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I Am Number Four (2011) Movie Review Ratings Summary

Updated on February 19, 2011 User Rating

As of Feb. 19th, IMDB users rated I Am Number Four (2011) with a 6.1/10 Rating. User Reviews

Yahoo users have rated this movie with an "A-", very generous given that 9 critic reviews on Yahoo assigned the movie I am Number Four with a "C-".

Rotten Tomatoes Reviews

The movie ratings at RottenTomatoes has a current 4.8/10 rating from the site. The general audience poll rating has a 3.8/5, 74% of people surveyed saying they 'liked it'. The critics liked it less than the site users.

Fandango Critic Reviews

The critic rating at Fandango is at a 37 out of 100 points, low overall. The fan rating is more positive.

Metacritic Critic Review

The critics at Metacritic are rating the movie similarly as Fandango with a 35 out of 100 score and is 'generally unfavorable.

GoodReads Book Review

Thinking of reading the book? has over 4k reviews of I am Number Four with a 3.8/5 rating, better than many of the movie reviews. Yes, it is a book in a series of the "Lorien Legacies" by Pittacis Lore.

Summary: Users are Nicer than Critics

I am Number Four (2011) reviews are terrible coming from the critics. The user ratings are better, but not stellar. User ratings highlight the entertainment value, but the critics have the opinion that the movie is not worth watching or not a great movie at all. What do you think?

Critic reviews are generally lower than user ratings, note the difference with the Yahoo users. Users on Yahoo gave the movie an "A-" which is much better than the critic rating.

I am Number Four Movie Trailer


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