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How to be Awesome and get the Ladies

Updated on December 22, 2013

First Things First

So you are not that awesome. I know this, because you are not me. You could be like me though, and be awesome. Oh, you are awesome you say? No, you may have potential but your not there yet or you wouldn't be reading this, you would be out being awesome. The first step to being a fun loving awesome person is to admit you are not one yet, but once you do you will have taken the first step in discovering your inner cool and bettering your life.It is a long journey my friends, and not always an easy one either. I spent many a long nights in stir, traveled and learned. I watched the Twilight Zone all 6 seasons and 156 episodes to gain a perspective. I also studied under distinguished monks in the remote mountains of Canada. I trained with ninja warriors many years before I could tap into my inner chi of awesomeness. Every one finds their own path to that place which makes them awesome. Start your journey today.


Things You Will Need

Once you have finished you long agonizing journey to the realm of awesomenessThere are a few things that every man needs to continue being awesome and they will help with the womanizing. Trust me.

The Tube Sock

The first of these wonderful tools is the tube sock, Ladies love a man in tube socks especially if they have white and green or orange bands on them. Wear said socks pulled high and proud, try to stretch them to your knee if possible and Always Wear matching colored running shirts green socks = green shorts and orange socks = orange shirts. Now some men like to wear the matching head band, but I for on think it can be a little geeky. I prefer to wear a solid headband with my outfit. That is up to you though. It really depends on what ladies you are trying to pursue I suppose, I have heard that successful women fall for a man with paisley headbands but I have not seen this much so I would not suggest this headband route.

Aviator Glasses

This is a no brainer anyone who is anyone wears these bad boys. What ladies don't love a man in aviators?? Maverick piloted his way right into his teacher all because of his aviators. If he would have worn a narley headband and tube socks he could have swooned Iceman into a volleyball game of two. So get yourself a BA set of Aviators.

Velcro Wallet

This item is perhaps the most valuable weapon in a mans arsenal of getting the girls, All women have a natural reaction to come running when they hear the wonderful rip of the velcro wallet. They can not help themselves, Science still cannot explain why a velcro wallet is like a peacocks tail to woman. Some claim it is an evolutionary survival trait others insist that simply nothing can beat a high quality wallet of the velcro variety. So gents be sure to have this in your short running shorts when you hit the clubs.


Getting the Girls

Now that you have all the essential tools for being awesome and getting the girls it is time to put them into action. you need to rock the whole outfit, and remember women are like any other game. You must be a true hunter but instead of camo you wear the outfit of absolute cool, and instead of a duck call you have the wonderful song of velcro. Now remember If you have truly harnessed your inner awesomeness and have the confidence then the woman will be as putty in your hands. Now Go Get Them Tiger!


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    • Jordanwalker39 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from NC

      Thanks weestro, let me know how many ladies come knocking your door down after you try these tips.

    • weestro profile image

      Pete Fanning 

      6 years ago from Virginia

      Had to vote this one, well, awesome!


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