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How To INSTANTLY Hypnotize Someone (serious)

Updated on September 1, 2011

Ok, first of all, hypnosis IS REAL. Don't even try to argue. I've been studying it for a while and I am going to begin practicing instant and rapid inductions on my friends. The problem is, I don't know if I am yet confident enough to do this, and confidence is very important in hypnosis. So I was wondering if some of you guys could also try it out ?

Now, there is a little known secret, that a person is able to be hypnotized very quickly. You do not need to lay down on a chair and listen to some guy for 20 minutes to become hypnotized. There are different ways to induce this type of rapid or "instant" hypnosis, but I will tell you about the two most general ones. The first one is known as the handshake induction.

So how does it happen ?

We are predictable creatures. Lift your right hand toward someone, say Hi, smile, and he will automatically lift his right hand to shake yours. Odd. He didn't even think about it, it happened automatically. It's the auto-pilot. One of many automatic behaviors we're known of doing without conscious decision.

If you interrupt an automatic behavior like this, you create an empty space, a query in the other person's mind, a brief window to the subconscious mind. It takes less than a second for that window to close, so you'd better act fast. During this time, you must fire one word into their subconcious mind that they wont misunderstand. So you can say the word "sleep" . This usually makes them drop like a rock into the somnambulistic state (trance, waking sleep), without having to go through the old fashion style of hypnosis.

This type of induction requires confidence and skills, so you really need balls to pull this off ! There are different variations of the handshake induction, so I wont get into the details, since it does require skill.


But here is an easier one:

1. Have the person sit in front of you, facing you. You should be sitting too.

2. Have the person put their hand on top yours, palm to plam.

3. Tell them to look into your eyes, and to continue looking at them unless you ask them to do something else.

4.then tell them "In a moment I am going to count to 3. I want you to press down on my hand and I'll be pressing up against your energy and simply follow my instructions instantly."

5. then say "1......2......3....push push push". If they are pushing gently, tell them to push harder.

6. Now with your other hand, put it on top of their eyes, like you are shading them, and slowly caressing down.

7. then say "now as you continue to press down on my hand I want you to develop a feeling in your eyes like your up much too late at night watching an old black and white movie, you should go to bed but you're just so tired. You feel your eyes so droopy ....and closing.... and drowsy....and......SLEEP !"


The moment you begin to say "sleep" you have to QUICKLY, slip your hand away from theirs. This is the window of oppourtunity that you must use, it only works for a split second.

What happends is that you are tying up the concious mind into doing so many different things at the same time that you are bypassing the critical factor through so many ways.


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