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I Am Sick and Tired Of Everything OPRAH

Updated on January 20, 2011
image of a narcissis person
image of a narcissis person | Source
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin | Source

I read an interview on Oprah Winfrey on the internet this morning that upset me and is the trigger for my article today.

The news headline was: “Oprah: US Too Smart to Elect Palin; Winfrey weighs in on 2012 presidential chances:”

Adam Buckman wrote the article and in it he commented on a question posed to Oprah “…she was asked if the thought of Palin running for president “scared her.”

In her answer, Oprah revealed that she’s not too keen on the prospect of a Palin presidency. Her answer also implied that she doesn’t think too highly of those who would vote for Palin. Said Oprah of a Palin presidential run, “It does not scare me because I believe in the intelligence of the American public.” End quote.

Everything Oprah represents is named after or for her by the use of her personal image (even if not a current image) or her likes or dislikes, by her values or ideals everywhere visible to the world population.

Is she exercising her power or influence to make the American public react to her personal beliefs or objectives? I believe so!

Charles Hartshorne argues that:

“…Power is influence, and perfect power is perfect influence…” Hartshorne, 89

Oprah’s implied sincerity with her guests on her talk show is deceiving. She is not a Friend as I once thought of her. To me she used to be the “Friend” that came over every day for a cup of coffee and a chat. I found myself quoting Oprah all the time in other conversations with family and friends. Too me, she was the epitome of an extremely intelligent woman.

I related to her weight problem because I was overweight and I grew up as a “poor white person” while she was raised “poor and black” in Mississippi. As a “poor white person” I also was raised without the benefit of inside toilet plumbing, no running water, bare linoleum floors, only source of heat was from a wood cook stove, and the food we ate was food my Mother killed fresh daily or pulled from the garden where we raised all the produce for our family.

I stopped watching her day time talk show years ago, when I realized that she was a controlling impact on how I got through my day. Her show format changed as did her personality. For me when she tugged that little red wagon on to her stage filled with pounds of fat equaling the amount of weight she had lost, she flaunted her new body and espoused how easy it was for anyone to be thin.

In my opinion that is when she became egotistical gotta have it all person.

Her show became All about Oprah-her likes and dislikes; her opinions, her desires, her give away shows fostered her importance and the adulation from her audience became like watching a Television Evangelist not promoting God but promoting of Oprah.

For example: Oprah’s magazine: “O”

Now really: “O” as a name for a magazine. (Reminds me of when Cher Bono decided just to be Cher. Now Oprah is just “O”: Can’t get any shorter than a single letter as a name. ) Did she think the public was not smart enough to read Oprah Magazine as a Name for her product?

Now think about this for a minute: Who is on the front cover of each and every magazine issue of “O” since its inception?:

Oprah that is who!!! How narcissistic is that?

Another example: Oprah’s new upcoming television network: “OWN”

The three major networks that have been around since I was a child are:

  1. ABC: American Broadcasting Corporation.
  2. CBS: Columbia Broadcasting Service.
  3. NBC : National Broadcasting Corporation.

As of January 1, 2011 the American public will have:

  1. OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. (Her very own private television network: Another example of a huge ego seeking glorification in my opinion.)

It is ironic that Oprah's name and Logo for her new network form the word "OWN".  Here is what the Webster’s College Dictionary 4th Edition on page 1030 defines the word “own” as:

Used as an Adjective: belonging, relating or peculiar to oneself or itself; used to strengthen a preceding possessive such as (her own idea).

Used as a Noun or Pronoun: That which belongs to oneself.

Used as a Synonym: Acknowledge-come into one’s own to receive what properly belongs to one especially acclaim and recognition: By one’s own efforts or on one’s own initiative.

I am not asking you to agree with me regarding my opinion on Oprah Winfrey but rather to watch her and read her actions in the future. Is this person who is worth over 5 billion dollars today, going to buy or influence our choices for President of the United States? It appears already that the foundation has been laid.

Oprah Winfrey is implying right now today, that if I vote for Palin (if she chooses to run for president) then I am not an intelligent person or voter.

Charles Hartshorne states further in his argument on power:

“…yet if the something acted upon is itself partly active, then there must be some resistance, to the “absolute” power, and how can power which is resisted be absolute?” -Hartshorne, 89

Don’t allow your own sense and convictions be fooled by popular television personality’s. Just because Oprah promotes her choices and likes, does not mean that her selections are the best choice for the job or position.

Everyone needs to be more open minded to other peoples expressed views and opinions, even mine, which don’t agree with their own when it comes to making changes which influence our nation’s government.


LC Ward


Think for yourself!!
Think for yourself!! | Source


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  • Cathi Sutton profile image

    Cathi Sutton 4 years ago

    I understand your point. But I believe Oprah actually thinks she has a right to imply that. I believe she thinks her opinion is more important than yours or mine.

    I am not a political person myself. I just think we all have as much right as the next person to our own way of thinking. And I believe Oprah would rather think for us.

    Voted up again!

  • Cathi Sutton profile image

    Cathi Sutton 4 years ago

    I couldn't agree with you more!!

    I can't stand this woman. She is racist, and recently said in an interview that a generation of old white people need to die!

    She said years ago people don't need the Christ for salvation.

    She said Obama is disrespected because he is black, when in fact he is bi-racial, with a white mother who raised him, and an African father he very seldom even saw.

    I could go on and on...

    In my opinion she has done more than anyone in recent history to hurt society. She has lead many, many astray by deception, and "woe unto the deceiver".

    Great article. Wish I had seen it sooner!

  • LC WARD profile image

    LC WARD 7 years ago from Rochester, Washington

    I am not endorsing Sarah Palin, I am critizing the fact that if I did vote her, Oprah implies I am lacking intelligence.