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Never easier and FREE your internet station,how to set up step-by-step guide : SETUP ONLINE RADIO

Updated on February 4, 2016
Like any other ordinary radio station, you will be sending "the signal" , to the listeners, just the main difference is that you're sending yours over the cable - and, the streaming is depending on Internet speed of You and your listeners/clients.
Like any other ordinary radio station, you will be sending "the signal" , to the listeners, just the main difference is that you're sending yours over the cable - and, the streaming is depending on Internet speed of You and your listeners/clients.

Internet Broadcasting

...Are You one of those who like to listen radio on-line ? Have you ever wondered how does it works? Have you ever wanted to become an owner of your own online radio station?....

Well,if you want to find out how to make your own Internet radio station - set your chair and read this Hub because I am about to tell you just how easy it is...

First, what you really do need is a fairly fast Internet connection. I recommend an D.S.L or cable Internet connection that's "always on". Those are most stable and those are the best for "broadcasting" / "streaming". Now, I will explain you how everything is functioning, and then I will tell you the best way to make Your OWN RADIO STATION. First of all, let's make some words - phrases clear. "Streaming" or "Broadcasting" means that you're uploading - "giving to the Internet/server" - data that's later delivered from one server to other and then,at the end - to the listener / client that's receiving the data that you send. So it's simple as that, if you know that your Internet connection speed is made of "Upload speed" ,and "Download speed".

Usually, Internet Service Providers - shorten "I.S.P" - are pointing out the "download speed" as a speed of the connection that they provide to You. So, for making a good radio station, you will need about 128 kbps of UPLOAD speed - that will be enough to satisfy BASIC needs - but 256 kbps of UPLOAD speed is recommended.

Example of Internet Streaming:

YOU -- DATA that travels with speed of 256kbps --->SERVER---- DATA / MUSIC that's "traveling" to the client ----- client's download speed has to be at least the same as you broadcast { 256 Kbps } ---> LISTENER/CLIENT , that's DOWNLOADING your data/music and on THAT way he is enable to listen Your very own radio station.

NOTE: You have to understand that, every single data/tone of your "station", that you send is routed trough the several servers, beginning from your local - to the M.A.N Metropolis Area Network ,trough the W.A.N Wide Area Network , then then to the far - maybe overseas - server, that's providing your listeners/clients your music that's basically data.

THE BEGINING: Choosing "broadcast server".

First of all, you have to understand, that you will need a server that will stream your music to the listeners.It will provide you an I.P address and portI've wrote about what are those things, and along with your username/password, and THOSE parameters ARE YOUR "SIGNAL SENDER" or imagine it as an antenna for broadcasting your music and delivering the tunes to your listeners. Your very own gateway for streaming music.

There are several free servers, that offer free space for broadcasting like :

These are just some of MANY OTHERS, that offer free space for streaming. Be aware that these sites/severs often provide limited space for broadcasting - but that shouldn't bother You - because it will be just enough to broadcast at least 5 days 24h... Then just restart,for a second, and then ... You are again there...

Are you ready? - Let's go !!

...When you did Your choice, and when you have your own parameters for I.P, port, and link for streaming - it's time to start your music streaming. Now You are ready to start!!!

- Now, I will - again - repeat that THIS HUB is STRICTLY my opinion, and recommends are STRICTLY mine.

So, now, you have your "space" on Internet for streaming your music to the listeners. If you have found the right one, that's satisfying Your needs - you can say: "Yeay!!". And, if it's free, you should consider yourself lucky...Really.In case of providing "space" for radio streaming, and when it's about free servers, you should know that they reserve a right for being "down" - and while being "down" - you can NOT broadcast any music.

There are bunch of programs for broadcasting/streaming music over Internet. But, I will recommend you - "Sams4 Broadcaster" download link . It's simple , easy for use, user-friendly, stable, but - in same time - professional enough for amateur,semi-professional,or professional on line radio. Here is one short, but useful tutorial for using "Sams4 Broadcaster".
This particular program, will offer you everything that you need. Very important thing, about broadcasting, and about streaming your radio station, is "encoding". Encoding is the way of compression, and in same time it represents the quality of sound that Your listeners will hear. The more the compression is, the less will your streaming will take your "space" on server that provides you streaming service. Sams4 Broadcaster will offer you several integrated "encoders" ,but you can also download additional ones like: "MP3Pro" - the encoder is supported by "Winamp" also. Quality and compression should be considered really serious - because you should choose the one that will satisfy listeners needs. My opinion is that compression of the MP3 format and the bit-rate - which is very important,should be set-up on 128 kbps. Bit-rate of the MP3 compression - 96 kbps - represents the "gold standard" because it will provide enough quality for your streaming of music AND in same time, it will fit for the most of Internet users. You have to know, that the listeners, look for good radio station with right music - for them - AND in same time with BIT-RATE that WILL NOT take most of their Internet connection bandwidth... This is really variable... And You have to know that LISTENERS are ON FIRST PLACE - LISTEN , AND FULLY SATISFY THEIR NEEDS WITHOUT LOWERING OR CHANGING YOUR RADIOS STANDARDS WITHOUT FITTING-OUT FROM YOUR ORIGINAL IDEA OF YOUR RADIO STATION.

Real Tips For You and Your Radio Station

Understand, that Your streaming provider will give you the link where your listeners need to click and open it in Your player. Some of them, streaming servers , will offer you "embed code" - for music Flash PlayerTM , so on that way - when you are "on air" , music Flash PlayerTM will play your music and speech. BUT, now I will give you some answers - actually TIPS , for making Your on-line radio better and more listened - and those are :

  2. How to organize Your radio ?
  3. Where to put Your link ?
  4. Can You earn money ?
  5. Are there some rules what can You play and say while being "on air" ?

F irst question, is actually no tip, but real question - and You all should start from this...

1.You need to make an HOMEPAGE of Your radio station. The link it self, is usually not enough. With your own homepage you have advantage of placing ads ,news,events, and other stuff like making/adding "about" and "contact" pages. On this way, you can earn by just having your homepage...
-Now, like any newly created online radio station, you have to be patient about getting your listeners . Make your homepage entertaining, by putting chat box or something like chat room in it.
-* **Advertise or e-mail, or whatever, THE LINK OF Your HOMEPAGE to you
r friends - wherever they can see and find your LINK OF RADIO - or embedded player.-* **
..So, these are the advantages of making Your homepage for Your own radio station. You can even make your homepage on some of the free web-hosting sites. Just "Google" for "free web-hosting" ,and there You are...


2. Organizing Your radio - radio home page AND radio program - is crucial. First of all, an attractive look of radio's homepage is something that will push your potential listeners to listen Your very own radio station. Quick navigation trough your radio-site is also that you need to watch for...Complicated navigation and in-transparent pages are something that is absolutely "no-no". Another thing, about organization of the Radio-Homepage is placing an entertaining/social multimedia stuff like chat-room or just a quick chat "shout-box". Free chat rooms,already created - as "shout-boxes" , can be found on : . Now, when it's about Your "radio program" and the way that you will stream your music or radio-shows that You really need carefully to , first PLAN, then CREATE - You need to know that great percentage of Your listeners is there to relax from every-day jobs and to use that time to find out something new but in same time the "new things" have to be very "easy for ear"...If you know what I mean. Nobody wants to come from a job and, all stressed and frustrated, to turn on his radio and find out something even more stressing/frustrating. My advice is : make Your radio-program stress-less and be their stress reliever. :}


3. The tip for where to put your link, direct link for listening in player, should be very easy to find and very transparent. My advice is to put it on very first page of homepage, so when someone visits your homepage - from some reason, maybe "news" - then, they can see that you are "on air" , streaming your radio-program - and all they need to do is ONE CLICK and they are "on seventh cloud".


4. Can You earn money? - Yes. Certainly YES. By being listened, and having your radio's homepage visited, you are "attractive" for advertisers. Make space for extra ads and make your visitors - potential advertisers - aware that You have SPACE and TIME on Your radio for them. By being visited and being listened - You represent real "gold mine" for advertisers, especially if you have domain like .com , or .net or your countries ". something " domain.{example: .dk , .se , .rs , .ca , .it , .ro } So, conclusion - YES , if You are serious about Your online radio station - you certainly have chance to make a whole fortune just by advertising.


5. Internet Radio - streaming/broadcasting of audio/video material should be compatible with countries and INTERNATIONAL laws. So, Your music has to be purchased NOT DOWNLOADED. There is a fee called "Royal Fee" {at least in U.K is called like that}, for playing PURCHASED SONGS. This is really important. If you play downloaded songs - You risk going in to jail. So, the tip goes like this,and I will just say this: songs need to be in format Xxxxx Xxxxx space - space Xxxxxxx if it's about "featuring" then Xxxxx Ft. Xxxx space - space Xxxxxx . No "remix" , no "rmx" , no "produced by" no nothing.


Books for making REAL FORTUNE - learn, and go on International Certification


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Yes, on-line radios are becoming a new trend as they are being presented more and more on PC's /smartphones/tablets...

      FOR ONLY 199$; install of full-remote equipment of online station WITH starting web-site, installing and guide for program how-to's and more!

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Please contact me if you are interested into setting up LEGITIMATE on-line radio for 199$ without ANY further fees in future. Contact at:

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      @ Elise Tobin,

      There's no specified policy for online broadcast, but there is something called "Royal Fee" in UK, and every song should be purchased originally. Of course, as everything - that can be dealt different.

      Contact me, if you want me to make you a broadcasting radiostation for 199$.

      It includes:

      1)Installing right, and easy-to-use, prof. software

      2)Registering you streaming server

      3)Providing and setting up with provided connection details into program, so you can connect with ease-without complicated writing of parameters

      4)Designing basic web-page with domain i.e with link to your streaming-link

      + More!

      All can be done trough:

      1) oDesk registering, verifying your account, and then paying me per-hour @ 8$/h price

      2)Elance ,same as oDesk

      3) - 80$ in advance to my Skrill ID

      4) IBAN

      5) Western Union

    • profile image

      Elise Tobin 

      6 years ago

      I what Radio station my own station plicess

    • James Peters profile image

      James Timothy Peters 

      6 years ago from Hammond, Indiana

      This is the BEST HUB I've read this week...INTERESTING!

      I would like to thank you for putting this HUB together. I've always wanted to have my OWN Internet Radio Station, know?

      Thanks again, and just maybe I'll work a little harder at that dream...all because of this HUB.

      Thumbs Up & More!!!

      Write On!!!

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      Thank you! a lot... It means a lot, when I hear a voice of support. If you have any questions, at all, about how to make FREE radio station, contact me - we can be co-owners, and hire for free dj-s, make chatrooms and etc... ;)

    • vinner profile image


      7 years ago from India

      The new era radios will be internet radios only. Very useful tutorial. thanks a lot for sharing. Looking forward to read more of your hubs

    • sidds123450 profile image


      8 years ago

      Great step by step tutorial, thanks.!!


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