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I Admit It, I Watch Really Bad Romance Movies Again And Again

Updated on June 3, 2010


I know that admitting this on a website is a bad idea before it even begins but somehow in my mind I feel as though, like an alcoholic, if I admit I have a problem it will be the first step in fixing the problem. I admit it, I watch really bad romance movies again and again – Don’t Get Me Started!

Lest you think I’m watching something like a television movie version of a Jacquline Susann novel, although I admit I’ve watched my share of The Valley of the Dolls, no I’m hardcore into the really stupid romance movies that are normally reserved for teens and the image of a single woman in her forties with seventeen cats. As I’m writing this I am watching (breathe, deep breath) I am watching, on DVD that I own (come on Scott, you can do it…inhale green, exhale blue) The Mirror Has Two Faces. Yes, that’s right. Even a gay should be embarrassed about sitting around on a weekend watching The Mirror Has Two Faces. It’s not even worthy of the Barbra Streisand gay man’s collection. If you’re watching Funny Girl or even Nuts, you’re allowed but you get into The Mirror Has Two Faces territory and you’ve got serious problems. This movie is awful (though it does have an amazing scene with Lauren Bacall that never ceases to amaze me and the ability of actresses from an era of when actresses were really actresses). The movie is not good and yet there’s a part of me that loves every minute of it. No matter how awful, no matter how much I realize that I’m all ready in love and in a real and healthy relationship, there’s something about watching this sort of sappy insipid movie that sugar coats my senses and transports me like only a bad romance movie or Star Wars can.

At first I believed that I watched these movies because I just happened to land upon them when channel surfing and stayed too long at the fair as it were, watching these bad movies from start, sometimes middle, sometimes almost over to end. That’s easy enough to convince yourself of the way that cable plays movies over and over again. But when I found myself scouring the channel guide for What A Girl Wants (a simply stupid movie about a young girl who goes to meet her father, a British Lord and ends up becoming a lady herself and falling in love with a Commoner) I knew I had serious problems. The good news is that I’m getting help. While I have The Mirror Has Two Faces in my DVD collection I can promise you that I do not have and WILL not have What A Girl Wants in my collection. I’ve managed to stop myself and I think that’s a big success story right there.

I think a lot can be learned from looking at your past. I realize now that while I had the need to own movies like, An Affair To Remember and Now Voyager, I convinced myself that this was just my obsession over old movies and not necessarily sappy romance movies. After all, I have comedies and dramas in my collection as well. I have musicals, I have well, okay, I have a lot of movies. Arghhh, maybe that’s another obsession that I need an intervention for too! But you see I was an actor and director at one point and I’m just one of those people who love watching a movie over and over again (like a four year old) because there are subtleties that I think you find when you watch a movie more than once that can be missed on say the first or thirty-first time in the watching. Oh dear God, I’m in trouble.

If it was all Citizen Kane or even Gone With The Wind I might feel better about it but let’s face it, with movies like The Mirror Has Two Faces even I have to question my own taste. We all can’t read Shakespeare or quantum physics in our spare time, some of us are just doomed to watch bad movies and like it. And I’m one of them. I admit it, I watch really bad romance movies again and again – Don’t Get Me Started!

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