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How to Make Money By Promoting Night Clubs And Event Planning

Updated on July 14, 2014

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Club Promoting The Nightlife Experience

When it comes to events most people go to a club or event Pay. The entry fee at the door and Walk into the venue to enjoy a party. The scene is full of flashing lights. Everyone is there having a good time. People their fresh clothes, dressed to impress, smiling and dancing. The bartenders and waitresses are keeping the drinks flowing. The DJ has his records spinning and the MC is screaming getting the club event hype. Then after all the bottles have been popped for the night and everyone's leaving, you and your friends say to yourselves that was one hell of a party and I can't wait to do it again next week. Then you go home and pass out from a good night of partying. But, rarely do people ask, how did they put together such a slammin party and run it so seamlessly, and have so much fun while doing it. Well, you're about to find out. How you can do the same. Promoting a club and event planning can be a very, very profitable way for people like you and me to start making money now. All you have spent a few weeks planning, collaborating with club owners and DJs. Promote and manage your event well and you will be spending your week waking up at 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock, heck, even 4 o'clock in the afternoon with a lump sum of money in your pocket from working just the weekends. I'm not its that easy, but if I could do whatever I wanted through the week and work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and make a couple hundred dollars up to a couple grand while having fun. Wouldn't you want to find out how? Well pay attention and you could be started on throwing your first event.

Club Platinum: My life experience

Negatives of being a club promoter

  1. All that drinking and partying is not good for your health.
  2. It's very hard to who your real friends are
  3. You have been worried about shifty characters who may cause problems, during the event. Or even happier that I'm a child of the.
  4. Is easy to get caught up with, the women are the main and throw themselves at you, but really don't care about you.
  5. Other promoters may try anything you and your party's steal your crowd.
  6. Venue owner may turn stiff you on your money

Positives of becoming a club promoter

  1. Make your own schedule
  2. And we well know, whether the nightlife community. Perhaps even semifamous In your city's entertainment community.
  3. You get to meet tons of famous people
  4. You can promote parties or events anywhere
  5. Local businesses will give you Parks or they will sponsor your events
  6. You Well make Lots of money and have fun Why you're doing it.

Club/ Event Promoting 101

Promoting clubs or events can be a daunting but a very rewarding task. Some people start promoting clubs were parties that have immediate access to the amount of the window, but others may have to work a little harder to get people to come to the events. Matter what level of backing off and you have anyone and I mean, anyone who is committed to learning their patrons can become a great club promoter or event planner. In this section we'll walk you through a process of becoming a party promote.

For more tips and tricks on party promotions fellow the link below


Club/Event Promoting 101: knowing your area

In order to become a good and even a great party promoter or event planner. You must first know your patrons or target audience. You must know the nightlife in your area. You must know whether it's a college town or are you more older and relax area you wish to throw parties in. You must do your due diligence, because there's nothing worse than throwing a party or a particular event and the amount of people that you think is coming will not because you were targeting the wrong demographic for your area. To beat this you will find that there is a host of ways to get this information such as simply looking up your target demographic data for the area you wish to promote parties, but my personal advice Is to get out and go see what venues. Ask yourself are hot or not? What were types of people are going in these places. Then began thinking of how you can target those people without stepping on anyones toes.


Club/ Event Promoter 101: Picking A Venue

A lot of people think they can just go out Look around, see a club they want, then go talk to the club owner and Threw an event. Only if it was that simple. When it comes to picking a good venue for your event there are a lot of things that you have to think about before even talking to a club owner. Like the starters What size is the venue or what is the location? Is this club well known, or does it have parking? Does This venue have a liquor license Or is it a 18 and up venue? Finally, is it on the blotter report on the venue (A blotter report is a record that the local police agencies keep on venues that a lot of disturbances Such as: Fights, Violating loud noise ordinances, Or even serving too much alcohol to patrons). Here are a few tips on picking the right club or venue for your event.

  1. Make sure the club age limit fits within your event promotion
  2. If it is an adult party, make sure the club owner is able to sell alcohol. Plan on charging At the door. Plus there is nothing worse then going to a dry party.
  3. Make sure it has plenty of parking or parking that is close to the venue.
  4. Be sure you pick a club that needs your expertise in promoting and not a club that already has Hundreds of people every weekend. If you try this they owner will turn you away or charge you to use their venue.
  5. Make sure that the club is not in the police blotter report. If they are the police will more than likely Harass the patrons making them not want to come event or returned to the venue
  6. Make sure the venue looks clean on the inside. How a venue looks is a reflection on you and the Event. This alone can stop you for being a successful promoter.
  7. Make sure you pick A venue with the appropriate size. Note: if you're just starting off you do not want An extremely large venue, because if you only get a few people the event will look and feel like a failure. It's much better to have a small venue that makes the party look like it's packed word-of-mouth will get out about how you threw a slamming party which means a better turn out next time.


Club/Event Promotion. 101: event theme

In the party promoting Arena. There are various reasons for people to party. Heck, people party for no reason sometimes, but whether you're choosing to do a weekly rollout event, monthly or even just a single event. Having a good theme is a very important to the success of your event. As stated before, the various types of events Such as: Super Bowl parties, pajama parties, St. Patrick's Day parties, New Year's parties, and the list goes on. When it comes to picking a good theme, there are only a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. What does my target demographic like in a party.
  2. Are there any major holidays that I can use a theme.
  3. Is anyone using this same theme I'm using.

After you've taken those three things into consideration use your imagination and come up with a brand-new idea or twist On an old idea to create a new hot party theme.

For more tips and trick fellow the link.


Club/event promotion, 101: promoting Your event

When it comes to promoting your event there are various ways and avenues to accomplish this. Such as radio ads, Flyers, and social media. However, what I have found in the past is that it is best to use as many different avenues as possible. For every ad they put out You only receive a small % of your target demographic. For example, say you got 100 fliers you may get 5 to 10 people to come out of that 100 to read and come to your event. Here is a list of potential promotional avenues that you can use in their cost effectiveness.

  1. Radio ads-The positive: radio ads reach a big area people. Which can be normally directed at your particular demographic by choosing the best station geared towards your target. Also, by promoting the radio station will gain access to good DJs, and perhaps even artists that can give your party an edge. The negative: The negative is that it is very costly for a new promoter to use Radio advertising and yes, you will get a turn out, but it will be way too much for too few ads you can afford to run.
  2. Flyers- positive: flies are probably the most cost-effective and efficient way to promote your event. Negatives: Although it's cost-effective, may have to be aware of getting cited for littering if people throw your flyers On the ground and you will have to do a lot of footwork, but in the end it will pay off.
  3. Social media-The positive: social media is a great way to get the word out about your event and it is very cost effective. The negative: tons of people are using the social marketing to promote their event, website, or whatever. As a result you may find it hard to distinguish yourself from other Promoters and their events and other people just promoting anything.

Here is a good affordable place to have your fliers printed NextDayFlyers - in Today - out Tomorrow! Create Custom Printed Marketing Materials Fast and Affordable. Shop Today!

Club/event promotion, 101: throwing your event

Have you set everything up By finding a good venue, a great DJ and promotions. It's time to throw you a party. Just a few tips When Throwing a party.

  1. Make sure you find a good DJ.
  2. Be sure to have security prepared for your crowd attendance.
  3. Make sure you have someone at the door to collect e-mail addresses, count people as they come in, and collect money.
  4. Make sure all patrons are having fun.
  5. Be sure to handle any situations promptly and decisively.
  6. Always stay focused, be aware of your surroundings.
  7. Finally, Have fun making money. After all, that's what club or event promotion is all about.

If your looking for a quick start in the club promotions game. Here is a link for more tips and tricks.

If the link doesn't work just copy and paste it into your browser.

Thanks and happy promoting


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    • Leila Pfaff profile image

      Leila Pfaff 

      3 years ago from United Kingdom

      An interesting read there - thank you :)

    • bluesradio profile image

      Marc Lee 

      3 years ago from Durham, NC

      Some solid advice, and I have worked in the field...Also don't forget to promote your events in your local publications, both the dailies, weeklies and other type publications...Also please don't forget the small radio stations, the community radio stations and the college radio stations...And definitely get a team to help you pass out the information and get it out to their folks...

    • profile image

      NAT ROC 

      4 years ago

      Can someone edit this article !

    • profile image

      Paul stevens 

      4 years ago

      why not put an Eroticats night on at your venue ?

      Everything taken care for your

      Packed night

      No need to discount drinks


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