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Updated on November 30, 2009


A comedy about life. In this film, Paul Giamatti (Miles Raymond) and Thomas Hayden Church (Jack Lapate) play two guys out on a road trip to relax a bit, in California's wine country. Miles is a struggling novelist who's depressed over his lack of success, and his failed marriage while Jack is also a struggling actor, whom is getting married. A week prior to the wedding, Jack and Miles both decide they want to go to California to ravish in the taste of fine wine. However, Jack has other plans as he tries to arrange it to where him and Miles can sow their wild oats. Meeting two fascinating young ladies, Maya (Virginia Madsen) and Stephanie (Sandra Oh), the two men are forced to examine their morality. "Sideways" is basically a story about life and the choices we make. Whether we choose to live in the past like Milo or the present like Jack, this story has something for everyone as it's filled with romance, deceit and comedy. Thomas and Paul were great together in this film, and Alexander Payne did a great job. Perhaps one of the deepest comedies ever made.

Paul Giammati was simply brilliant in this movie. As he was able to bring a sense of frustration and passion to the role along with some dry humor at times, you couldn't take your eyes off the screen. Paul's performance was simply robbed of a well deserved Academy Award nomination because of how well he carried himself in the movie.

Virginia Madsen wasn't too bad either. As she had this rustic charismatic charm of the "girl next door" type, that had you almost being able to relate to her character rather easily. The audience is able to feel the chemistry between her and Paul so well as their characters share many qualities. Both having been in rough relationships, they're quickly able to develop a strong bond together. Which is why it becomes so tragic as you can't help but wonder if they'll get together in the end or not.

As for Thomas, what can I say about the guy? Being the usual comedian that he is, he was able to bring a lot of humor, to what would've been a rather dry film had he not been in it. In the scene where Jack talks Milo into going into the house, of a woman that Jack slept with, will have viewers laughing histarically.

Alexander Payne was great as he was able to create a film that was funny but was able to make us think about relationships in general. About how some of us tend to live in the past at the cost of finding happiness, in the future, while others selfishly live for today; without any regards for the consequences for their actions. All in all, Payne was able to deliver a very beautiful film.

Indeed, "Sideways" is a film about life. Like life, they're are moments that make us laugh, but they're also moments that make us cry. It's how we deal with them that matters. Paul Giammati was robbed of a well deserved Academy Award nomination. However, Virginia and Thomas at least got their props with their nominations. Definitely, one of the best comedies of all time.


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