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How to Write a Song Online

Updated on August 25, 2014

Robert Johnson - Famous Songwriter

Music Makers - More Training

For more training you should check out music by your favorite musicians. When you do this and closely to their songs, the composition and how they're made up. Doing this can give you insight as to how your favorite musician is everyone else's favorite musician.

You should also study the different techniques of creating lyrics to melodies. There is college and professional training for this industry but as you may know many musicians have actually become famous without this type of training.

Learn from the Pros

If you want to learn how to make good songs you should first began by sampling music made by professionals. By sampling I mean listening to songs and not taking bits and pieces and using them inside of your new songs. This will give you a good feel for what type of music you should write. A song should be made consistently and should reflect its title.

A lot of professional musicians will actually do it's called reflecting the music. This is a process of great importance as they do not write lyrics until this process is completed. Basically, this is a way for you to think about the song as well as the melody and the message that you are trying to convey. Once you have these things down, you can go ahead and begin drafting the lyrics for your new hit song. This is how Paul McCartney wrote the song "Yesterday".

Recap of Making Music

Let's do a brief review of what we learned so far:

  • New songs are often created by ideas and sometimes how someone's day is going
  • Dissect your favorite musician songs to learn more
  • Begin writing your first song and critique it to make it better

You should listen to popular musicians songs and see if any of them correlate to their everyday life experiences. I have noticed many songs that do this and at the end of the day all the artist is doing is talking about their life. This should be a very easy method of creating songs as most people really do like talking about themselves.

I'm sure that after you analyze about 10 songs you'll be able to find one that you can easily relate to and also see how easy it is to create a song similar to it.This is what will ultimately build confidence and skill in your songwriting.

Prince - Famous Songwriter

The Four Important Parts of a Song

  • The Intro
  • The Verse
  • The Bridge
  • The Chorus

There are four very important parts of all songs and they are the intro, the verse, the bridge and the chorus.

Allow me to explain in more detail:

Intros to songs can come in many different formats such as someone talking in the background when a song begins, or when someone is screaming when a song starts or even when someone is whispering to you when the song starts. All of these make up very good intros and as you see they come in many different types. Be creative when composing your songs intro and you should be good to go.

Verses of songs takes up the bulk of the song as this is the majority of your lyrics that are not a chorus piece and are not an intro piece. This is where you will be spilling your heart out to the world and convincing them to keep listening to your music. As well as telling of stories about your life and the type of person you are.

The chorus of a song is the part that brings a song together, most verses are leading up to the chorus and in such a course part of the song should reflect the overall song. The chorus is usually referred to as the hook of a song, which means that the listener is usually 'hooked' and remembers that part of the song more than anything else.

The bridge of a song is a part of song that shifts and shakes things up. If you ever listen to a song and the speed or tempo suddenly changed then more than likely you just heard a bridge. This is basically what can keeps a song interesting whereas songs without decent bridges sound very repetitive.

Songwriting Tips

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Start Actually Writing Songs

It's time to stop brainstorming and begin actually writing music and songs. A lot of us get caught up thinking about and dreaming about where we want to end up. But not too many of us spend the same amount of time actually doing what's going to get us where we want to be. So with that said, that's begin making music. You're gonna have to work for it you know?

By starting right now today you'll get a jump on your competition. Furthermore, if you tell yourself to write a certain number songs per week you will be a lot more successful than others.

Johnny Cash - Famous Songwriter

Listen to Music, Even If You Don't like It

You should begin listening to many different types of music even if you don't like the genre. There is a reason that these songs are liked by thousands of other people and you need to find out why. If you can find out why particular songs are popular then maybe you can replicate this with your songs and make them popular too.

In addition to other types of music, you need to also be reading books as well as the news to stay ahead of events and trends. New events and trends are often what drives new songs and musical talent.

Along the way you should be asking yourself what is making this song so catchy, is the melody on par with the lyrics and how does the song fit your mood?

This is what many famous musicians are always going while riding on a tour bus. You need to always be analyzing your competition to stay ahead of the game.

Stevie Wonder - Famous Songwriter

Understand How Songs Are Created

The next weapon in your song creating arsenal should be focused on the technicalities of a song. Technicalities include things such as the harmony of the song, the melody of a song as well as it's rhythm.

Piece it Together

Just like real mainstream musicians do, you should carry a pen and pad on you everywhere you go so that whenever a thought comes to your mind you can write down.

This will allow you to do what's called piecing together songs. A process that allows you over time to create a masterpiece of music. In addition this will also benefit you by teaching you how to write lyrics better and faster.

Dolly Parton - Famous Songwriter

Where to Get Background Instrumentals

To create a great new song you going to obviously need background music and sounds. These are resources that a producer will usually create for a recording artist. To save time you can download free sounds and instrumentals for music.

Otherwise you can spend several hours trying to compose and produce a beat otherwise known as an instrumental for your use.

In Closing

It's not very hard to create a song on the Internet, all you need is a little bit of motivation and drive. I have explained more than enough of the ways that you can begin creating songs now on this page.

You'll need software to record your songs to put online if using your computer:


Music Sounds, Beats & Instrumentals


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