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How to get free games for Kindle Fire HD

Updated on July 31, 2013

Want to get free games on your Kindle Fire device? Well the Amazon appstore is the number one place I would recommend as it hosts a lot of Android games you can download and play offline on your Kindle tablet. Ordinarily, owning a Kindle device nowadays comes with a free 500 gold coins worth $5 courtesy of Amazon, it would probably take about buying 5 games to exhaust your gold coins. If you just want to get a lot of games on your Kindle without having to pay for it, the Kindle apptore has a lot of it and many countries are supported.

Free Kindle games

When it comes to games, the Kindle Fire sure does have a lot of games on its appstore and this is a place where you can download
and install android games which are best suited for your device. The file format for games and apps for the Kindle is in .apk and
these are the basic extensions for android devices.

You can get some of the best games for a little price, probably less than a dollar, but if you are also looking for free games for
your device, there are actually hundreds of them at that same appstore.

Apart from Amazon's appstore which boasts of a lot of games and apps for android, there are other android websites where you can
get apk files for games and one of them is the opera appstore. However you should note that Amazon does not support the
installation of games from third party websites and that's why one of the security settings on your Kindle disables the
installation of games from third party sites. So, if you still want to install games from those sites outside of Amazon's appstore
or from yourcomputer, you should just enable third party installation in your security settings.

BAsic things you need to install free games on Kindle Fire
- A supported Kindle device
- Android game file(.apk)

Things you need to install free games on Kindle Fire from Amazon
- Kindle fire device
- US credit card on file

Where to get free Kindle Fire games
- Amazon appstore
- Third party Android websites
- Offline sources e.g. computer

How to install games from the Amazon appstore
As I said, the Amazon appstore has a lot of free games you can get and almost immediately start playing games. However the Android store supports mostly members who have added a US billing address and credit/debit card to their 1-click settings.

Using your computer to get free Kindle games
- Proceed to the Amazon appstore at
- Search for free games
- Select the game you want
- Click to buy with 1-click and it will be added to your account
- Now go to your Kindle > Apps > Cloud
- Select the game to download and install it to your device

Using your Kindle Fire to get free games
- Go to the Apps link from your home screen
- Select the Store> link
- Search for "free games" in the search bar
- Select the game you want to add
- Select the free button
- Select the Get App button
- Allow the purchase to complete, download and install it
- Select the open button to start playing the game

One the Kindle game has been installed on your device, you can always play it by going to Games from your home screen.

Beat the Boss 2

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