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How To Train Your Dragon: Types and Rarities Of Dragons

Updated on December 30, 2010

Types of Dragons in the movie "How To Train Your Dragon"

A summary of the types of dragons seen in the movie "How To Train Your Dragon".

Covers the Night Fury, Monstrous Nightmare, Gronckle, Deadly Nadder, Hideous Zippleback, Terrible Terror, and the Green Death.

The Night Fury (AKA Toothless' Species)

Night Furies are Toothless's species, it is the rarest and most intelligent of the Dragon species, the Night Fury is distinguished by its dark color and piercing green eyes (giving it a somewhat Cat-like appearance), as well as its medium size, heavy chest and medium-length neck. Possessing the largest wing-to-body ratio of all Dragons, it can fly higher, faster and longer than any other Dragon, and its incredible power-to-weight ratio renders it capable of vertical takeoff. The only warning is the ballistic noise the diving Night Fury makes. Its kamikaze attack, along with its cautious behavior and analytical mind, makes the Night Fury a devastating opponent with an extraordinary success rate. To date, no Night Fury has ever been brought down. The Night Fury is never seen, and never misses.

The Night Fury is a species of dragon. In the movie adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon, Hiccup's dragon Toothless is a Night Fury dragon. Night Furies are large, sleek, black, have retractable teeth (most likely to prevent their fireballs from catching on the teeth and exploding), and breathe blasts of blue fire which explode on impact in a blue blast. The Night Fury is the rarest species and the most intelligent. Unlike most dragon species, Night Furies have a short neck and lack a nose horn. They also possess a second small set of wings behind their main wings. Before Hiccup knocked Toothless out of the air at the start of the film, none of the Vikings of the Hairy Hooligans had ever seen or fought a Night Fury. This is likely due to the Night Fury's dark color and purple fire (which offers less illumination), which makes it virtually impossible to see at night, which is when it attacks. Additionally, since Night Furies never steal food, they never actually land. The Night Furies' most powerful form of attack is to dive bomb its target. It does this by folding its wings over its legs and stomach,diving towards its target. At the last second, it shoots a fireball and opens its wings, disappearing into the night sky as the fire ball destroys the target, which it apparently never misses.

The Night Fury "Toothless" dragon plush is the hardest and most expensive of the dragon plush also.

They are rarely found in stores, but can be found on Ebay for $30-$60.

The Monstrous Nightmare

This very large four-limbed Dragon has a long, Snake-like neck and tail, and is covered with red scales and long sharp spines. The Monstrous Nightmare's gigantic head and mouth are able to swallow Vikings whole. This Dragon can attack any time of the day or night, from the air or on the ground. It is highly aggressive, and will never run from a fight. Its fire is thick and sticky, clinging to walls and running down hills like a flaming river. The Monstrous Nightmare also has a nasty habit of setting itself on fire (which strangely does not hurt nor kill it).

The Monstrous Nightmare is the most aggressive, powerful, and stubborn of the dragons, being topped only by the Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus and The Nigth Fury. It has a long snakelike neck and tail. If you clamp its mouth shut tight, it can't open its enormous jaws, much like a crocodile. They also have a habit of lighting themselves on fire. The locomotion of the Monstrous Nightmare is similar to that of pterosaurs. By unofficial Viking law, only the chief, or the son of the chief, can own one. They are the first to arrive and the last to leave in a fight. One of their attack strategies is to ignite themselves in their fire (called the 'Fire Jacket'), which resembles napalm or other gell based incendiarys. The most common colours for a Monstrous Nightmare are purple and scarlet. They were used as the last initiation test for young Vikings before the Vikings befriended the dragons. They respond to anger with aggression. Snotlout owns one called Fireworm, and in the book, Thuggery from the Meathead Tribe owns one called "Killer".

The Gronckle

Gronckles have gigantic heads, plump torsos, and round tails. Gronckles are lazy, and spend most of their time sleeping in communal heaps. They have even been known to fall asleep while flying, waking only when they crash into the ocean or the side of a mountain. Gronckles have relatively small wings that beat as fast as a Hummingbird's. They are slow in the air, but make up for this with their maneuverability. A Gronckle can fly backwards, sideways and even hover. Gronckles attack from the air, where their primary weapon is most effective. Gronckles chew rocks, melting them in their bellies and firing them as balls of molten lava.

The Gronckle is the toughest dragon in the dragon world, but it more than makes up for its looks on the battlefield. Gronckles can launch a devastating fire attack, but its limited to how many times it can produce fire at a time. Gronckles can be slow, lazy, stupid and cranky. Because of their tremendous weight and small wings, it seems impossible for them to fly. The wings of a Gronckle beat extremely fast, a way similar to that of hummingbirds or bees. A Gronckle can fly backwards, sideways and even hover. They are also prone to dragon acne.

When Hiccup, Toothless, and Astrid find the dragons nest, all the dragons are giving large amounts of food, but one Gronckle only gives one fish, and is immediately eaten by the Red Death.

The Deadly Nadder

Perhaps the most beautiful northern Dragon, the Deadly Nadder is easily recognized by the bright blue body and brilliant yellow spikes that cover it from head to tail. This colorful Dragon is active any time of the day or night. Deadly Nadders are quick and agile in the air and can fly for long distances, but will almost always land before attacking. Deadly Nadders travel and raid in groups, making them especially dangerous. The Deadly Nadder isn't the largest or fastest Dragon, but it possesses the hottest fire in the Dragon world. The blast of a Deadly Nadder can melt steel, or turn a man to ash in seconds. But the dangers of the Deadly Nadder don't stop there. The tail of the Nadder can be whipped around, releasing a volley of giant spikes that can penetrate trees, walls, and Vikings.

The Deadly Nadder (or Nadder Head) is one of the most beautiful species of dragon. Nadders are fast and dangerous, but they have a blind spot in the front of the nose ( most likely because of its large nasal horn ) where it cannot see its target. At that point, the dragon relies on its keen sense of smell in order to find its prey. In appearance, the Deadly Nadder is very birdlike, bipedal, and has arms in it's wings (These features are very similar to wyverns). The body is a vivid blue in color, with a light beige underbelly, and its wings are a motted with yellow, orange and blue. Coating the tail are a series of spikes that can inject venom into a target. When relaxed, its venomous tail spikes lay flat, and when its alarmed are shot upward to intimadate their foe.They can also be used to make a rattling noise which it makes right before it attacks, similar to rattlesnakes. The flames it shoots, which are magnesium fueled, can easily melt metal.

Like Night Furies, Nadder are picky eaters. Their diet consists mostly of chickens, but unlike other dragon species don't prey upon livestock as it causes them to become ill. The Deadly Nadder has features similar to that of birds, being periodic preening of its plumage, being bipedal, having fore limbs that are only used as wings, a snout somewhat similar to a beak and unusually small yet keen eyes, along with acute sense of smell common among dogs and many other species of dragons.

Nadders are the most vain type of dragon, constantly grooming themselves and trying to stay clean. They are also, unfortunately, the most temperamental of the dragons, and when provoked, can launch the spikes from their tail as projectile weapons.

The Terrible Terror

Smallest of the Norse Dragons is the Terrible Terror. This tiny menace is unmistakable, with a small Iguana-like body and tiny wings. Terrible Terrors can be found roosting in the rafters of Viking barns and under the floorboards of Viking houses. Though a single Terrible Terror is too small to carry away a Sheep or inflict much damage to a Viking, they are usually found in flocks. The largest group on record was a mob of Terrible Terrors over 200 strong. In those numbers, even the strongest Viking can be overwhelmed, and the biggest Sheep can be killed.

The Terrible Terror is among the smallest of the small dragons, but also one of the most feared. They are roughly the size of a small cat, and can crawl into Viking homes, sheds, outhouses, and shacks and attack when their prey is least expecting. The only warning a Terrible Terror gives is the hissing sound they make just before breathing fire. They are capable of such pinpoint accuracy with their flame that they are akin to snipers. The Terrible Terror loosely resembles the Common or Garden Dragon since they are both small and usually green. Hiccup learns from Toothless that dragons get distracted easily by beams of light on the ground. He uses that to his advantage to lure a terrible terror into it's pen.

The Hideous Zippleback

The Hideous Zippleback is one of the largest occidental Dragons one may ever encounter. It is unmistakable, with its two heads. The heads are distinct, with separate thoughts and different personalities. Like most Dragons, Hideous Zipplebacks can fly, but their wings are small and they spend most of their time on the ground. Hideous Zipplebacks are solitary, preferring to hunt alone. They come out after sundown, prowling dark forests for victims. The attack of a Hideous Zippleback is like no other. Instead of breathing fire, a Hideous Zippleback makes explosions. One head breathes gas, and the other head ignites it.

The Hideous Zippleback is a large, two-headed dragon. It is sly and surprising, but certain noises can confuse it and cause it to entangle its heads. The dragon has two personalities, and possibly two minds and lives -- one in each head -- and often it argues with itself over what to do. It is most likely two entities in one body. The dragon reminds some vikings of bickering siblings.

This dragon has a unique and deadly attack: one head breathes flammable gas(hydrogen), the other lights it with a spark. When both heads are working together, their attack is like no other. Explosions are cast onto their opponents, rather than normal fire. The only way to stop the gas from being ignited is to splash the igniter-head with water. Hiccup learned from Toothless that dragons have a fear of eels, he used this against the Zippleback to scare it back into its den. At the end of the movie, a Hideous Zippleback is owned by Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston. Each head seems to agree with one twin.

The Green Death

The biggest dragon of them all, also it rules over all the other Dragons It has the role similar to of a queen bee. It orders the dragons to find and take food and bring it back to her, or they will be eaten themselves. It's appearance is big, scaly and green. It has multiple eyes, and red spikes on it's head, and a large rocky tail. The green death serves at the antagonist of the film and it is is fought by Hiccup and Toothless at the end of the film.

In the Books

In the first book, the Green Death arrives on long beach with a smaller Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus (which it eats later on). Hiccup is sent to meet with it and asks if it comes in peace or war (as he is the only one who can speak Dragonese). The dragon says he comes in peace but that he's still going to eat them all. The Green Death and Hiccup discuss Singing Suppers, but during the conversation the Green Death moves in to eat Hiccup. Just as this happens the Green Death falls asleep, allowing Hiccup to escape. With the help of the other Hooligan and Meathead boys and their dragons, Hiccup creates a plan to kill the Green Death with the help of a third Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus, the Purple Death, which they trick into helping them. In the following battle the Purple Death is killed but the Green Death is fatally wounded. In anger, the Green Death swallows Hiccup whole. Fortunately, Hiccup avoids being digested by grabbing and holding on to a Roman spear stuck in the dragon's throat. While inside the Green Death, Hiccup discovers the fire holes (a dragon's source of fire) and blocks them with his helmet. Due to this, the Green Death blows up when it tries to burn Stoick, Hiccup and Toothless. Its death makes Hiccup a hero in the eyes of his tribe.

[edit] In the Film

Sometime in production, the dragon's name was changed to the Red Death, although it is never referred to in the movie by name (although, in the game, Stoick refers to the reason of the "Thor'sday Thursday" celebration as "the defeat of the Red Death"). It is the leader of the dragon nest, where it forces other dragons to bring it food to avoid being eaten themselves. When the Vikings try to destroy the nest, the dragon unleashes its fury upon the Vikings. When the Vikings try to retreat, the Red Death burns the Vikings' boats. When all seems hopeless, Hiccup and his friends arrive. During the fight, Hiccup comes up with a plan that will destroy the dragon. Hiccup makes Toothless annoy the dragon by spitting fireballs at it, causing it to unfold its wings and pursue Hiccup into the heavily-clouded sky. When the dragon starts to gain on them, Hiccup uses the cover of the clouds in order to hide from the dragon, and when the dragon tries to breathe fire on Hiccup, Toothless blasts fire into its mouth, causinfg the highly flammable gas to violently explodes. The Red Death then plummets back to earth and explodes upon impact.


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