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Hunter X Hunter Episode 131 Review- Gon's Rage and Despair

Updated on November 25, 2014

This is a very emotional episode for me.

Seeing Gon lost it all.

Seeing Gon turn from this....

To this...

The fight isn't actually a fight. It's more like a slaughter. Pitou didn't stand a chance. He can't even hit him! Pitou said something along the lines that Gon might be actually on Par with Mereum now, but I think it's some error in translation since IRRC, Pitou stated that "Gon's fangs can reach the King". For me I think that means Gon can somehow put a decent fight against the King. Also Pitou doesn't know that the king has this major power up making him even more OP. Either way, Gon finally defeated Pitou and avenged Kite.

I admit I winced at this.
I admit I winced at this.

We get to learn how Gon managed to get this power up thanks to Pitou and Killua's insights.
Pitou said Gon sacrificed his life energy to in order to gain a very brief power up. Albeit sacrificing his future and completely sealing him off from using Nen ever again. Killua thought so too but he's still unsure what will happened to Gon. Will it have physical repercussions? Will he instantly die? Killua doesn't know and that what makes him worry.


Another thing I loved about the episode is the Black and white scenes. When Pitou's corpse attacked Gon and Killua saved him (but not his right arm). I love what Gon said. How he's happy. He finally understand what Kite went through. Because of that, Gon doesn't care anymore.

It's really sad to see Killua's reaction as he see his friend fallen into rage and utter despair. It's perfect. Of course let's not forget the amazing background music playing. It's basically a mellowed version of the Ending theme and it fits perfectly to the scenes. Everything was perfect.

It is truly heartbreaking to see our fun loving Gon giving up everything for revenge...
It is truly heartbreaking to see our fun loving Gon giving up everything for revenge...
It's even sadder to see Killua. Watching as he sees his friend's suffering...
It's even sadder to see Killua. Watching as he sees his friend's suffering...

In the end Gon stabbed Pitou with his severed arm and delivered one last Jajanken using stump. Killua begged Gon to stop but it's too late now.

One last Jajanken
One last Jajanken

A brutal yet emotional episode. Seeing Gon like that just breaks my heart. Our favourite Cat dude/lady is now dead. Though she/he still succeeded in the end at breaking Gon. Emotionally and physically. Truly one of the best HxH episode.

Next episode looks promising. One kingsguard is down, but they still have 2 more and of course the King himself (which is more overpowered now).

How the hell are they gonna defeat the King? The end is near!

Other stuff:
I know a lot of people think Gon is overreacting over the death of Kite. The reason is he just met the guy and they hang out for a few weeks so what's up with that?

The 2011 anime didn't show it but Kite is actually the first ever Hunter Gon met. He saved Gon from that bear monster and told Gon all about his father. He even gave Gon Ging's Double Star Hunter Card. He is the reason Gon decided to be a Hunter and find Ging. Kite is like a father figure for Gon and is the reason that he developed his dreams.

So yeah. Gon's rage is totally understandable.

I think the other reason why people feel that Gon went overboard over Kite's death is because Pitou has grown to be some sort of Fan favorite. Characters with ambiguous genders are rather popular for some anime fans plus he/she's a cat girl/guy! So yeah it is a bit sad seeing Pitou getting all busted but he/she totally deserved that.


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