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How to tell someone you don't want to vote for someone when they ask

Updated on May 1, 2016

This HubPage is more for comedic, rather than practical purposes.

You can use these ways, but these are more for a chuckle that a serious conversation. Please make a note of this before you use it at your meetings!

1. Too young (18-)

This is probably going to sound either "GENIUS!!!!!" or "THAT IS SO STUPID!!!!!" but either way, it has been typed!

If you are under eighteen and someone asks you "It's almost time for the country to elect a new president. Who would you vote for?" Tell them that you can't vote, youre under eighteen. You must be 18+ to vote by law. It would be illegal for you to vote as a minor.

You're welcome! If you want to say that you would vote for someone, go on and do that. I did this in History class and many other times at school, more that at home or in public...

2. The "Large-pox" Approach

Ok, this one is just super dumb. I'll be okay with you saying that right then and there!

Person you're conversing with: "Who will you vote for president this time?"

You: [scratches arm, wince, cough, scratch again] "Uh-oh! It's getting worse!!!! I have a rare disease called 'largepox' and it prevents me from making decisions about politicians!"

Person: [slowly backs away in confusion and possibly fear from fake disease...]


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