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Take Creative Baby Photos

Updated on May 17, 2014

Photographing a baby is always a fun activity and can provide for hours of true enjoyment. Babies are the sort of photographic subject that makes almost anyone seem to "melt". However taking a good baby photograph is often easier said than done. They can be fuzzy, inquisitive, irritable yet adorable all at the same time.

As far as photographing them most photographers simply take a photograph while the baby is sleeping or being held by one of its parents. Being creative with their image taking is a way to bring your baby pictures out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

One of the ways of being creative with your baby pictures is to use well designed and placed props. For example making some props out of cloth or even cardboard and arranging them around the baby while you take the photos from a high angle makes the bay seem to be interacting with the "elements" in the made up scenery.

This is not laying the baby down on pretty pillows, a cute basket, a big feathery trunk, surrounding him with stuffed animals. It's a bit more than this.

Some good ideas are figures made to resemble trees, flowers little birds, toys and so on. The beauty is that these props do not have to be works of art. Often crude props work better than as if they were store bought. Why? Because it shows the care and dedication as well as the creativity that someone put into making them.

If you are not handy working with your hands then use cloth like bed sheets, large towels and other store bought items as well as some toys and arrange them into attractive designs always leaving room for the baby to lay down and make sure that he or she is comfortable too.

Remember to have enough material to make the surface where the baby will be laid down feel plush soft and warm. A solid table works quite well but the floor is better as this minimizes the chances of the baby rolling off accidentally.

Choose a theme and the materials from which you will make the creative props. Among the best themes are the sea, the forest, mythical creatures or world, butterflies, farm/zoo animals, playgrounds, toys, superheroes, space, nature in general, story book, sports and many others.

Once you have decided on what theme to follow, then create your designs form colorful materials that either match the real thing in their color scheme or just go plain wacky and use different colors, basically whatever tickles your fancy will work. If you want to be a bit more simplistic then choose very colorful cloth and dress the bay in them; hats, scarfs,and other such props work really well.

Do take into consideration that you are dealing with a baby, so use materials that are non toxic and hypoallergenic. Washing the materials prior to using them is always a sound idea.

Plan the shoot around the baby's schedule. If the baby is sleepy, irritable tired, hungry or not feeling well, then it's a good bet that the photos will not be comfortable for either of you. Consulting the mother is always appropriate as no one knows her child better and make sure that she is present during the shooting as she is the figure that will make the bay feel at ease.

This technique or rather style is very attractive to parents and if done well and with creativity you can almost expect an endless demand for your work as well as the possibility of featuring your photography in fine art galleries, greeting cards and other photographic publications.

One more thing to consider is that this style does not have to be limited to only babies, although it seems to make a better fit to them, it can also be applied towards other photo styles such as portraits.

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0 | Source

Like for baby photography use the same techniques and creature comforts to make the adult feel comfortable.

The only difference being that you can explain the theme and share your expectations with the model plus you won't have to worry about typical behaviors and unexpected occurrences often exhibited and that are almost inevitable when you are dealing with babies especially when they are introduced into unfamiliar situations and strangers.

For more ideas and great samples by two creative artists who specialized in this style. Adele Enersen for fantastic ideas for the home and specially for your baby.

I found her site and work to be an inspiration and her work shows great imagination and attention to detail. Another talented artist can be found at Rossiny Photography.

Baby Photography Video

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