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Hyori Lee: A Look at this Beautiful Korean Pop Music Singer and Supermodel in Photos!

Updated on November 4, 2017

A first look at the Awesome and Beautiful Hyori Lee

Sometimes known as Lee Hyori, this beautiful pop music singer and supermodel is also one of my all-time favorite celebrities!
Sometimes known as Lee Hyori, this beautiful pop music singer and supermodel is also one of my all-time favorite celebrities! | Source

Hyori Lee has done much more than just sing and dance

Hyori Lee is not only known for her sex appeal, singing, and dancing skills. She is also known for having a very kind heart. This next article has very little to do with a celebrity that has released a new album but it has to do with one side that probably does not get much coverage. Hyori Lee has been quite busy especially with humanitarian duties.

And she is also a very interesting celebrity. Some of you might wonder how she could be more interesting than your average celebrity especially in Hollywood. I’m here to tell you that especially her love life has been very interesting as well.

What kind of humanitarian work did Hyori Lee do?

She further solidified her reputation as a really caring person by offering to spend time with the older age and poorer people in South Korea. She visited one of the poor neighborhoods of the capital city of Seoul and spent her time knitting hats for the people, listening to their stories and struggles, and she even took the time to take pictures with them. This is not the first time that she has visited this neighborhood. In November 2011, she and her fan club paid a visit to this same place and gave rice and briquettes to the residents so that they could heat up their homes. In 2012, she set up something called the Hyori Fund so that they would be able to raise money for heating expenses so that these older people would not have to suffer in the winter. Her fans were very impressed with her kindness. It was also in 2012 that Lee appeared in an advertising campaign for the apparel and sunglasses brand called Oakley. This is old news but it is significant because this humanitarian work has been done by a person that is regarded as South Korea’s biggest sex symbol. This Hub is not just about her humanitarian duties and advertising work but it is also a look at this beautiful pop singer in photos!

What other non singing activities was Hyori involved in?

She offered to narrate a video for the candidates of a special award called “The Korean National Citizens Award for Sharing.” This award reviews people that help out others in need and recognizes them for the work that they do. And this hard work helps to create a healthy and happy society. The winners of the award were expected to be announced in October 2012.

Hyori took part in an advertising campaign for the sunglasses and apparel brand called Oakley. The colorful sunglasses that she wears go along very well with her casual and nice looking clothes. The pictures of her were set to appear in the August 2012 edition of Vogue Magazine.

A few photos of Hyori Lee in her 2012 advertising campaign for Oakley Sunglasses

In 2013, Hyori Lee had concerns about her comeback

Hyori Lee announced on the Kim Jae Dong Talk Concert No Break show that she was working on producing her album so that she could come back hopefully by May 2013. She was at the event wearing a dazzling and awesome purple dress and also showed her great looking legs. She said that she is (at that time) working on creating a dance song that is fun. Hyori wants her fans to forget about the idea of her not being able to dance because she has gotten older. She isn’t old yet by any means being only 36. In fact, at age 36 in the developed world this is still considered extremely young so Hyori shouldn’t worry about too much anyway. She still has that amazing body of hers!

B2M Entertainment, the agency that Hyori is under contract with stated that although she was hoping to come back fully by May 2013, nothing was confirmed yet. The agency elaborated further on Hyori’s possible comeback as a dance singer saying that her performance on “Show Me the Money” got good reviews and an extremely positive response. There is still the possibility that she could come back as a dance singer but the agency has now said that they are keeping their options open regarding Hyori’s future.

The song called Bad Girls (one of the best songs of her career)

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Hyori Lee takes a special vacation in 2012

It was reported that Hyori Lee and her then boyfriend Lee Sang Soon took a trip to the island of Palau. This was described as a “romantic getaway” by the press and news sources. They can call it whatever they want but it was a vacation. They spent five days and four nights on the island with people they knew from June 28 through July 2nd 2012. The island of Palau is located just south of the Philippines and it known as “the garden of the gods.” This is due to the beauty of its surroundings and natural environment. Hyori Lee and Lee Sang Soon stayed at the Pacific Resort and it was also reported that they were not recognized by many Korean vacationers due to the way they were dressed. The two met on a radio show and they have been dating since August 2011. Hyori is best known for her single release U-Go Girl. The photo shoots also never seem to end for this Korean beauty. She did a photo shoot in Guam. The photo shoot was focused on promoting a new pair of jeans that the singer was wearing. Fans were impressed with the beauty of her figure and skin which is one of her best physical features.

Hyori Lee is scheduled to make a complete comeback by July 2017

Speaking of comebacks, apparently that comeback was not complete in 2013. An unnamed source from the singer’s agency revealed to Herald POP, a news outlet that the goal is to have the singer make a complete comeback by July 2017. No date has been announced yet. She is working on a new album which has many tracks in it. It is going to be the singer’s first album since 2013’s Monochrome. They are really taking their time to improve the quality of the songs. Hyori Lee will be working with composer Kim Do Hyun who was responsible for the writing of her solo debut song 10 Minutes.

A few more photos of the gorgeous Hyori Lee

Hyori Lee with short hair!
Hyori Lee with short hair!
Hyori Lee in Elle Magazine (2013).
Hyori Lee in Elle Magazine (2013). | Source
Hyori Lee during a photo session for soju, the famous Korean alcoholic beverage (2009-2010).
Hyori Lee during a photo session for soju, the famous Korean alcoholic beverage (2009-2010). | Source

Why is the Romantic Life of Hyori Lee Interesting?

So what makes her romantic life interesting? It was in July 2017 that she announced on a program called Radio Star that she is worried that she may cheat on her husband Lee Sang Soon. She said that on average she would have a new boyfriend every two years and by her estimates she would have about 50 years left to live and she always wondered whether marriage was possible for her. I think she already answered that question as she has been married since 2013. Hyori was so scared that she was afraid that she would be ostracized and ridiculed by the nation of South Korea if she ever did cheat on her husband. While these concerns are understandable from a human perspective, she has so far made her marriage work.

© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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