about.

Famous Rap Artists


Why is Freestyling important?

Freestyling is important because as a rap artist you want to be able to add credibility to your positive image. What I mean is that sometimes in the music industry you might be "called out" and without being able to freestyle or freestyle battle someone else your credibility may be challenged.

Hopefully this shows you how very important Freestyling is in the music industry. As with anything else you want to be able to prove your ability when it comes time to do so. Otherwise you may have a hard time with other rappers mistaking you for a "fake rapper".

Popular Rap Artists


As extra study you may want to visit the websites of favorite rappers and rap musicians to captivate their style and how they do things. This can really help you to understand what makes a rapper a good rapper in the first place. If you then discern betweena good rapper and a bad rapper then you will be ahead of the game.

There are lots of really bad rap musicians out nowadays, and no one even knows why. Maybe it's because of instrumentals that they have playing in the background of their songs, who knows.

Anyway, check out some of the following websites from really popular artists as of the time of this writing.


Make sure your music is the best quality possible

If you make sure your music is the best quality possible then you'll essentially be producing studio quality music. Studio quality music is very important within the music industry. It's really good have because for one it is properly mixed, for two, it is free of any type of distractions such as pops and hissing which can ruin a soundtrack such as a song.

If you want to make high-quality music you should consider using studio condenser microphones as they are the best ones to use. They are specially made to keep your music tracks free of sounds that you don't want.

Show yourself to the world!

It is always a good time to establish a website for yourself. This can be a good way to get opinions of others about your music that you make. A very easy way to do this is to sign up for a free TuneFreak website. TuneFreak gives musicians free websites so that they can promote themselves without having to pay any money.

I suggest that you get your website up and running as soon as possible as is always a benefit.

Does it cost money?

It doesn't cost a lot of money to get started, you can actually get started with just your computer if you already have one. All you really need is a recording program that you can use to begin making music tracks.

Once you have a computer that you can use, download free software that is designed to help you make music if you need suggestions please see the links below:

Best recording software to use?

Don't worry too much about software

Do not worry about your software that you will use. Just worry about getting started recording music and perfecting your talent. This will ensure that you have a positive future in the music industry. You can always upgrade the software that you use later on down the line once you make money.

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