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Hubber's Celebrity Look-A -Likes

Updated on March 3, 2021
  • Ever thought you resembled someone famous. When you look at that handsome, rugged clean-shaved face in the mirror do you see a Clint Eastwood staring back at you? They say everyone looks like someone and here on Hub-pages, it is indeed true. There are many Hubbers here that I am sure you are all familiar with, that bear an uncanny resemblance to celebrities, objects and even animals. Are you a celebrity look a like?

  • Take a walk down 'Look-A-Like Lane' and see if you too agree with these uncanny likenesses.


Tom Rubenoff, my first celebrity look a like is one of Hub-pages most adored writers, his dry humour, his cheek of tongue, has captivated the hearts of many a reader. Not to mention his famous circus trick of elevating one eye-brow three feet of the ground.

I have to say when undertaking the gruelling task of finding an identical candidate, for our beloved Tom, Ned Flanders continually popped up into the equation. For those who are not aware Ned Flanders is the devout and sometimes overbearing Christian neighbour of Homer Simpson, in the television series, 'The Simpsons'. The only thing missing to make the transition complete is the moustache, easily added at a later stage. Love you Tom.


Jim is a darling little Hubber, a father of three, with a heart as young as his kids. He loves his toys almost as much as Cindyvine loves her electronical devices.

Without question Jim10 could possibly be Elton John's long lost son. I mean to say just look hard at the two pictures in question and you will see there is that little distinct pointy chin thing going on. The resemblance cannot be denied, it is evident for all to see. Perhaps Jim is hiding something from us all, mmm, time will only tell.


For those who don't know this Hubber, she is a 57 year old grandmother of six. When she is not strutting herself upon the catwalk she is here amongst us at good ole' Hubpages.

Agingtoperfection my apologies here as I know you in fact are a much younger model, but I had to choose this one, as my readers are sure to agreethat she is a perfect celebrity look a like.


Enter the toad, without doubt the guy who posseses more avatars than one has ever seen. Golden toad is a slick, sexy writer from the streets of L.A, who loves to smoke a little weed here and there.

Had to match him with Tom Cruise, with that avatar of him wearing those shades women have been picking themselves up from all over the floor. His talent for writing is outstanding, his contagious personality, his dry wit and his charm come alive to all to see in his polished Hubs. He is high up in my most adored Hubbers without doubt.


Sixtyorso is an extraordinary, fine, Hubber who stems from South Africa. He aspires to be a great novelist, in the meanwhile entertaining us all at Hubpages with his sensational hubs.

I must confess I seem to gravitate towards Sixty, like so many other Hubbers, he is a true gem, with his witty humour,compassion and aura of attraction.


This Hubber openly admits to a 'compulsive affective writing disorder'. Oh CJ I can tell you, you certainly are not alone on this. I try so hard to stay away at times to get things done, alas it fails everytime. What an awesome addiction it is and how hot you are dare I say. He is a perfect celebrity look a like. Richard Gere eat your heart out, for here in my hub, these are the celebrities.


This increasingly popular Hubber is a 30 year old Londoner, who loves to write about health, ethical and political issues, lifestyle and history. Many a Hubber has commented on how smart she is, how deep her writing is, she pretty much took off big in this community of ours right from the start which backs my theory that some of the smartest women are blondes. Three cheers for us fair headed einsteins, woo hoo.


Moonmaiden's hubs are tremendous stories embedded with her own opinions based on her great life experiences. She never dreamed when she joined Hubpages that thousands of people would be reading her words. Moonmaiden we look forward to reading many more from your most humble collection. Woah, her look-alike Kathy Bates was positively stunning in 'Misery'...just had to add that. Oh you have to take a look at that movie .


LdsNana-AskMormon is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. An expert on Hubs of beliefs, practices and beliefs.

Is not her resemblance to Olivia Newton John in this startling picture uncanny? She could almost don some black pants, a pair of stilettos and fly into a snazzy rendition of "You Are The One That I Want", oo woo doo.


Eric G is the man that helps people give birth to healthy online businesses and shows them how to get around the many tricks and traps on the Internet. All hail the divine "The Internet Man. "

Eric is indeed one of my favourites in Hubpages. He can be so astute, wise, informative and challenging yet provocative, cheeky, saucy and out there. He certainly keeps me on my toes, I never quite know where he is going to pop up from one day to the next. His adaption and creation of the obscene, obese and man-lover Blondpoet, (note the spelling of her name lacks an 'E') was a creation designed to test my reactions, it certainly got me going. I know also Eric you have far more hair than Sean if you were thinking that thought.


Teresa McGurk was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Educated in Belfast and Glasgow. Taught in Madrid; Hamamatsu, Japan; Columbia, SC and Beaufort, SC and later was to retire by a river. Aye the Irish blood runs deep.

Teresa is loved by many here, this lady has intelligence, talent, gutso, wit all rolled into one neat package. When looking for a look-a-like for Teresa, I could not quite go past this gorgeous picture of Mrs Bubbles. Mrs Bubbles just has that deep penetrating look captured on Teresa's picture. She may kill me later, but I doubt it, her humour will prevent such things.

© 2009 Deb Murray


This hubber is a Las Vegas based Anarchist, a homeless advocate, and a general activist. He is currently working as a freelance writer and photographer. Check out his profile page for some great links to his works.

I was thrilled when he sent me a picture of his look-a-like, scroll to his comment on this page and you can see firsthand the link that he sent. As he already sent me that amazing picture I decided to fiddle around with some pictures myself and I came up with this. I reckon I did a darn good job. You rock Eyes.!!!!


This beautiful hubberis currently applying to graduate schools to get her Masters in Education. From Philadelphia, she currently reside in Los Angeles. She enjoys reading and writing, and has taught herself to become one hell of a knitter.

As soon as I saw her I knew she was a stunning Paula there is no mistaking her likeness. I am sure this hubber will go far in life, talent, beauty, brains, how can one go wrong? You rock Paula (Ashley)


Pachucha213 is a a lady who has seen and experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. With a Mexican American heritage, this Hubber and dear friend of mine has got gutso, talent, beauty and humour all rolled into one.

She excels at writing the most heart felt poetry, and also tells me she can grind those hips in some pretty fancy Latino style dancing. Now this I am hanging out to see, I can almost hear the music calling her name as I write these humble words before me. Love you Pachuca213. You go girl!.


AEvans has been nursing most of her life, and being compassionate about people is what placed her in the field of work she currently loves to do. The appreciation she has for her fans, cannot be expressed as she looks forward to reaching out to others as they have reached out to her.

Twas only last night when my mind sometimes switched to ' observant mode', that I made this connection between her and Get Smart's lovely actress Anne Hathaway. AE is easily recognised by her lolololol's and also has a strong fetish for sausages. Here's to you AE!.


Well as you are well aware I am the grand creator of this Hub. I was forced into including myself as the shrewd Eric G threatened to add my lookalike here. We all know how dangerous that may be, as Eric's evil mind would have matched me to a troll doll or something along those lines. Therefore I have beaten him to the mark, so sorry Eric but a gal has to do what a gal has to do.


Lovely SweetiePie is a sun-loving Southern Californian girl who loves her native state. She is extremely artistic and she enjoys jewellery making, reading, wood-burning, drawing and painting, amongst many other hobbies she loves to do. She takes great delight in showing her readers how easy it is to design your own beaded necklace by using your imagination and some basic tools.

Do check out her profile page, as there you will find the links to many of her fabulous articles such as jewellery making, great advice on numerous topics, and of course many great all round interest hubs that Sweetie has written. Looking for a hand-made card to give a special some-one for a special occasion?. Do not go further than SweetiePie who delights in making creative cards, and she can easily show you how it is done in a few simple steps.


Who looks most like the celebrity here ?

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I can kick ass, act,look intelligent. Come on Mr Bill Ding sign me up please.
I can kick ass, act,look intelligent. Come on Mr Bill Ding sign me up please.

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