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How to use Youtube to make money

Updated on August 27, 2014

What is YouTube (the basics)

YouTube- A Social network in which one uploads and shares video for others to see. Videos can contain motion and non motion (still) video. Pictures can also be uploaded on to YouTube as video. In most cases you have to make your own video edits before uploading to YouTube however YouTube does provide a basic video editor. Make sure you read YouTube's T.O.S. before uploading any videos.


What to do and how it works

Now that we know what YouTube is and what it is used for lets talk about a few ways we can use YouTube to make some money. Just think of some things you might be good at, or any skills you might have. Those are going to be your ideas for content. What is content you ask? Well content is all the images, text, videos, and just about anything else you can think of that makes up a website,blog,webpage,article,product, ect. Take your skills or things you are good at and think about how many people you know that are or could be interested in them. Now create a list of all these people. Keep in mind for every person you add to your list there is someone or some people they know that might also be interested in your skill or skills. This is how you are going to build your traffic.

Traffic just means views or site visitors. The more traffic you build to your videos the more you can and will earn from them. Lets think for just a minute if you have a site that generally gets about 5 visitors per day and you get paid about .5 cents per visit that only adds up to about 2.5 cents each day. That is not much right? Well lets say that each of those five visitors share your video with at least five people that increases your traffic to 25 visitors per day totaling 12.5 cents which in turn is a much greater gain. If those 25 share your video with 5 people each your site visitors then increase to 125 which increases your earnings to 62.5 cents which is much greater then before right?

Now lets use that same example with higher earnings because there are times where some earnings will be higher per visitor then others for example one visitor could earn you 2.5 cents with one visit when another who visits for the first time on that same day at the exact same time could only earn you about .2 cents. So your earnings will never be the same each day and you could make more on some days then you do on others or during certain times of the day vs other times. This is how the adsense program and the YouTube partnership program works. It is also based on clicks but I will get to that a little later in this hub. For now lets just stay focused on the skills and being good at something.

Being good at something means in most cases that you have a lot of knowledge about it and a better understanding then most,that alone could make for great content and a few good videos. People love to learn and information is the best way to earn on the internet, on or off of YouTube. Besides the internet is known as "the information highway" meaning it is packed with tons and tons of information or content. So for starters jot down anything you feel you would need to inform someone of related to your skill or skills, then think of who needs or might want this information. Next Go to all the major search engines and type in the search bar your skill or skills. There will be many many search results. Pick a few of the top links from each of the search engine do not pick the same one twice. Jot down the website addresses. This will be used later to help build traffic.

Steps and Information needed

Next gather a few photos or proof of you using your skill or skills to add to the video. You could then decide if you want it to be a narration type of video or perhaps a subtitle only, you can chose to add background music or any type of music. You may want to use a good video editing software. A list to where you could find some good ones will be created soon and I will be sure to post it.

After getting all of the information you have to use your imagination a little bit to present it in a creative way. As mentioned earlier anything you are good at or any skills you might have can be used to earn money. Do us both a favor though make sure that if you are creating your own videos that you use a good camera or recording device. Smart phones work great most of the time. In fact I use my smart phone for most of my videos. After I edit them it is hard for anyone to tell that it was recorded on a smart phone. (just thought I put that out there for all you second guesser).

For those of you who might come across this hub and think well this hub isn't for me because I don't have any skills, you guys there is news for you too. There are many revenue share programs out there that you can partake in. However you must be a member of the Google Adsense program. This is a program that allows anyone person or business to post ads to their sites,blogs, and articles as a publisher. The advertiser pays Google to create and post the ads and Google pays it's publishers a percentage for posting the ads to their sites,blogs,articles, etc. Most of the revenue share programs require certain rules to be followed and different qualifications to be entered. More importantly Google has a strict policy that must be followed in order to become and remain an Adsense publisher.

What Next

After gathering and obtaining all the information for your video start recording. It is best to save the raw footage first. Use the raw footage to make edits and or determine if anything needs to be added. After you have your raw footage file run it through your favorite video editor software to make all edits. Once you are satisfied with your video and it's look and feel then save the new file and begin to upload it to YouTube. Once approved and it is live on YouTube then resort back to those links you wrote down earlier and post the link to your video as a comment or response to a comment. Don't just post the link it's self or it could be looked at as SPAM and you don't want that.

To insure the site owner doesn't delete your post or comment include a link or mention his site page blog or article in the description of your video. As a thank you most site and blog owners will keep your post and mention you in their next post. You know sort of a way of saying thank you to you for adding or mentioning them. Helping each other build traffic. After about a week check your video stats and views. You will notice that it has increase a bit. If your video is based on your skill or skills then you are finished just dont forget to include a way for your buyers to contact you so you can get paid.

If you are part of the adsense program or have become a YouTube partner and can post advertisement in your video please feel free to do so as long as your video meet the requirements. This could also help increase the amount you earn. If you decide to do both well that is the best way to increase your earnings. Hope this information has helped and that anyone who reads this will surely try it and make it. Happy Earnings!

Revenue Sharing Programs

You might have to do a bit of research but I am going to give you a couple of Revenue sharing programs I know of and use and you are on one of them now. the other is a site called both of them require you to have an qualify for their program. However they both are simple to use and both of them will send you a link to sign up for the program once the qualifications are met. Information on all the sites mentioned here can be found on Google and I will be posting more information on them as I get it.

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    • Pawpawwrites profile image

      Jim 3 years ago from Kansas

      I make a few dollars a month on youtube. For people who are creative, and post lots of videos, it can work.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      that's unbelievable, i guess.