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How to get rid of your old CDs

Updated on January 16, 2011

CD Collection


Remember when you used to listen to those circular pieces of plastic? Well if you don't, just open your closet and watch out for the falling cases. If you're like me you just listen to music on iTunes, Pandora or maybe the radio (it's that thing with the knobs) in the car. I recently moved in with my girlfriend and that means I can't just leave piles of everything on the floor anymore (alas everything was so easy to find that way!). So I decided to get rid of my old CD collection. So here's how I got rid of my CD collection:

Your local used CD store

Just because you don't listen to CDs doesn't mean nobody does. You can take your whole collection down to your local used record store. If you can stand the clerk evaluating your taste (I don't know how that Kenny G got in there, honest!) they will give you (a little) cash money or more store credit. You don't have to use that credit to buy more CDs. Maybe they sell some DVDs you might want or you can give the credit as a gift.

Online CD trading

You could also post your CDs online. The service I use is called You post the CDs you have, other people request them (usually within minutes) and then you mail them off to them. For all this work you receive a credit. You can use the credits to request more CDs or transfer the credits to or to get DVDs or books.


Believe it or not most libraries have a fairly extensive CD collection. They don't have everything so you can donate your CDs to them for others to enjoy. Sometimes for CDs they don't want they will sell them and use the money for noble libraryness (after school programs, bookmobiles, etc.)


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    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 7 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      Are there any services that you can send your CD collection to that will digitize them and send you back the files?