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American Idol shows on Fox Television.

Updated on April 10, 2011
The FOX TV:American Idol show logo
The FOX TV:American Idol show logo | Source

The steps to follow to be a contestant in the American Idol show

The American Idol show on FOX TV is an annual event that airs from beginning of each year and runs thorough the the first part of the year with the winner being crowned as the new winner of the American Idol.

The TV show like the ABC: Dancing with the stars competition, the Fox: American Idol show has five parts to the competition; the presenter,the judges, the contestants,the audience and the TV viewers.

Early in the year the Fox TV appoints the judges to the American Idol show. Normally the judges were three but in 2010 there were four judges. In the 2011 show, there will be three judges.

These judges and program organisers tour different cities of the country scouting for talented participants who will eventually win the invitation to participate on the American Idol TV music show aired from Hollywood, California,USA.

The steps the contestants follow to appear on the show include:

  1. Must travel and appear before the judges during their tours of the cities.
  2. The contestant will register at the site with the organisers of the tour.
  3. The contestant will perform and display their singing talent.
  4. The judges deliberate and reach a decision based on the performance.
  5. If performance is great, the judges hand the contestant an invitation to travel to Hollywood for the live TV performances.

These steps, if followed accurately and completed successfully will allow the contestant  to be part of this premier TV music competition.

American Idol: Featuring past winners of the show in a commercial.

Resources one can use to prepare to win the contest.

What does it take to win the American Idol music show ?

The simple answer to this question is; It takes everything, absolutely everything that the contestant has to give to win the competition.

However, studying the character of the successful previous contestants and the eventual winners of the American Idol music show, the following are the things a contestant must do in order to win the contest: This is the blueprint of success in life.

  1. Preparation: The preparation is the key step towards winning the American idol competition. Preparation is in three dimensions; the preparation of the body,preparation of the mind and preparation of the soul.

Preparation of the body involves preparing both physically and healthwise. The contestant must exercise sufficiently to keep their body fit to face the challenging performances to be endured during the American Idol singing competition. The contestant must also feed the body the right foods: Balanced diet that will provide the body with healthy nutrition that it requires to survive the contest.

Preparation of the mind involves feeding the mind with the right information both visual and audio that serves to motivate the mind to develop a "tough skin" that will withstand all the stresses , disappointments and successes involved with the competition and its challenges.This can be achieved by reading motivational materials,books and testmonials. May also achieve mind preparation by watching past competitions and the winning performances.

Preparation of the soul involves reconnecting with the inner self. The contestants must reach out to their innermost feelings,emotions and connect with their hearts. Those who are believers must reach out to their supernatural beings and beg for devine help to win the American idol music contest. The contestant who prepares well separates himself or herself from the losers in the American Idol show.

2. One must show up to win the American Idol Contest.

In order to be a winner of the American Idol show, one must show up at the auditions.At the auditions, one must perform and win the hearts of the judges to earn an invitation to compete in Hollywood,yoyoyo! Once selected to participate in the show in Hollywood to even have the slightest chance to win the competition. No show, no win of the American Idol. one must show up at the competition in Hollywood to be a contender at the crown of the singing comeptition. It is common sense that with the dream to be an American Idol winner, one must take the initiative of appearing at the TV competition. Once one prepares well, one needs to show up to compete or else the preparation is worthless.

3.One must be coachable and a good student.

A good student listens to and applies all that they learn from their coach.To win any contest, the contestant must follow their coache's eachings and follow them to the letter being very creative in thinking and implementation. During, the American Idol competition, the contestants, while in Holloywood will be coached by excellent music directors and choreographers to better their performances before the judges,the audience and the viewers.

When the student is ready the coach will certainly appear. That is true! The people can see through the commitment of the contestants during their performances and will be willing to provide their coaching ideas.

The rule is to follow the ideas and the advise to make one better druing the competition: American Idol.

4. Must be persistent and consistent in their performance

One day great, next day poor- This kinds of performance will cause loss of connection between the contestant and the judges,audience and the viewers. The best performers are consistent and they always go beyond the expectations of their people. During the American Idol competition, in order to win, the competitor must be persistent in their performances irrespective of the challenges,obstacles, critiscism, disappointments and any problems they face. DO NOT LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING STOP YOU FROM ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS!

5. One must be able to live the dream and handle the success

 Those few hard workers and good performances that find their way to Hollywood for the airing of the Fox musical series: American Idol, must be able to live their dreams, handle the limelighte and enjoy the publicity of their performances and activities. Some people fail in life becomes they cannot handle success appropriately.They let success enter their heads,corrupt their thinking and take away common sense. In short, success converts them into life losers.

When in Hollywood, the contestants must not forget that they are out for a mission to win the ultimate prize: the competition and the glory that comes with it. They should not forget the dream is to win the competition and the immediate glory and the star-like status they enjoy while in Hollywood is just but a means to achieve their ultimate dreams: Winning the musical competition: American Idol 

The role of the different groups in the American Idol show

There are several groups of people who play a key role in making the show successful and entertaining as it has always been. These groups include:

  1. The presenter of the show on Fox TV. We have always know one and the only one so far Mr Ryan Seacrest. For the past episodes of the show we have only know him to be the presenter during the airing on TV.
  2. The judges. This 2010-2011 series,there are three judges. Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson.The previous series had four judges who have all since left except for Randy Jackson.The judges select the contestants during the countrywide auditions in search for talent,later on converging in Hollywood. During the finals, the judges of the American Idol are known for their comments, criticisms and advice to the contestants.
  3. The audience. The theatre audience comprising of stars,celebrities, families and guests of the contestants. The audience offers immediate reactions to the performances.They offer moral and psychological support to the competitors.
  4. The TV viewers. These watch the performances from their comfort and vote for their favorite contestants. The votes are tallied and the losers are sent home week after week until the finalist is crowned the winner.
  5. The behind-the-scenes staff. I bet there are many producers,directors,photographers, publicists,choreographers,side-performers,drivers and many individuals who work as supportive staff that are involved to make this competition successful.
  6. The contestants. They perform on the show singing their hearts out to garner enough votes to proceed to the finals where one of them is crowned as the winner of the American Idol.

Each individual must play their role accordingly to responsibly deliever the results that are expected to make the show successful and entertaining to have the advertisers coming year after year and viewers glued to their TV screens and motivated to vote for their favorites.


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