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Super Saiyan 3 Vegito in GT?

Updated on February 12, 2010

"I'm too weak now!"

"Oh my goodness! These guys are stronger than me! I don't know if I'm going to last an hour in this timeline. I should've spent the last decade training to hone my abilities."
"Oh my goodness! These guys are stronger than me! I don't know if I'm going to last an hour in this timeline. I should've spent the last decade training to hone my abilities."

Will Super Vegito survive in GT?

Super Vegito was the strongest character in Dragon Ball Z, at least during that time. He is among DBZ's most overrated characters for a lot of his fans seem to have so much faith in him that they think he would own everyone if he were thrown in the GT Universe. I've been a fan of DBZ/GT for much longer than any of you guys have and I can definitely tell what's going on. Also, I am not the type of person who would say something that sounds so ridiculous for no reason. If I say SSJ2 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta in GT are stronger than Super Vegito(DBZ), you may think I'm out of my mind, but like I said, there is a reason why I'd say something like this. Not everything is what they seem. For example, while Baby Vegeta may not seem like it, he is dozens of times stronger than Super Vegito(DBZ). We will be discussing this very soon. Would Super Vegito really do well in GT and is his power really worth comparing to a Super Saiyan 4's? If Vegito transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 during the Majin Buu Saga, would he be great enough to take on the most notorious bosses in GT? This is a complete detail regarding Super Vegito's power and it explains how his power may vary from time to time. It's about time we bring this senseless-topic into its conclusion.

What would happen if the same Super Vegito from DBZ were thrown in GT? Would he do good?

Well, definitely not. Why? It's because Super Saiyan 2 Kid Goku alone is already stronger than the same Super Vegito from DBZ. How come? As we've known, power-levels in DB Universe change dramatically depending on the intensity of the warriors' training. Super Saiyan Goku from its debut is obviously nowhere near Super Saiyan Goku in the Kid Buu Saga. Super Saiyan 3 Goku from its debut is an ant compared to Super Saiyan 3 Goku in GT. Would you be willing to place your bet on the Super Saiyan Goku that defeated Frieza to beat Perfect Cell? It is obvious that Super Saiyan Goku in the Cell Games is more than 4 times stronger than the one that beat Frieza. Also, we know that like Gogeta, Vegito's power depends on Goku and Vegeta's powers, meaning that the weaker Goku and Vegeta are, the weaker the resulting Vegito is and the stronger Goku and Vegeta are, the stronger Vegito becomes. Goku and Vegeta during GT are hundreds of times stronger than they were during the DBZ series. Let's take the following as an example. If Super Vegito had appeared much earlier than the Majin Buu Saga, the Frieza Saga for example, then the Super Vegito that would've been formed would be pathetically weaker than the one that fought Super Buu, because Goku and Vegeta during the Frieza Saga were much much weaker than the ones from the Majin Buu Saga. I bet that the Super Vegito that would appear during the Frieza Saga wouldn't even come close to the power of Perfect Cell's. Likewise, if Super Vegito had appeared much later than the Majin Buu Saga where we can guarantee that Goku and Vegeta were a lot stronger than the ones during the Majin Buu Saga, then the corresponding Super Vegito must be far stronger than the one that fought Super Buu. In other words, the earlier that Super Vegito appeared, the weaker he'd be and the later that he appeared, the stronger he'd be. Very few fans have noticed it and the majority of them have failed, and those who have cannot really be dubbed the DBZ Fans.

If the same Super Vegito from DBZ were thrown in GT, how many guys would be superior to him?

Keep in mind that right before Dragon Ball Z ended, Goku alone was the strongest non-fused being in the series as he had fully mastered his Super Saiyan 3, which would've been dubbed the Full Power Super Saiyan 3. The Full Power Super Saiyan 3 would be at least 5 times more powerful than its regular version and could rival Vegito and Gogeta in strength. When Goku fought Uub in the World Tournament, Uub's power fluctuated from very weak to as high as Kid Buu's when he was provoked. Goku was fighting evenly with Uub at his base form, meaning that his power in his current form was at least as strong as his Super Saiyan 3 during the fight with Kid Buu. GT was another 10 years after Goku's fight with Uub, where he is even more powerful than before.

During the beginning of GT, base adult Goku was sparring evenly with Uub, who had the power that was at least tripled that of Kid Buu's. In GT, Uub and adult Goku's powers were already comparable to base Vegito's from DBZ. When Goku was turned into a child, his power most likely dropped by a considerable amount, making his base form only much stronger than his Super Saiyan 3 from DBZ. Super Saiyan 2 Kid Goku in GT was already at least as strong as Super Vegito in DBZ, but if Goku was never turned into a child, then his Super Saiyan form alone would be enough to match Super Vegito. Since SSJ2 Kid Goku was already equal to Super Vegito, it seems that anyone above SSJ2 Kid Goku are way superior to Super Vegito. But who are those guys?

Who would be some of the characters in GT that are superior to the same Super Vegito from DBZ?

Too many. If the same Super Vegito that we all know was ever thrown in GT, the only villains that he'd beat would be Ledgic, Lord Luud, and Rilldo. SSJ2 Goku or SSJ2 Vegeta in GT are already as strong as Super Vegito(DBZ). If Super Vegito(DBZ) was thrown in GT, Baby Vegeta's normal form is much more than enough to beat the crap out of Super Vegito(DBZ). Baby Vegeta and his other forms, and Majuub are two of the GT characters that are far above the old Super Vegito, in which case Super Vegito from DBZ is not worth comparing to any Super Saiyan 4. Super Vegito(DBZ) is just a waste of SSJ4 Goku's time. If we really want to see the Super Vegito that would truly kick butts in GT, then we should talk about the hypothetical GT-made Super Vegito. How would this GT Super Vegito fare in GT? We are yet to answer that easy question.

Which Super Vegito would own villains in GT? Would this Super Vegito be stronger than SSJ4 Goku?

As I mentioned before, the stronger the two fused Saiyans are, the stronger Vegito will be. In other words, the later Vegito appears, the stronger he'll be. The Potara Earrings had long been gone, but if they weren't, this is what would happen:

If Vegito was ever recreated through the fusion of Goku and Vegeta in GT, the resulting Vegito would be far more powerful than the one we've all seen. GT Super Vegito would be far stronger than Super Baby Vegeta 2 and Majuub. GT Super Vegito would be at the very most near the power of Super Saiyan 4 Goku but certainly not stronger. The reason is that the massive power augmentation that the Super Saiyan 4 transformation grants its user rivals the one given by the Potara Earrings or the Fusion Dance. In fact, the power augmentation that the SSJ4 transformation gives is apparently superior, which was evident when Goku became so much stronger than Baby who was tossing him around even at his SSJ3, and combined with the amount of training that Goku has sustained for more than 20 years, it is unlikely that Super Vegito would surpass SSJ4 Goku, but he would be really close to SSJ4 Goku. In addition, the Super Saiyan 4 is the ultimate Super Saiyan form and cannot be easily surpassed. Also, during the battle with Super Baby, the Elder Kai did not suggest any fusion. Instead, he suggested that Goku should regrow his tail as it was the best chance he had of defeating Baby. Later, during the battle with Great Ape Baby, Goten and Trunks suggested the fusion, but to no avail as Goku stated that no fusions would work against Great Ape Baby(Goku could've fused with Gohan who was much more powerful than DBZ Vegeta but he chose not to) and that their most powerful weapon was only Super Saiyan 4 and nothing else other than that.

GT Vegito would only surpass SSJ4 Goku by transforming into a SSJ2. As a SSJ2 made in GT, Vegito would greatly exceed SSJ4 Goku in power, much like how a Super Saiyan 2 exceeds a Super Saiyan, but would still not be as strong as Omega Shenron, since Omega had 3 warriors inside him that were almost as strong as SSJ4 Goku(Eis, Nuova, and Syn himself).

What if Vegito transformed into a SSJ3 during the fight with Super Buu? Would that same SSJ3 Vegito do well if thrown in GT?

If SSJ3 Vegito that was created in DBZ were thrown in the GT Universe, he still may not be as strong as SSJ4 Goku or GT Super Vegito. That's right! The hypothetical GT Super Vegito would still be a lot stronger than the SSJ3 Vegito created in DBZ. It's because like what I said before, the earlier Vegito appears, the weaker he becomes and the later he appears, the stronger he becomes. If Vegito transformed into a SSJ3 during the DBZ series, he would only be impressive in that time because Goku and Vegeta in DBZ were much weaker than the ones in GT. Even the mighty SSJ4 Gogeta is no exception because if he appeared much earlier than the battle with Omega Shenron, let's say during the Majin Buu Saga, then that SSJ4 Gogeta would be weaker than Omega Shenron and only be the strongest during Majin Buu Saga. But, we really should be looking for a GT-made SSJ3 Vegito, the one that would truly be the ultimate being in GT after SSJ4 Gogeta. If SSJ3 Vegito was ever created during GT, this is what would happen:

SSJ3 Vegito if created during GT would greatly exceed Omega Shenron and be the most powerful being on the block with the exception of SSJ4 Gogeta. End of the story and I hope that everything I explained makes some sense to you faithful DB fans. If you have any question feel free to leave a comment for this content and let me know where I can contact you to answer your question.

The truth about Vegito's power


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    • profile image

      MyNameEsJuan 4 years ago

      one thing though. perfect files(or super exciting guide, i forget which) said that super vegito was 'maybe even greater than a super saiyan 4'. that would put his ssj above ssj4 goku. although goku would be approaching vegito's ssj strength, he would lose. ssj2 would beat syn, and equal or beat surpassed limits ssj4 goku. ssj3 vegito would be an absolute monster that would own omega shenron. if he was formd by shadow dragon saga goku and vegeta, his ssj would overkill omega.

    • profile image

      Lazy 5 years ago

      vegito (base) is more powerful than gogeta and soon as he was formed he was SSJ which means vegito is more powerful than SSJ Gogeta. SSJ3 Vegito is more powerful than SSJ4 Gogeta using that logic.

    • profile image

      Asaigod 6 years ago

      Ssj3 Goku and Kid buu are way inferior to Super Buu/Ssj3 gotenks and Mystic Gohan.

      You said that SSj3 Goku is stronger than SSj3 Gotenks and the only thing you had to back up your claim is the filler fight when Ssj3 Goku evenly fought Bootenks (Super Buu and Ssj3 Gotenks). That fight however never happened in the manga which you probably never read.

      If you're saying Ssj3 Goku is stronger than Ssj3 Gotenks then that would have to mean Ssj Goku is stronger than Ssj gotenks and Base Goku is stronger than Base Gotenks. Seing that you take the filler fights too seriously don't forget the one when Goten and Trunks fought Goku in the Bathtub after the Buu battle. Goten and Trunks easily beated Goku after fusing so Goku has to turn Ssj. From this filler it's clear than base Gotenks is stronger than base Goku and Ssj3 Gotenks is stronger than Ssj3 Goku. Since Ssj3 Gotenks fought evenly with Super Buu and Ssj3 Goku (which is proven to be weaker than Ssj3 Gotenks) fought evenly with Kid Buu it's safe to say Super Buu is stronger than Kid Buu.

    • profile image

      blah 6 years ago

      EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. HERE. Just makes up random numbers and assumes they're fact.

      Everywhere in this article I see "at least 4 times" or "at least 80bil" or "at least *number*" or some such thing. None of you have any idea what the actual numbers are. Stop kidding yourselves. We'll never know what Vegito would do if he was thrown into the trash that is GT. All we can do is compare characters to one another, and deduce conclusions based off of all their battles. Stop trying to attach numbers. It doesn't work. Power levels are just a bad idea, that's why Toriyama stopped using them.

    • profile image

      leo 6 years ago

      hello no sotp this liering shitdb seir eis over airka is not making new sieres lieing torll airka siad he was hapyp with gt he was ahpyp with gt ended every thing so get ove rit sotp lieng your ass off db end with gt airk ais not make enw seire ok

    • profile image

      adl 6 years ago

      What about an End of Z SSJ3 Vegito? How wold he fare in GT?

      Contact me:

    • profile image

      SumDude 6 years ago

      as for the Vegito being weak argument. The reason why Baby and all those boring villains were so strong, is because the writers lacked creativity... Vegito most likely was the strongest character in all of Dragon Ball Z. and that's how it should remain until Akira Toriyama decides to write more storyline... if he does! Don't count GT as part of da series, different writers

    • profile image

      sumDude 6 years ago

      this is bullshit. It ended in the Buu Saga. Akira Toriyama had nothing to do with the making of GT, which is why it was so shit, and da power levels just ended up foolish.

      So uve been a dbz fan longer den all of us ¬_¬? Then how about u learn the facts, Akira Toriyama wanted to end it with Goku dying and the series ending after the frieza Saga, which is why the Manga is only the saiyan & Frieza saga (I have this official manga, hard print). The fans demanded more, the producers realised they could make more money and told Akira Toriyama to make another season, Android/Cell Saga. Toriyama tried to kill off Goku again, by sacrificing himself to Cell. After a while the producers wanted even more, so he made 1 final season, Buu Saga where the official story ended. He told the producers, if u want more then do it yourself, since he wanted to work on other projects... Read his bio. Everything after the Buu saga is bassically a Fan Fiction, created just to make money. Fuck ssj4! Fuck da boot ray!

      Akira Toriyama is currently considering another series with a partner, where he will just be in the background though. AND to backup the fact that GT was bullshit, They are continuing from the end of the Buu saga!

      Sorry, i don't usually rant, but i can't bare to see someone chat so much crap about something that my entire generation grew up on.

    • profile image

      lucy 6 years ago

      too long

    • profile image

      HBK 6 years ago

      Better yet ask Akira Toriyama.

    • profile image

      jonathan 6 years ago

      How about the scenario of vegito vs gogeta with their fusions happening while vegeta and goku had same power levels in both instances

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      As soon as I read "i've been a Dragonball fan way before all of you guys" I knew it wasn't even worth reading

    • profile image

      Wantadog 6 years ago

      Okay here are my points on the subject. If I am wrong I gladly would like to know why.(P.S. I do not consider GT to be true dragon ball)

      1. The old kai said that the potara earrings are a more effective form of fusion, but we also know that he was not only referring to the time limit as he mentioned that as more of a side-note. Right?

      2. If that is true then Vegito would be better than Gogeta. Even as a SSJ4, if Goku has the ability to transform into SSJ4 then that means Vegito will also have that ability. Right?

      3. We are all clear that Vegito was toying with super buu(gohan absorbed) and that he could have beaten him in his base form. Thus we can safely say that Vegito SSJ3 would decimate most of the GT villains(baby,vegeta baby, most of the dragons) with the exeption of omega shenron or maybe some others. Right?

      4. If Vegito really is stronger than Gogeta and Gogeta could easily beat omega shenron then that means that Vegito could also. Especially since Gogeta's fusion is only like 15 minutes and Vegito's is considerably larger. So even if due to some crazy event that made Vegito have to fight Gogeta and even if they were equal in strength, Vegito would still come out the victor.

      Does that help? Anyway that is my take on it. If you have any proof that I am wrong then I would like to see it.

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      old kai said potara was BETTER not STRONGER. it just had less setbacks

    • profile image

      Expt Z 6 years ago

      ok im gonna give a quick summary since all my hard explanation had been erased first the fusion technique whether potara or the dance doesn't determine the power out come the potara is consider stronger because its permanent and doesn't have a limit. next point the levels accessable by the fuse character depends on both persons fused since vegeta cant go ssj3 and the fusion forces both persons to be on the same level vegito would have to train to attain that level look at gotenks for example neither trunks or goten can go to ssj3 but they trained in fusion an got it. next point ssj3 vegito wud kick ssj4 goku's ass until ssj3 wears off an since we know that ssj3 needs a lot of power just to maintain the transformation the tables would turn fast. in the battle between gogeta an vegito, if gogeta doesn't get over confident and fool around like an ass vegito will lose but if he gets over confident if vegeta's subcontious is stronger than goku's then the time will run out an gogeta point in power a level gogeta beats vegito as super janemba could not hurt gogeta watch the chapter an u will see he obtain no damage unlike vegito who gout damaged by buu. next point moves gogeta is mostly controlled by goku which enables him to use a more high powered dragonfist,plus the big bang kamehameha is more destructive than vegitos attack an theres also a move that gogeta has that vegito doesn't and it is called soul punisher its basically a 1 hit ko or instant death attack an im tlkin about ssj1 not 2 or 4 vegito would be a worthy opponent but he would lose given these facts

    • profile image

      777BUGGY777 6 years ago

      ok i know that i haven't been a fan of dbz as long as you guys,but i wanted to participate. First of all the Grand kai stated THAT THE POTARA FUSIONS IS STRONGER THAN THE FUSION DANCE!!! now take that into account. Also if vegito was just thrown into Gt he would be stronger. Vegito cant just pop out of no where. The fusion would need to take place again. And as the people have stated, base goku is in theory as strong as ssj3 goku. So then Vegito would have gotten so much more stronger. Also he probably would also be able to become ssj3 so that would make him very strong. ssj3 vegito is probably going to be a lot stronger than ssj4 goku. So then that would make vegito stronger than many people. So then if vegito were to turn into ssj4, then he would be the strongest in the universe no doubt. Even if what the elder kai said might be false, he would still be stronger than omega shenron, and Gogeta. He would be stronger than gogeta because his fusion would eventually wear off. BUT this is all just theory. So if the vegito from dbz went into dbz gt, he would still be stronger than base kid goku. If base goku in gt is on par with a ssj3 or kid buu then vegito is stronger period. We also dont know Vegitos full strength. One more thing Gt isn't TECHNICALLY part of dbz because it was made up....

    • profile image

      Administrator 6 years ago


      Profanity is not allowed on this site. Refrain from using such words. -Administrator

    • profile image

      KNOWLEDGE 6 years ago

      Majuub is too strong for characters in DBZ. He would DESTROY Super Vegito with the slightest effort.

    • profile image

      cervantes 6 years ago

      super sayan vegito would be able kill almost everybody in in most dbz games vegito was the strongest until ssj4 gogeta was put in the games. Akira Toriyama (creator of DBZ)Said vegito was the strongest in the dbz universe. the supreme kai also said vegito would be able to kill kid buu very easily without effort. Vegito was just playing around with super buu We dont know his true power in his base form or ssj form. vegito could of probably turned into super sayan 2 or 3 but he didn't need to. I would say ssj vegito(dbz) could kill anybody from GT except for ssj4 Gogeta and Omega Shenron Or maybe being At least as strong as ssj4 goku.

    • profile image

      xfire 6 years ago

      this is bullshit

    • profile image

      sean suaverdez 6 years ago

      but... if super vegito turn into super saiyan 4 ... maybe baby will have no match for ssj4 vegito!

    • profile image

      sycoland 6 years ago

      man what are you saying..... if Vegito was in gt...... he would basically had been formed again to take out kid buu...... and would be a new being.... free too uh....train... duh.... you act like he wouldn't be able to figure out ssj2 ssj3 ssj4, y wouldn't he be able too.... more capable really...... hell i could see the ultimate ssj5 lmao... maybe not............... but cmon you know what im sayin.... vegito would progressively get stronger over time with new obstacles... and well if he becomes strong enough there are none.... well hey that's my point...... the power ohhh the power.... think about it.... at normal form hes stronger than ssj3....

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 6 years ago

      very impressive hub, as I can tell you put a lot of thought into this. Quick question though, how strong would you say a super saiyan broly 3 would be in GT? Or maybe even a super saiyan 4 broly for that matter? I've always been curious about that, so I'd be interested if you would write a hub on it. Anyway if you need to contact me, then you can e-mail me through my profile. :)

    • profile image

      Uhmm 6 years ago

      So if you don't get the facts SPOT ON you're not a Z fan? ( really didn' sorry. Toriyama even said Gohan was the strongest at the end of Z, but I can ignore that fact, as a lot of people will believe Goku is. And the fact of the matter is, it's really impossible to tell because none of them really had a FAIR shot at Buu (they were all absorbed before they could whoop his ace, though there obviously is a gradient of strength with Vegito at the top)

      On top of that, this whole thing assumes GT is a part of the series. I can live with it. People complain about the power increases from Z to GT, but what about from DB to Z? They went from impossibly strong to crazy impossibly strong within 20 episodes, then brought Super Saiyan in... There are plenty of good reasons to hate GT though, same as Z if you liked the original DB, but I feel like GT took it in a bad direction. (especially because it tried to acknowledge 17 as a super strong fighter AFTER the fact that they just took out Baby, who technically SHOULD have been stronger)

      And this finally brings me to my point. Power levels in GT were all fudged up to begin with.

      SS4 was the perfect way to go though. Instead of forcing extra training, they unleashed the apes again. Unfortunately there was a lot of CRAP around it.

    • profile image

      Vegitopwnsu 7 years ago

      simple fact. Vegito is the strongest being out there. period. plus people are saying that because vegeta and goku were weaker during buu saga is bullshit. we are making the argument that if Vegeta and goku were the same power level at the time. because they are the same people. if they had different power levels seperated it would defy all logic of the fight. and i say vegito is chuck norris' son.

    • profile image

      lol 7 years ago

      Good job trying to make a conclusion with 100% assumed material. There will never be a solid conclusion because there is no solid evidence. This is almost as dumb as "superman vs goku".

    • profile image

      Mac 7 years ago

      How poweful is krillin in in dragonball z gt ?????

    • profile image

      Seriously? 7 years ago

      Most of the points in your article have NO FACTUAL BASIS.

    • profile image

      wow 7 years ago

      Dumbest argument on the internet. Power levels stopped being tracked shortly after freiza saga, and it doesn't even matter. It's a moot point. AndI do believe I seen that the characters in DBGT were actually less powerful than Z. Especially goku because he did not have a grownup body. And super saiyan 4 is the wackest shit i've ever seen.

    • profile image

      sheldon 7 years ago

      what if the vegito that was in gt turned super saiyan 4 than well he be able to beat super saiyan 4 gogeta

    • profile image

      Ghy2 7 years ago

      Actually You Are All Wrong. Vegito:4,690,000,000,000 Ssj Vegito:32,830,000,000,000 Ssj2 Vegito:196,980,000,000,000 Ssj3 Vegito:984,900,000,000,000 Ssj4 GT Goku:869,400,000,000,000

    • profile image

      wait a sec 7 years ago

      The People saying vegito pwns (& im 1 of 'em,) what they were saying, or i am as of now, was that if he trained and stayed as vegito, he would have creamed everybody, training until he was SSJ4 vegito, i am puzzled as to why you haven't mentioned him, yet you hold a page of his what-if profile? its ok, though some on vegitos side state that he CAN in fact, beat guys in DBGT (which was a dissapointment to all DBZ fans, this is clearly not true as you have demonstrated, & i already knowing such.

    • profile image

      lost 7 years ago

      Why does evrey one evre make a big deal of how power fulll ssj goku is if in the end of dbz he's a damn piece of crap?

    • profile image

      Confused 7 years ago

      Alright, here it is, the official proof of SSJ being only 50x instead of 100x

      "Due to popular request we have added a section dedicated to powerlevels. The power levels on this page are 100% accurate. They came from either the Daizenshyus(Dragon Ball encycopedia) or the Manga. This means that everything on this page is fact, not opinions or guesses because they came from Toriyama himself."

      Goku vs. Freeza

      Freeza (form 4 33.3%): 4,000,000

      Freeza (form 4 50%): 6,000,000

      Freeza (form 4 70%): 8,400,000

      Freeza (form 4 100%): 12,000,000

      Goku's Base Level: 300,000

      Goku Kaioken x10: 3,000,000

      Goku Kaioken x20: 6,000,000

      Super Saiya-jin Goku: 15,000,000

    • profile image

      Confused 7 years ago

      Ok, here's what I found

      Accoridng to Akira Torriyama SSJ multiplies power times 50 and SSJ2 is twice as strong as SSJ and SSJ3 is 4 times stronger than SSJ2


      SSJ = 50 x normal Saiyan Level

      SSJ2 = 2 x SSJ = 100 x normal Saiyan Level

      SSJ3 = 4 x SSJ2 = 400 x normal Saiyan Level

    • profile image

      vegeta  7 years ago

      What happen if goku waz never turned into a kid????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • profile image

      vegeta 7 years ago

      U GUYS ARE dumb ssj put ure power level up to 50x

    • profile image

      Confused 7 years ago

      Ok, not to get on anyone's bad side, but I had read that the power increases are

      SSJ- x50

      SSJ2- x100

      SSJ3- x400

      But you guys keep saying that SSJ is x100, if this is true, could you please post the link where i can find this info to?

      ps- If SSJ really is x100 then what would be increases of SSJ2 and SSJ3?

    • profile image

      the real deal 7 years ago

      Look up the power levels online of all of these characters. According to the manga, Vegito's power level was at a whopping 26,000,000,000 against gohan buu and that was at base forme. Imagine at super sayan level what his power level would be. SSJ4 Gogeta's power level was less than double Vegito's at 48,000,000,000 which goes to show how poerful Vegito is. If vegito came into GT he would have been able to wreck everyone easily because his power level would go up along with goku;s and vegeta's. end of story.

    • profile image

      ghye2 7 years ago

      I think that Regular super vegito would do horrible in GT And ssj2 Vegito would do much better but still lose great ape baby ssj3 Vegito however would crush great ape baby along with ssj4 vegeta and goku but would still be much weaker than omega shenron but a bit stronger than syn shenron.

    • profile image

      jdragon7 7 years ago

      Tell me this. what would have happened if Vegito became super saiyan 4 in GT

    • profile image

      gogeta ssj5 7 years ago

      i sort of agree with DBZ, but we are talkin bout SSJ4s! vegito was in DBZZZ, not GT, and goku and vegeta were SSJ4s in GT, not DBZ. so, vegito would not be able to challenge them if you took the DBZ version of him. having DBZ super vegito vs. GT SSJ4 goku and vegeta would be like pitting dende against perfect cell.

    • profile image

      DBZ 7 years ago

      What fucking Idiots nowadays smfh ..

      Now I have to spoon feed the person that wrote

      that pointless crap .

      Goku & Vegeta make Super Vegito !!

      So if Goku & Vegeta are stronger in GT

      then Vegito is Automatically Powerful in every way .

      how could ANY IDIOT say ''super vegito'' would be weaker than ss4 ''Goku'' and ss4 Vegeta'' when they are HIM(super vegito) !!. HE IS GOKU AND VEGETA , THEY ARE HIM, THEY ARE ONE IDIOT !!. You expect Vegito to show up in GT and expect him to what ?? spar with Goku and Vegeta ?? you idiot there is no comparing vegito's powers to neither one of them indivually because Vegeta and Goku make VEGITO . get it?!?

      and if you're trying to play that game then to tell you the real truth, Super Vegito was wasn't using his full power against Super Buuhan . Vegito could have Disintegrated Buu at just his regular Saiyan stage . what did you expect when they both fused !? Vegito would have naturally been the strongest worrier in that world or the next . If GT emerged(that's years and years of Vegito Training and would have been Godly strong for GT just like you said Goku & Vegeta were individually stronger and powerful in GT because of the years and years of Training after regular DBZ ) . Don't be an absurd fool and start talking about ss4 Goku and ss4 Vegeta would be stronger than Vegito when both the two would have to fuse to create Vegito, retard!, and the end result would be an Unexplainable Power from Vegito himself . On the same note, By the time Vegito reaches GT he he'd already be so powerful that he can go SS5 and 6 because of the Training and Both bodies fused together like that .

    • profile image

      incorrect 7 years ago

      its not times 50 gokus power level level was 150 thousand times that by 100 you get 15 million if it was 50 then his power woud only have been 7.5 million and frieza would have destroyed him

      its 50 times 300 thousand yes but that's not gokus power level he got up to 3million using kaioken times 20 divide 3 million by 20 then times it by 100 and you see

    • profile image

      BlitZBlaZe 7 years ago

      No RABBY, you're wrong. The reason his power level was x50 and not x100 during the fight against frieza was because, that was his first time as a SSJ. SSJ is like a talent-The more you practice, the greater it becomes. The only difference is that SSJ has a limit, and it's final limitation is x100. So before you call people "fucking retarded" make sure your own stupidity is handled with the special education you desperately need. Got it fucking retard.

    • profile image

      dude no 7 years ago

      its not by 50 its 100 gokus power was 3 mil,using kaiokenx20 150 x 20 work it out mate

    • profile image

      RABBY 7 years ago

      WOW... u guys are all fucking retarded no joke ssj increases ones power by x50 not 10 not 100 gokus power level when fighting frieza was 3mil and became 150 mil frieza was 120 mil at max ssj2 kid goku is fucking weak as hell bcuz his power was reduced greatly, the ssj2 goku from z would beat him and super vegito is much stronger than kid ssj3 goku...

    • profile image

      zach 7 years ago

      The only problem with this is that GT is non canon bullshit. you might as well be arguing how well spongebob would fight against scooby doo. GT is no better than fan made crap and it also contradicts important shit like how goku said a billion times how much more powerful gohan was than him yet he is way better than him in GT. GT IS STUPID!!!

    • profile image

      candy 7 years ago

      I Know that the DBZ Vegito is HELL of weaker than almost all of those GT people. But think, if Goku and Vegeta fused in SSJ4 with the Potara than they would definitely be the strongest being in the universe. (to bad they destroyed them in DBZ)

    • profile image

      retards  7 years ago

      and people seem to forget that Vegito is the ultimate fusion may not be the most powerfulbut he would be if he was made in gt

      and yeah with goku going ssj4 it doesn't even seem to put a strain on his body at all and he doesn't even have an aura most of the time that's like a key feature of the super saiyan form and his power level is supposed to be incredibly high so when he shoots a 10x kamehameha to the ground should it not have obliterated the earth

    • profile image

      retards  7 years ago

      yeah that was just a calculation error lol should have been x100 but i think that's a bit much tbh do you remember when goku goes ssj3 and he shows buu all the forms and then 3 hes just floating and his hair flicks up to ssj he doesn't een move or shout or anything if your power just got times by 100 it would do more than that to you that's an amazing increase in power that would be like a human say you can life 80kg and then suddenly 8000 that would be mental lol

    • profile image

      Kdawg3000 7 years ago

      well, one thing i did notice was wrong. Goku couldn't have fused with gohan if he wanted to, because of his kid body. If he was ssj4, his bare minimum would be far above Gohans max

    • profile image

      kdawg3000 7 years ago

      Ok, I agree with you so far, but what if vegito (Hypothetical GT Vegito, BTW)turned super saiyan four. He could probobly do it if he was formed in GT, as goku's tail would be apart of him.

    • profile image

      BlitZBlaZe 7 years ago

      I understand what your saying about their power levels being equal, but remember if you fuse, then every bit of your energy is fused too, even the suppressed energy and remember goku was able to go ss3 and vegeta was not while both trunks and goten both could only reach ss1.

      Yah, I always thought of that too. Isn't x100 energy a lot! Especially if you repeat it.

      Sorry I'm not trying to offend you, but your wrong about x10 power increase during super saiyan, that is unless the games aren't canon either. Here's my proof: In Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 if you look under "dragon library" then under "character illustrations" and finally to goku ss1 the 1st paragraph says and I Quote “The first time Dad ever became a super saiyan, it was when frieza killed krillen” the 2nd paragraph says and I Quote once more “As a super saiyan he looks different and his power level raised to almost fifty times over”. Remember this was the first time he had ever become ss1, thus his state was weakened from lack of training in this new form.

      What I think is ridiculous is that in DBZ goku goes ss3 and cannot use it very long, because he'd destroy the planet, but in gt he can go ss4 and nothing happens to the planet. Wtf! And ss4 gogeta happens and still, nothing happens to the F'n planet! Many many people failed to notice this.

    • profile image

      retards again 7 years ago

      not calling you a retard just thought id keep the same name lol for that last bit the vegito fusion would have been equal because they where at base form remember so their power levels hadn't been raised

      and is that the official increase? there are so many theories on it lol i know general rildo says gookus power level increased 100 fold when he goes ssj but GT isn't canon i suppose but even so if goku was stronger than vegito do you not think his power x100 would be a bit much ssj4 would be in the trillions which is ridiculous in my opinion

      but that's my opinion

      and if ssj4 is in the trillions gogetas powerlevel would be far to much lol

    • profile image

      BlitZBlaZe 7 years ago

      Uhm Retards2 no offense, but you did your math wrong it's x100 not x10.

      I agree though, if gotenks could go ss3 then vegito definitely can considering the idea that he's stronger than gotenks or gogeta.

      Those are just theories though, also considering the fact that kibitokai or kami (lol I can't remember) says that the more equal the power levels are when fusing the greater the fused power level is, but if they are greatly unequal then the the fused power level will become weaker than if they hadn't fused.

      My point is: what if trunks' and goten's power levels were more equal than goku's and vegeta's and the fusion was more powerful?

      Again these are just theories so please don't say something along the lines of “Your stupid”

    • profile image

      Retards2 7 years ago

      And another point i would like to make in the frieza saga gokus power level goes from 150,000 to around 15 mil so that's roughly an increase of x10 yes? when Vegito is made he could clearly beat super buu in his base form buus powerlevel at that point being at least 7 billion so lets say Vegitos in base form is 8 billion x10 = 80 billion and he never does but he could probably go ssj2 and 3 if you disagree with that then il make a point about gotenks he gets to ssj3 with goten and trunks only being able to do ssj1 Vegito contains a Goku that can go ssj3 so he already knows how to do it and both Vegeta and Goku can go ssj2 at that point so there is no reason why Vegito couldn't he doesn't fair enough

      but he doesn't need to

    • profile image

      llololololololol 8 years ago

      how do you know he was using 1 millionth of his power

    • profile image

      gOkUsWiFeLoL 8 years ago

      omg ur so wrong that was retarded. u dont even kno that ssj vegito was using .0000001% of his power fighting super buuhan. your dumb if ssj vegito was using his full powers the earth couldn't take it and would probably explode. duh ssj4 goku is stronger than ssj2 vegito but what about ssj4 vegito. who would win ssj4 vegito or gogeta.

    • profile image

      goku prime 8 years ago

      aaa correct but your missing something vegito was battle worn figthing buu because his 2 halfs wereand if mujuub > ssj3 gt goku but battle worn majuub wouldent even be able to fues with base gohan thierfore

      gohan < buutenks < buuhan < vegito < ssj vegito < ssj2 gt goku

    • profile image

      rAsHeEd 8 years ago

      yeah it makes sense. ive always known super Vegetto was weaker than Baby.

    • profile image

      Joshua 8 years ago

      Wow! Everything this article said makes sense. All these years I've been believing Super Vegito is stronger than Goku ssj4 but now I know. Thanks man you're the fucking best.


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