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I Am Happily Shameless

Updated on December 11, 2016

The Pennies Are What Matter

Over the years I have written many things about money. Whether it be commentary on the stock market, putting out stock picks before the people who care to read, or why I like a particular company—and the reasons, of course, to hand over your hard earned cash into an investment. It all comes down to the pennies.

I have written about shopping multiple grocery stores and stocking up on sale items. I have written about living on 80% of your means and saving and investing the 20% you don't need. I have written about measuring the square inches on a toilet paper roll as opposed to counting the rolls themselves.

But the common theme remains. Count the pennies, not the dollars. The pennies are what add up. The pennies are what makes the difference. You know all too well how that old saying goes, right? It is the little things that count the most. When it comes to money this is an all true statement, and so often why someone does not make it monetarily? They are focusing on the dollars. The bigger things.

Whether it has been on WebAnswers (now defunct) or Bubblews (now defunct), or in my blogs (which is always difficult to gain an audience), or places like here, HubPages itself, I have had the pleasure of speaking to so many people about how badly they clamor for a penny here, and penny there. They write their stuff, they push their stuff, and they gladly take their pennies. But when it comes to things that matter? The savings. The income. The proceeds. They focus on the dollars.

And it hurts them every single time.

As I have always said, if you ever want to know how much pennies are worth, start putting them into a jar and cash them out at the end of the year.

Do you know people actually throw away their pennies? It's pure madness.

We Are All Trying To Make A Living

We spend a lot of time trying to find ways to make a living. Whether it be getting extra hours at work, or writing a blog, or trying to sell our photographs, writing books we can sell on Amazon, making silly videos for YouTube or whatever it is we do.

I work. I invest. I save cans. I write. I make music. I whore myself out at every turn trying to make the Almighty buck...

Or the Almighty penny.

Be it Facebook or Google Plus or Twitter or Pins, I, like most of us, will try to get all I can out to the masses in order to try and make a penny here and penny there. We all do it. We all want to do it. We all go to, I think, great lengths to try and pull it all off.

HubPages is no different. A penny here. A penny there. We're just trying to make a living.


We All Have Something For Sale

On sites like Niume and Bubblews (which again, is now defunct), or even sites like Daily Two Cents, or whatever your fancy happens to be, we're sharing our lives. We're sharing our every day. We're doing it because it is fun. But we are also doing it because those sites offer us some pennies for our shares.

A penny for your thoughts?

This is really the concept here isn't it? HubPages or any of these sites. They are offering us a penny for our thoughts. It is the most literal placement of this old saying if ever there was one. Write your thoughts, share your thoughts, click an ad...

Boom, here comes a penny.

And We Shamelessly Promote

Gosh. We all do it. It is still a bit of a taboo of course. Especially depending on where you may be trying to promote. Adding links to comments. Pushing your wares. In some places it is even considered "spamming." But we all want to read. We all want to be heard. We all want a piece of this revenue sharing experience. We want those pennies.

There was a time when the Internet was still fairly new to most of us when I started a horror magazine called FrightNet under the editor pen name of Ivan S. Graves. Back then it was easy to post your site, but it was damn hard to make any money. If today were then I'd have probably made a fortune since FrightNet was then considered "state of the art," and was "a true magazine in web form." It felt like you were holding a paper version in your hands. And I did it on purpose. But it made no money because back then it just was not the easy thing to do. So FrightNet finally fizzled by my own hand because it was very time consuming, and the only reward it offered was my own enjoyment of people enjoying it.

But we all have bills to pay.

So I scrapped it. But not before publishing Dark Whsipers: An Anthology in Terror which to this day thanks to some great writers who contributed to it, pays pennies, and sometimes even dollars.

FrightNet never made a penny. But Dark Whispers did. And so I spent a good bit of time promoting it. Shamelessly promoting it. Because I wanted those pennies.

Am I A Musician?

The short answer here is no. But I am what is known as an indie artist, or an unsigned band. In other words, I have a hobby, and that hobby is to do my own thing, make my own music, break the rules if I want, and just put it out there if people want to listen and enjoy what I do.

People actually enjoy what I do.

And again, I put it out there and shamelessly promote wherever and whenever I can, and it is the pennies that count. The album buy here. The stream count there. People are actually listening to what I am doing, care about what I am doing, and are paying for it.

It is the pennies that count.

But Yet Pink Flamingoes Continues to sell Albums and Streams

I put it out there via TuneCore. My Pink Flamingoes album. It can be streamed on dozens of music sites, and it can be bought. Most notably on Amazon and on iTunes. And people are streaming and buying. It never ceases to amaze me the interest that is out there for anything we do to make a penny here and penny there. But then, that IS why we do it right? Because if anyone pays attention and listens, watches, reads, or clicks...

We all make a penny here and penny there.

It is an amazing thing. And of course as I said before, I am happy to shamelessly self promote. Because I want those pennies.

Is it all for the money?

Of course not. I do it because I also happen to enjoy it. But we are living in a time when what you enjoy doing can actually be something you can get paid to do. And so many are in fact getting paid to do what they enjoy doing.

Did you know that the highest paid YouTubers are those that play video games, record them playing, and post them?

They make six figures in some cases. It is mind boggling first of all that they make the money they do. And even more mind boggling anyone is willing to pay for it.

So it just serves to make me less caring about self promotion, and less caring what anyone thinks of what I might be doing to make that Almighty penny.

I am happy to self promote. I am happy to make a fool of myself. I don't care what anyone thinks about what I play (musically) or what I promote literature wise (Dark Whispers) or what I put out as original (Pink Flamingoes). Frankly I don't care about what anyone thinks of what I write either.

A penny for your thoughts?

Do you think this post sucks?

See results

Does This Post Seem All Over the Place

Of course it is. It a post of nonsensical nothing and ramblings and...dare I go there?

Shameless self promotion.

I am simply coming back into HubPages slowly but surely, but also trying to use it as a source for some of those much desired pennies. And so I ramble on and I post a few links. Before you know it I will of course make my rounds on the site reading and commenting...

Hoping a few souls may come into my place here and provide me some pennies. Or dollars. Dollars would be nice too.

It Is A Suckers World

We are living in a time where everyone wants content, and we are all helping to provide it. They are making the big bucks mind you while we are still just clamoring for the pennies. It's one hell of a racket. But who is to complain? We get our little slice of the pie so what gives? What matters?

Someone tells you not to shamelessly promote and I say to hell with them. Promote, promote, promote. Spread what you do far and wide and collect your pennies where they are available. It is all in a day's work, and so many of these sharing places have gone defunct. Take your money and run. Do what you do, don't worry about what anyone thinks about it, and just have fun...

Collecting your pennies and laughing all the way to the bank.

What was this article about? Who the hell knows? Did I have fun writing it? Yes. Did I have fun self promoting, even shamelessly? Yes. Do I care what anyone thinks of it even if they vote in the poll that it sucked? No.

Onward and upward and see you on the other side.


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    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 10 months ago from California

      It is all about the pennies--and they ad up to the dollars--love your writing style! My pleasure to follow you!

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 13 months ago from Wisconsin

      Me too. And of course I have been away from HP for several years. There WAS a reason I left of course, but I think I can work around those little issues and speed up the pennies which have continued to accrue even during my absence.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 13 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I'm all about the pennies. I have so many irons in the fire, I get lost sometimes trying to find them all, but each and every one of them makes a few pennies here, a few pennies there, and they all add up. I may never be famous, and I can certainly live with that, but I'm having a blast and I hope this journey doesn't end soon.