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How to find your battle rap personality

Updated on April 23, 2016

Every rapper has a unique personality or stage persona. A rap persona or personality is how you present yourself in battle rap. It is who you are as a battle rapper. This article will examine several types of battle rappers: The technical battle rapper, the funny battle rapper, the gangsta battle rapper, and the aggressive battle rapper.

Personality types:

The technical battle rapper – This kind of battle rapper raps with innovative creative lyrics and flow. They focus on the technical aspects of battle rap (wordplay, punchlines, disses, similes, metaphors, etc.) Their aim is on defeating their opponent through skill. This personality would fit you perfectly if you love to construct these types of lyrics.

The funny battle rapper – This kind of battle rapper is hilarious and makes people laugh with jokes on appearances or puns. They may use props and widely exaggerate a person's features. It takes alot of skill to be a comedian so if you are passionate about making people laugh, this personality is right for you.

Dumbfounded is a funny battle rapper known for hilarious race jokes.

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The gangsta battle rapper – This type of battle rapper is known for a gangsta appearance. They use gun bars and rap about violence. Yung Ill, Math Hoffa, and Arseonal are just a few examples of the gangsta battle rappers. Although their focus is not on clever verses, they're known for hard hitting deliveries and aggressive displays.

G Souldier is an example of a gangsta battle rapper noted for his strong vocal projection and aggressive gun bars.

The aggressive battle rapper – Aggressive battle rappers typically raise their voice and harshly project their lyrics. They put strong emphasis on pronunciation and in their appearance. They may get in a rapper's face and use graphic language for their lyrics. If you are easily intimidated or don't have the voice for it, using aggression may not work best for you.

These are just a few examples of battle rap personalities. You don't have to use them all or even use simply one personality. I encourage you to use a different combination of them. Now you may be asking about which type of personality works best for you. Try writing bars that match the descriptions above. What kind of personality are you weakest at? What kind of lyrics do you excel in? What kind of person are you in real life? Answering these types of questions determines what personality you ought to use in battle rap. Battle rapping with a notable personality develops character and develops who you are as a person.


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