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Break Up - Celebrity - Gossip

Updated on December 16, 2014

Taylor Swift's and Joe Jonas


Facts about Breaking Up

  • 27% of woman are likely to be .... dumbed electronically
  • 80% of guys says that it's better to break up face to face

First Four ways to Break Up

1.Break up FAST

If you are a person with principle " Time is Money" then the example of the couple Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas is perfect for you. Taylor Swift claims that Joe Jonas broke up with her via phone call that lasted 27 seconds... - well, it seems she was holding a timer..

2.Use FaxMachine

An interesting way to break up is also via FaxMachine. Why to bother when technology of our days can be used for any types of communication; MEETING, DATING, BREAKING UP.

Daniel Day Lewis blurted out the news of separation to Isabel Azzano via fax, Isabel answered using the same way by telling him she was pregnant.

3. Break Up via SMS

Who doesn't have these days a mobile phone and what a perfect way to exchange quick cheap text messages. It seems that Britney Spears asked for a divorce from Kevin Fenterlain via SMS ( phone calls are expensive) . Funny part is that his reaction was recorded by the camera during musical show.

4. To the guillotine

If you were a king of England and lived in the 16th century, in order to avoid any melodrama ... you could simply order the beheading of your ex-girlfriend or wife.

Daniel Day-Lewis

daniel day lewis
daniel day lewis | Source

More Ways to End a Relationship

5. Break up using... a puzzle

Tom Cruise , when asked by the press why he decided to get divorced from Nicole Kidman he replied: " Nicole Did......" - well the reason is unknown so far as he never finished the sentence and it became a puzzle.. but we suspect infidelity from Nicole.

6. Make a baby with maid

Here is great way to get a divorce.. Have a child ... with one of your maid.

It seems that Mary Sraiver left the marital mansion when Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he was the father of the child of their maid. Do you think he expected Mary to become Godmother?

7. Claim that your marriage is not valid

When Mick Jagger found out that after nine years of living with Jerry Hall that the Hindu ceremony they had in Bali, had no legal effect , he never bothered to fix things and get married properly .

8. Take the throne away

This one is for those with royal blood... The example of Catherine the Great of Russia.. She took revenge of her husband Tsar Peter by removing him from his throne and became the greatest Queen that Russia ever known Tsaritsa (female monarch)

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman


Check out this ... Dangerous Break up Video

More trick of dumping...

9. Celebrate the sixth anniversary of your marriage with different partner

It is said that well known model Ashton Kutcher did that on Demi Moore - He, of course, denies but there are many witnesses of hotel suit he used that night.

10. Scientology

Rumors say that the divorce between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony was due to fights concerning religious views of the singer.

11. Break up on Valentine's Day

Not the best day for break up but it will definitely remain in memory. Exactly on that day Bert MakKraken chose to split up with Kelly Osborne . He probably got tired of cute teddy bears and red roses.

12. Run abroad

Julia Roberts a few days before the wedding to Kiefer Sutherland left the U.S. and found a refuge in Ireland. I guess she wasn't troubled later when getting into the skin of the role in movie "RUNAWAY BRIDE."

Do you think that break up has to be done in person?

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More ways

13. Publish in Magazine

This is what Tzeimps Brown and Tommy Ray did. One full page in magazine was used to break up, it all was planned so well that even it included a photo of happy family time in Disneyland.

14. Declare a war against ....... your brother

Of course it is not always possible to do especially in our times , but in the case of Mark Antony it worked perfectly. Roman politician - warrior in order to divorce his wife and stay with Cleopatra declared war against his brother, Augustus.

15. Just break up without telling.

Actress Laura Derna said that when she returned from a trip she discovered that Billy Bob Thornton had abandoned her for Angelina Jolie.

16. Take ..... his Nobel

American economist Robert Lucas in divorce settlement in 1988 had signed a term under which if he won the Nobel he had to share the prize money with his ex- wife. He actually won it in 1995.

Miley Cirus and Liam Hemsworth


5 More ways to Break Up

  • Say it using a toy

American company called "Break Up Bears" sells teddy bears that carry a backpack letter of separation. At least he or she will have something to remember you.

  • Change your status on Facebook

Replace «In a relationship» with «Single». This new and modern way of separation will help you at least to avoid any further explanations.

  • Ask your friend to do it

If you have a friend that dislikes your spouse. He/she will like the idea of helping you out in such situations.

  • Hang a banner

An unknown Australian man hung two messages, the first said " Jennifer , "will you marry me ? " and the second "Just kidding, we break up." Hopefully Jennifer wasn't preparing to marry and didn't get too excited after reading the first one.

  • Teach your parrot to say it

In the case of Chinese pair, the break up was done by parrot .... When she came back from the vacation, she found that sneaky bird had learned some new words; divorce, be patient and I love you

Miley Cirus After Break Up?

I'M SCARED..... :)
I'M SCARED..... :) | Source


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