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How to Rap

Updated on February 14, 2011

on this page I will explain to you how to rap. I will give personal advice and tips, and I hope this information will be useful on your experiment of this wonderful style of music.

Step one: The Beat

In the world of rap, the beat (or music) is a very important. First step to rapping is finding a beat, (or you could create your own). Beats come in all types, there are fast beats, slow, scary, ganster style, etc etc. I would recommend going to and type in instrumentals and find the one the fits you the most. It is important to find a beat that you are comfortable with, not to fast, not to slow. Make sure the beat has flow. Flow is where you are listing to the beat and you feel it, such as nodding your head to the tempo.

Step two: Writing Raps

Many artists have different styles when it comes to rap. Some artists choose to write their lyrics on a sheet of paper, and others choose to go freestyle (lil wayne does this, this is why he is so popular). The difference of the two is Freeystyle is where you come up with lyrics off the top of your head. It is much more difficult than writing, because when you write you have more time to think and create catchy phrases, where as freestyle is spontaneous. I recommend if you are new to this process to write your lyrics first.

When you have chosen your beat, the first step is to find the tempo. Once you found the tempo, you can now begin fitting words along with the beat. Every word had syllables, it is important that your syllables can flow, other wise your music will not be clean and will be off tempo. Itll be pretty much a mess. Rapping is not an easy thing to do, so much practice and learning new words will benefit you. Practice your newly written lyric out loud, so your mouth and tongue will get use to moving and working.

Step 3 : Have meaning

Rap music is about people lives, some rap about the dangers of the Ghetto, Some rap about emotions, how they are feeling inside. Make sure you pour your heart out on your rap, Because no matter what people will relate, and the whole point of rapping is getting people to feel you while your spitting verses at them. Write about past memories, (mother past away, broken relationships, etc).

Step 4: Believe what you are saying, Do not be a Pretender!

Human beings can sense if you are confident or not, and depending on this will ultimately make or brake you! Believe what you are saying, move people with your verses, and the most important advice i can give you is do not give up. At first you will be struggling to keep your flow at one pace, but through practice makes perfect. I found out the more i rapped the better i became.

A good method is when you are complete with your rap, rap it aloud by yourself. Until you can rap the whole song without messing up, and keeping your flow, Rap to a few friends. See how they like it, and if they understand your meaning. After that, rap to a few more friends (start off with 2 friends, then move up to 4 friends, and continue to go higher and higher). Sooner or later you will be known as "Man that dude go hard!! he kills it!". You will meet people who rap as well, rap with them!! as you are listing to them, study their flow, choice of vocabulary, their tempo. Other rappers can inspire you and show you new ways to rap.

I hope this will help you out, if yall have any questions just let me know. ENJOY!


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