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Hush: a film of noise and silence

Updated on July 26, 2017

About the movie

Name of the movie: Hush

Spoiler Alert

It contains a few spoilers


Sometimes se ask ourselves why do we have to go through some hard sistuations or problems, un the specific case of the main character of the film, she lost her ability to listen and speak to become stronger. Nos she has to go through another test, and although it is a extreme event, the point of the movie is to use all the tools and skills that life have dice you yo overcome something.

The image is not part of the movie.
The image is not part of the movie. | Source


Maddie is a well-known writer. Due to a disease that she suffered when she was younger, she is deaf and she also lost the capacity to speak. However, this did not stop her from fulfilling her dream of writing. Now she is about to finish another book and she decides to stay alone in a cabin that is in the middle of nowhere; but this is just an excuse, what she wants is to escape, she wants to forget her ex-boyfriend, Craig, and to not cause problems for her family.

Close to the cabin where she is living, she has two neighbors, Sarah, and her husband, she is a great admirer of her novels. Sarah visits her often and that day was no exception, they talked, through the language of signs, until it got dark. When Sarah left, Maddie started working on her book. As she wrote it, a voice sounded in her head and chatted with her so she could he able to choose the big end of her future masterpiece.

Exhausted, Maddie leaves aside her laptop and decides to clean up the mess in the kitchen that she provoked that afternoon due that she didn´t remember that she had left food in the oven. As she cleans, Sarah begins to knock desperately in front of her door, she is about to be killed and no matter how much noise she made, Maddie, that is only a few feet away from her, can not, obviously, hear her. The murderer was intrigued by that, his next victim would be interesting to terrorize.

The killer, once he's done with Sarah's life, started his plan to end up with Maddie as well. First, he checked outside the cabin and inside of it, he entered there and began to take objects from her, like Maddie´s cell phone, and no matter how much noise he made or if he got closer to her, she didn´t notice his presence. His next step is to make her realized that someone was after her, this succeeds when she received photos in her laptop of her from too close angles. This terrifies her and she tried calling someone to help her, but the killer cuts off the electricity from her cabin.

Maddie panics and locks herself, she had a hammer with her as a weapon, but the murderer has a crossbow. He also shows her friend's body to her, this leaves her in shock. The murderer tries to enter and both come out wounded; she cannot escape, all she has left is to use her writer's imagination and come up with an idea to kill him; otherwise, he will not spare her life. After trying to escape again, she got hurt by the murderer, though, she manages to damage him too, but she has lost blood, she is weak and the worst thing is that the murderer is too quiet. Without two of his basic senses to survive and locked in the bathroom, she must find a way to fight. Her brain begins to plan different endings, none seems promising, but when the murderer sneaked by her window and placed behind her there is no longer time to think, it is time to act. Will she manage to survive?

Hush Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Kate Siegel, John Gallagher Jr. Movie HD (I do not own it)


The plot was really good, and I will explain you why: I couldn´t stop watching it till the end, and even after it finished I couldn´t say a word. During all the film my heart beat fast, I had the goosebumps, my fingers were struggling the pillow so strong they hurt me a bit after I saw the final credits.

The suspense during the movie is amazing; when I least expected the killer appeared or some situation came up, many scenes for me were unpredictable and these reasons are why I personally recommend it to you.

As for the cast, I think it was a great choice of actors, he could not terrify me anymore and she could not distress me anymore because his performance was quite convincing.

Personally I rank it with:

4 stars for Plot


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