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How to: Beautiful Singing Voice

Updated on February 26, 2013

Want a Beautiful Singing Voice?

If you enjoy singing then you enjoy singing to your maximum vocal allowance. Singing along to Christina Aguilera or Demi Lovato can be amazing but when you can’t hit their ranges you decide to give up. That’s not really a good thing is it? Practice makes perfect, this is true. Read the following tips on how to get a beautiful pitch ranging voice.

1) Know your range. Many people think that because anyone can sing high notes, they can too. However, you need to take in mind that EVERYBODY is different and that this applies to the singing voice as well. A girl could have a beautiful high pitchy voice but can’t sing neutral or low notes, while the other can have a neutral voice, can sing beautiful low notes but can’t reach the high notes. Before beginning you need to realize that it’s only to a maximum capacity that your voice can go. If your voice is made to reach higher notes than it is that, if you can’t reach them but can sing neutral beautiful then stick to it. Realize your voice is beautiful the way it is. If you are happy or trying to reach the higher notes then you can still practice and maybe even reach the notes without permanently affecting your voice. Remember don’t do something that will stress your throat and voice and feel naturally uncomfortable.

2) Warm up! Do things such as “La”, “Fi”, “Ki” up and down a scale. Ma, Da, Fa, any kind of letter works. Do this approximately for four minutes.

3) Massage. Open your mouth and massage your jaw in a circular motion.

4) Yawn. Act as if you are yawning, do this several times in a row.

5) Drink water. Room temperature water is probably the best vocal lubricant.

6) Whisper. Try whispering the lyrics to a loud or soft song, or try shhhhhhh-ing for a minute.

7) Hum! Hum along to your favorite song, trust me if you did all of the tips above, then this should sound completely amazing.

8) Breathe. People forget that in order to get that beautiful vocal sound you need to BREATHE! Breathing is an important factor when wanting to sing higher notes in the scale. Christina Aguilera is known for her ongoing melisma across songs. If you are having trouble with breathing when signing, try this. Put your left or right hand below your chest in the center of your rib cage. Hold it there and sing: this should aid your trouble breathing and help you sing those higher notes.

9) Practice! Practice, practice, practice. I couldn’t say this enough. To achieve those higher notes you need to take time and practice. Even if you mess up there should be no reason to give up. If your voice cracks or you can’t hit that note don’t give up! Try singing the note by whispering, then in a low tone, then your neutral tone, a higher tone, and finally the highest tone, even if it sounds more of a shrieking than anything.

10) Sing! Do this every day. Trust me by the time you remember this was supposed to be practice; it’ll become part of your routine and become more of a talent than a hobby. Mostly, if this is something that is taken seriously, than warm up, practice and your voice will be beautifully beautiful. If it’s more of a hobby than just let go, practice and enjoy what you have to offer to yourself.


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    • Jazmyn Nicole profile image

      Jasmine 4 years ago from San Antonio


      Thanks for the remarks. Totally agree (-;

    • abrodech profile image

      Anya Brodech 4 years ago from 130 Linden St, Oakland, California, 94607

      I agree! Not everyone can reach all of the notes (high or low), like I took singing lessons and thought I was going to suffocate and die trying to reach the really high notes my teacher wanted me to, but low notes were super easy. In general she had to reprogram the keyboard to be a whole octave (like -8) lower in order to match my voice.