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How to pass time on the toilet? Passing time on the potty in the loo made easy

Updated on September 9, 2012
Still reading the good old newspaper on the toilet? Find out what else you can do to help you pass time in the loo.
Still reading the good old newspaper on the toilet? Find out what else you can do to help you pass time in the loo. | Source

How to pass time on the toilet? Typical answers would be newspapers, magazines and other bathroom reads. In the age of iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire HD, android tablet, smartphones, e-readers and a host of other gadgets, there is a lot more you can do to pass time in the loo. If you like the ideas, check out links to the gadgets that will help you be more productive while you are doing your business on the potty, at the end of this post.

1) Check your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks can take away a lot of time during the day. People spend hours online checking Facebook updates, new tweets and the latest activity on their favorite pinboards. If you find yourself wasting a lot of time on social networks, use your time on the toilet to do the same. Check your feed, see what everyone else is doing, reply to all the posts on your timeline, see your notifications and wish your friends happy birthday, send a tweet or two and pin some cool stuff. Just don't let anyone know that your updates, tweets and pins come straight from the loo else they may stop following you.

2) Read or watch online news on your iPad or android tablet

Carry your iPad or any other android tablet with you in the toilet to read online news or better yet, watch them if you have a good internet connection. Have your favorite news websites bookmarked so you don't have to fumble with typing the website address in the address bar of your browser.

3) Think and plan out your day out

One of the most productive ways to pass time on the toilet is to plan your day out. As you sit on the bowl, doing your business, think hard about the day that lies ahead. Reaffirm to yourself the things you need to get done, the people you need to meet and all the other bits and pieces of life that you need to sort out during the day.

4) Read a book preferably on an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle

Reading a hardcover in the toilet is risqué for a few reasons. There is a chance of it being dropped, getting wet and the pages being torn if mishandled. Additionally if you are a voracious reader, you would rather have the pages of your books to carry the rustic smell of paper that every book lover craves for. One too many trips to the toilet could ruin this rustic aroma. Buy a dedicated e-book reader like the new Kindle Paperwhite for hours of uninterrupted reading on the pot. E-books are cheaper and are instant downloads.

5) Clip your finger nails

Since going to the potty is virtually a hands free activity, you can indulge in nail care. Get the right accessories including a nail clipper, filer, cuticle remover and a scrubber for your dead skin. You may only be able to do the nails on your hands. You can even paint your fingernails.

6) Watch a TV show or episodes that you have missed

Work, studies and other parts of daily routine can rob you of watching your favorite TV shows just because you have something else to do when it airs on TV. Catch up on the latest episodes on sites like YouTube and pass your time on the toilet watching your favorite sitcom.

7) Read the newspaper or a magazine

If you consider yourself to be a traditionalist you can carry a newspaper or a magazine to help you pass time on the toilet. It has been done for decades and this activity is still a favorite pastime for those who are not tech savvy. Make sure you don't annoy other members of the household as everyone may not be pleased to read a paper that has witnessed your morning routine. Subscribe to some of the top women's magazines if you want delightful reads every time you do your routine.

8) Reply to emails and text messages

Grab your smartphone on the way to the toilet and reply to all the pending messages and e-mails. If you find yourself busy all the time and often overlook replying to emails and messages simply because you didn't have the time to, do it while you are on the pot.

9) Visit your daily online fixes

Daily online fixes are the websites that are a 'must-visit' for you every day. Typical daily fixes are,,,,, your favorite blog, etc. These are the kind of websites that become a part and parcel of your routine, just like going to the toilet. If you want to be productive, combine the two and grab your doze of news, gossip and entertainment while you are on the pot. Laptops can be clumsy to handle, so grab your tablet or a smartphone.

10) Make a to-do list of all your unfinished tasks

Making a to-do list is one of the first steps of learning how to stop procrastination. If you have been on a procrastinating spree lately because you have been caught up in the rut of life, give yourself a wakeup call by making a to-do list. Draft it while you are on the pot to save time from your daily routine.

11) Listen to music on your iPod

Music fan? Then there are little better ways to pass time on the toilet than listening to music on your iPod or mp3 player. Your favorite tunes will pump up the adrenaline and get you set for a solid start to the day. If you don't have an iPad, load your favorite playlist on your smartphone, laptop or other devices.

12) Play games on smartphones or handheld devices like Nintedo DS and Sony PSP Portable

Handheld gaming devices have been a hit with gamers and non-gamers alike. If the thought of shooting down enemies, racing cars or leveling up while spending time in the toilet is your fancy, grab a portable console and game away.

13) Solve brain teasers on paper or e-devices

Puzzles, crosswords and other brain teasers from dailies have typically been a favorite pastime for commuters and are also included in the broadly encompassed category of 'bathroom reads'. If you typically spend a longer than average time doing your business in the bathroom, they could be for you too.

The concept of puzzles and other brain teasers are no longer limited to newspapers and magazines. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can download similar types of apps and games which will make for hours of playtime.


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    • profile image 

      7 years ago

      Is this for guys PWAP? Girls spend less time in the smallest room in the house Great tips for efficient use of time!

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 

      7 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Your tips mostly apply to waiting under any type of circumstance. The devices we have today really open up a wide variety of time-spending options. Makes me wonder how people managed before them.


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