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How to play Youtube videos faster

Updated on January 4, 2013

Playing streaming videos from a pool of almost unlimited video channels on our computer screen is one of the many benefits of the internet and sites like YouTube have easily become one of the most visited sites in the world if not the number one. This is because there is a lot to gain from watching videos on the portal which has several categories of videos from how to do stuff to educational as well as entertaining video. Sites like YouTube has helped me do a DIY repair on my laptop as well as know how to grow a tomato plant at home. Besides when it comes to entertainment, there are also several channels related to that niche alone. SO YouTube has practically offered to me and millions of other users what traditional tv does not yet offer.

Don't you get pissed off at times when you try playing a YouTube video and it doesn't seem to download fast enough? There could be a lot of reasons why YouTube videos may not play as fast as you want and I just want to list some of the possible reasons here.

Why some YouTube videos tend to play slow

  1. Slow internet speed
  2. Ineffective web browser
  3. Little or insufficient disk space
  4. Low computer memory
  5. Large video size

Slow internet speed: This is practically the most basic reason why YouTube videos would not play fast enough on your computer. If your internet service does not have enough speed, then generally, heavy video streaming sites like YouTube would not play as fast ad you might expect. You can try getting a faster internet connection if you want to play YouTube videos faster or try using your internet service during the peak periods rather than the busy periods

Ineffective web browser: The type of web browser you are currently using may also slow down your YouTube video experience. Based on my personal observations, it seems light browsers like Google chrome are probably the most effective browser for YouTube so you can probably improve your YouTube video speed by avoiding browsers like Internet explorer or Firefox. Chrome plus YouTube make a better viewing experience

Insufficient disk space: You would notice that most new computers tend to be faster than old computers. This is due to the large amount of storage space on your computer's hard drive. The more disk space a computer has, the faster it would be able to play YouTube videos. So you may have to look into your disk space to see if it it not too crammed up with data and you can try slimming it down.

Low computer memory: Your computer needs more memory if it has to be fast in serving you. So you may also consider increasing it's RAM size if there is an opportunity for that as it can improve the YouTube streaming speed for your computer.

Large video size: The size of YouTube videos also play a part in how fast they would load on your desktop. The size can be measured by the video time interval. Longer videos tend not to load as fast as shorter videos. So you could try looking for a shorter version of your video if the long one takes time to load,

Options to load YouTube videos faster

  1. Use Google Chrome
  2. Go to YouTube feather beta and join the platform. It loads faster
  3. Pause the video and play after it has downloaded
  4. Use a faster internet service
  5. Use the Youtube domain localized for your region

Most YouTube visitors come from developed countries where there is a faster YouTube service due to reliable internet services while a growing number are also coming from developing countries with slower internet connections. Personally, I just prefer to pause my videos and afterwards play them when the download bar is full. It works fine.


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