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How to improve your rapping delivery?

Updated on June 19, 2016

Delivery in rap

Delivery in rap means "How you deliver your words,how much energy you put in em so they inspire one's mind"

Rap is a collection of rhyming words that synchronize with the heart beat of its lovers.But humans have emotions attached to their every thought right? so their emotions are attached with the rap too if the rap attracts them.rappers like 2pac knew the importance of delivery.He concentrated on this other than the other basic raping fundamentals like flow,etc.

So,how to improve your rapping delivery?here are some tips for you...

What is Freestyle?

"Freestyle is a type of rap without any single topic." It is often done over an instrumental.It is a very basic part of Hip hop.Most of the past rappers were expert in it.One of the best of them is Big-L.


This is the best part.Freestyle in the mirror and enjoy doing it.Be in your full power.Bring your emotions to it.Rhyme any set of words that appeal to you.Do this for 10-20 minutes each day.You can also bring Free styling to every thing you do.Are you looking in the mirror?You can rhyme some words like,

"This mirror seems talking,my life seems joking and my dreams seems rocking but my rap seems chocking,well i think i am not stopping till i am on it...."

No matter the techniques or skills behind your rap,but your heart must be connected to it.Delivery means how you deliver or spit your rap, it doesn't means how your rap is written or constructed.Your words must find an attachment to your life.You must attach your every rap with your life.So when you become used to free styling lonely in the mirror, do this in front of your friends.This is gonna boost your confident.Then you will be quite sure about your raps.But be in your full potential.Don't rhyme your words like a robot.

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Hold your Flag

That distinguishes you from others.Your flag being a rapper is your unique style.It is similar to the flag of a country that distinguishes it from other countries.Rap about it all the time then you can find your emotions attached with your words.You can get your point so you are ready anytime an opportunity arrives.Find a pen,paper and write according to following method:

  • Start writing real things that you do and that matter to you.
  • Include your emotions in them and some exclamatory words like"yahoo,etc"
  • Don't go over 5-6 bars or else you will lose your point.

Now rap and record them.You don't need any high quality mic just use any mic that you already have.It can be your headphone's mic.Record your verse and listen to it.Then the next day record it again and figure out your improvement.Do this for an week and then write another verse.That's gonna improve your ability to deliver em words with some feelings.You don't need to buy any expensive audio editing software,there are some free software that are useful too.I recommend you to try Audacity.It is available for free.You can download it from their official site.Link is given below.

Don't ACT AT ALL!!

Acting to be this or that doesn't seems interesting.Some raps doesn't require that you put too much stress on em.Don't scream if you try to be angry.Be relaxed not to be jumping up and down to get listener's attention.

Be real,If you can't find any rap that matches your life experiences then keep searching but don't write any fake lyrics that do not belong to you at all.That gonna take you nowhere.

But if you are good at acting and wanna act no matter what then rap is not for you.Your passion is acting so you could be a next Hollywood star but not a rapper.

Expand your vocal potential

You can't rap if you can't even talk.That's for sure.Take care of your voice.Drink warm water before breakfast.Don't use dairy products too much.Try green tea instead of hot coffee.Eat healthy foods.

And when you are recording,record your rap in 3-4 different vocal techniques.Rappers often try this.listen to Eminem,s songs like Fast lane,Till i collapse, etc.He has a good variety of vocal techniques to come up with.Rappers had to express their role in different modes of life so as their voice.When you rap about the good things of your life,your voice has to match your feelings.You should not try to show any thing but to enjoy doing this.Every rapper has a different voice or unique talking style.They must find it to be in their full potential.

Words must match hearts

Your words must hit the listener's heart.They should convince the listener to listen to you.But you don't need to overdo this.When you are really real about yourself then you find people listen to you.You should obey your own rules not to get lost in the mix.You are not alone in this world.There are thousands of your type.Be real about your rap then you will find those people come to you.

Then you will find your heart match with your words and your words matching with the hearts of your fans.Then you will find yourself delivering those bars with some feelings.

Breath control

Most rappers fail to deliver words from their heart when they fall short of breath.You should improve your breathing ability.Rappers have points such as breaks in their lyrics for taking breathe.Here is an example from the lyrics of Eminem's song "Lose Yourself"

His palm's are sweaty(break)
Knees weak(short-break)arms are heavy......

Download the song.Then you can easily notice that he stopped for a while after saying sweaty and again after spitting weak.Rappers have rapid breathing technique.You can improve your breath control by following the process written below:

  • Take air fully out of your lungs.
  • After ten seconds when your lungs are fully empty, hold this condition for ten seconds.
  • After ten seconds, take air in.Hold air in your lungs for another ten seconds.
  • Revise the process for 3-4 times a day.

Don't try to be impatient if you are a Newbie.When you are used to it, increase this to 20 seconds out and 25 seconds in.I hope that you will find this method helpful.You should be good at breathing then you can rap words that relate with your heart.Do Yoga or other exercises.Don't smoke or it will take your rap away from you.

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