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How to play guitar with online lessons on video

Updated on October 4, 2010

Playing guitar is a great way to get the ladies

I'm not going to lie to you. The reasons most guys want to learn how to play guitar is so they can attract women. Ever wonder why on every nice day on every college campus there's at least half a dozen guys sitting outside their dormitory playing a guitar? Are they trying to express themselves? Are they trying to earn a little cash on the side? I don't see an open guitar case in front of them, so I don't think so. They are doing it to attract women. Guys who play guitar are cool and also sensitive. So now that I've exposed the ulterior motive of every guitar-playing guy out there, let's get to learning how to play guitar

Because it's really hard to teach a musical instrument with just words, most of this page is going to use some of the most popular guitar lesson videos on the internet.

What you need to start

You'll need a guitar, preferably a six-string acoustic guitar to start. Also, you'll want to get a pick. A thin pick ("light gauge" in rocker lingo) is also right for beginners. As you advance you might want to try a thicker pick, but they can be a little unforgiving at first.

You're also going to need a lot of patience. You aren't going to be playing Stairway to Heaven on your first day. Playing a guitar is difficult, but if you've played Guitar Hero or Rock Band you've actually got some of the basic motions down. As much as real guitarists like to spit on those games, I think playing decently on expert level on those games is actually more difficult than playing a real guitar with any competence.


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  • nikmaya62 profile image

    nikmaya62 7 years ago

    Nice Hub,,, I like to play guitar also, In the beginning my purpose is to attract girls, but after sometimes I feel the soul of the music, I try to make a band and play my favorite artist song. Now music is my soul, nearly every day my ear is not comfortable if don't hear a song.