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Zombies, Zombies everywhere! 10 top tips!

Updated on February 5, 2013

If the medium of television, films and video games is to be accepted as a trusted marker for the shape of things to come. It is logical to assume that a Zombie invasion or Apocalypse is just around the corner. Maybe the entertainment industry has secretly been preparing us for the day when the vast majority of this planet discover their appetite for the other, other white meat.

Seriously! Zombies seem to have overtaken the Vampire as the creature that us would be victims should fear the most. So whether the population is turned by an alien parasite, an escaped government experiment or a mass effect Voodoo curse. It seems that we as potential prey should be taking the threat more seriously. I know for sure I am! So having devoted a good few hours of my time, I have come up with some solutions, ideas and suggestions to assist us in the unstoppable global crisis of Zombies, Zombies everywhere!

A Shotgun is the perfect weapon for Zombie conflict.
A Shotgun is the perfect weapon for Zombie conflict. | Source

Combat Skills

Dead Rising 2 - Xbox 360
Dead Rising 2 - Xbox 360

Before the Zombies arrive in your neighbourhood, why not learn some basic skills to combat the Zombie menace? Use your standard firearms and baseball bats or create carnage with custom made weapons! And yes there are some Chainsaws!!


Initial stage

One of the major problems with the impending Zombie Apocalypse is....well by the time you notice it's happening it may already be too late! Take a look at the people who surround you on the street, the kid sat next to you with the headphones on full blast as you travel on the bus or underground. You could be seconds away from becoming a Zombies happy meal, and I for one do not want to be Zombie food. The way to stop been the Zombie equivalent of fast food is to open your eyes and really notice what is going on. Are the people at the bus stop really waiting for the bus, or in fact waiting to have an all you can eat finger buffet with you as the main ingredient? So by remaining vigilant and been suspicious of those around you, you stand a good chance of been a Zombie Apocalypse Hero.

Zombie Survival (1)

Where should you go?

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Base of Operations

Of course where you find yourself when the Zombies attack, will effect your chances of survival. If you happen to be in a sports venue, there are many effective weapons and tools to utilize. In America you could lay your hands on Baseball bats, Hockey sticks, Football padding and other protective sporting equipment. Around the world there are numerous sporting arena's with Guns, Bows, Cricket Bats, Swords and Javelins to hand.

I would personally favour a sporting arena as there are many areas where you are secure and there will be ample supplies of food and drink. Some Arena's can hold over a 100,000 people so they must have supplies to cope with their food and drink requirements. They would also have a well stocked supply of medical supplies and the structure would be one that rescuers would look to use as a emergency station.

Offensive weapon checklist

Bow/ Crossbow
Throwing stars
AK 47
Baseball Bat/ Cricket

Zombie Survival (2)

Which weapon would you choose

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Weapon of choice

To defend yourself, your fellow survivors or even your dwindling resources, you are going to have to get your hands dirty. In a Zombie Apocalypse it is a kill or be killed scenario, so pacifism is not an attribute to hold on to. If the Zombies are the lumbering slow moving creatures of most Film and television shows, then bullets will only be effective if they can destroy the brain stem. Firing an ammo clip into the heart is pointless, if the Zombie is not actively using that organ.

The general consensus is that a blow, bullet, stab to the head and neck will stop the relentless hordes in their un-dead tracks. Any thoughts of poison or germ warfare would be useless on such creatures, as they are not living flesh. I doubt fire would be a decent offensive weapon on the Zombies, it may burn the flesh off them in time but they still may function as walking skeletons.


Although the idea of a Chainsaw is an old Zombie movie staple, in practice against a group of Zombies it is a luxury. If the Zombie Virus is blood born you may get infected from the spray, and cutting through Zombie after Zombie is labour intensive.

The Shotgun is essential for popping the un-dead's heads off and has a large radius of destruction.

Zombie, Zombie Everywhere.
Zombie, Zombie Everywhere. | Source

Top tips for Survival

  1. Have a couple of bag's of Marble's with you. If you are about to be surrounded drop the kid's favourite glass balls, and watch the Zombies loose their footing
  2. If you set traps or snares to catch Zombies, then remember where you placed them.
  3. Always save a bullet for that epic moment where you are surrounded
  4. Make a shield from light doors or floor panels- It worked for the Spartan's....
  5. Bow and Arrow technology is replaceable so practice that weapon
  6. If you can wear multiple layers, a Zombie bite will not break the skin.
  7. Electrocution may disrupt a Zombie brain.
  8. Any Spirit over 40% is flamable
  9. Use a pitchfork over a spear, 3 prongs is better than one
  10. Hide emergency rations everywhere!


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    • Asp52 profile image

      Asp52 4 years ago from England

      I have never watched the Walking Dead series although I have heard good things, any weapon that can destroy the enemy as a force of harm is always good. A lot of Zombie lore points to the fact that they can still function until they have zero motor skills. I believe the headshot is a classic Zombie killer, and blowing to bits eliminates the problem :).

    • billd01603 profile image

      billd01603 4 years ago from Worcester

      ASP52 good, humorous Hub But I'm confused.( Really my only reference for zombies is the series "The Walking Dead"). I thought zombies are attracted by sound, but you are saying that guns, rocket launchers and grenades are the best weapons But these make a lot of noise. won't you attract more zombies like this?

    • Asp52 profile image

      Asp52 4 years ago from England

      Thank you, it is appreciated and beware of the coming Zombie hordes :)

    • Anthony Binks profile image

      Anthony Binks 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Love you hub.

      I am a massive fan on anything Zomibe like so I really enjoyed reading it. Voted up and awesome.