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Hypnotic Disco

Updated on March 14, 2014

Hypnotic Disco

Volume 5, Issue 12, March 14, 2014

In a dazed and hypnotic evolving culture that was as fast-moving and influential as the times that were approaching in the 1990’s and for the rest of the century until the 2000’s. Pop culture in the music world overflowed into society’s environment and took hold of us in a grip that it resonated around the globe with influences in “disco music” and the madness that came with it. I loved the disco music era; it filled me with the music that had a hypnotic beat and rhythm that bared my soul. It allowed me to actually feel the disco music beats with a passion I had not known before. I danced and sang along with the best songs I had ever heard in my youth and young adulthood with a fever made only within a disco world. It was electrifying and the mosaic blend of sounds took hold of me into a hypnotic trance of dancing and movement that was in fact, “electric.” It was all good!

The electrically vibrantly bold and pastel colors in wardrobes and the styles of the time looking at who dressed the superstars and people of the era were infused with the clingy and sexual perception of the disco era. Short mini-skirts or spandex dresses so tight it hugged every curve, complimenting the outfits were the highest spiked stiletto heels that were the latest in footwear for the ladies.

Soon after the Disco era began to wane, the Rap music began to rise in the ranks in the music world and what happened next was the tremendously huge rappers influx that took to the airways with poetry and roughneck lyrics that it moved the nation into another age. There was a new movement with rap music that it was complimented with and accompanied by graphic murals and art that closely followed the rap tunes, and wonderful ghetto art that captivated us on the walls of our cities. From graphics to graphical portraits, it was all fresh and new that it brought a new generation of artists in music, theater, art, and the entertainment world. Styles so unique, they were as unique, as their creators.

The 1990’s brought us into the 21st century with inventions like the World Wide Web or Internet as it is called today, this brought the computer revolution into the homes of millions of new users worldwide. We were able to take a glimpse of a different world, a different culture, a new and multiple variable possibilities that we did not have before. We were now able to engage with the world, and who would have thought that at the time it would revolutionize the world in which we live. Technology had taken hold and would dominate the centuries to come. The Internet was available on a bulky Intel Pentium processor but heck it was a glimpse into unknown worlds for most of us and it was available to the public.

The pager was another technological invention that sent electronic messages in numbers and encoded messages that was developed by the people who used them, and they were so hyped up that the telephone airways were engaged but, sometimes so much data would blow up the pagers. I remember my daughter would not leave home without her pager and she did blow up her pager a few times and it was from having it registers on the Richter scale with messages galore, that it overloaded its circuitry. I did not even buy myself one because I thought it was just another weird invention. But I did get a cell phone that was heavy and had an antenna that came out like a radio; it also was a signaling walkie talkie. As a matter of fact, it had the walkie talkie capabilities.

The 1990’s were the driving force that catapulted technology, electronics, and computers where everything started moving, and it began at a frantic pace, so rapid-moving, that it was hard not to blink and miss quite a few of the new technological inventions. The hybrid automobile also invented in the 1990’s moved the nation’s automobile industry into a space-age kind of set of technological advances within our automobiles, which our rides were becoming the newest jet-setting trends of tomorrow.

Integrated into the era were the amazing news, environment, and headlines in the 1990’s with the Rodney King beating, Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest for Cannibalism, and Magic Johnson announcing he is HIV positive. The U.S. economy began to decline for the first time since 1992 and riots roared on the streets of Los Angeles over the acquittal of officers in the Rodney King beatings. Mike Tyson the Pro-Heavy weight champion was sentenced for rape. The mob headliner was brought to a header with the testimony of Salvador “the Bull” in the Gotto Conviction. Bill Clinton was elected as president and two years into his presidency was brought into the scandalous arena of sex and more sex by Gennifer Flowers and in 1998, the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Unfortunately, who could forget the horrific Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman murders and the arrest of OJ Simpson. In 1995, OJ Simpson was acquitted and the Los Angeles Rioters began again and again to riot in the streets of Los Angeles, California. I could recall thinking prepare yourself, we are in for a long exhausting stressful ride. Since I worked in the Los Angeles area I became very apprehensive after the riots with the Rodney King verdicts. I always felt apprehensive and I did not feel safe at all after those dates. It permanently fractured my internal security, my psyche, where I felt I had to always look over my shoulder in the 1990’s. I felt ill at ease walking the streets alone or without a friend. It altered the way I felt around people and what they were capable of within that century. Thank goodness that time heals and I am over the apprehension and my way of observing or evaluating the types of situations that exist when people are disgusted with the system. When people feel cornered or just not heard they become disgusted with the overall justice system and everything it represents is unfair, and unfortunately sometimes riots or violence is inevitable.

Rocking the entertainment industry was the release of “Schindler’s List” that it moved the nation; it opened our eyes, and gave us a birds-eye view of the life and lives affected by Hitler’s regime. Jurassic Park was also released and it was one of the highest grossing movies of all time, back in 1993.

Unfortunately we lost quite a few mega-stars and leaders like Princess Di, Notorious Big, the rapper, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Those were the days of the hypnotic tunes and sounds of disco and its infusion into the 1990’s and as the saying goes “dance like it is 1999.”

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