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I Danced with Adam Lambert and He Set Me Free

Updated on October 30, 2015
Adam performing with QUEEN at the 2011 MTVEMA awards
Adam performing with QUEEN at the 2011 MTVEMA awards

Buy Adam's new hit album, Trespassing here!

Trespassing (Deluxe Version)
Trespassing (Deluxe Version)

Adam's critically acclaimed sophomore album is available to download now!


One might not at first believe that a contestant on a reality show could be the catalyst that transforms someone’s life from the prison of hate to the freedom of love, but that is exactly what happened to me when I first encountered Adam Lambert on American Idol. Very recently, as a student in a college Philosophy class, I was asked to write a paper based on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and in doing so, I told the story of my first dance with Adam Lambert and how it changed my life. To understand it, an understanding of the cave allegory it's based on is necessary. For those who aren't familiar with Plato's Allegory of the Cave, here is a very brief summary:

Plato uses the cave analogy taught by Socrates to represent the world the vast majority of humans live in, with levels of knowledge ranging from ignorance to perceived truth or belief. Outside the cave is the world of reality lived out by humans who have searched for truth and found it. The surface world outside the cave represents the highest level of pure reality/truth/knowledge.
Inside the cave are prisoners shackled to the floor since very early childhood, their heads immobilized so they can only look ahead at the back wall of the cave. Behind and above them is fire, and between the fire and the prisoners is a walkway on which unshackled humans still living in the relative darkness of the cave present their perceptions of life, truth, and reality, likened to puppeteers. Their puppets cast shadows on the wall the prisoners see. To the prisoners, those shadows are the only truth they know. Socrates then describes the experience of a prisoner dragged out into the sunlight of the surface world and the stages of painful adjustment to reality, with eventual grateful understanding of the highest knowledge of truth.

My professor asked us to briefly describe a similar educational experience in our own lives that illustrates the journey out of the cave of ignorance. What follows here is my answer.

Being a woman of years, I cannot recollect any educational experiences that might have resulted in the kind of illumination Plato speaks of in the Allegory of the Cave. My educational experiences are just too long ago, and to be honest, I don’t believe I had such an experience until well into adulthood. I spent most of my 57 years a prisoner in the cave, shackled and unable to turn my head, eyes always fixed on the shadows moving before me on the wall, which was the only reality I knew. And my enlightenment came, not from any educational setting, but rather from a reality show of all things.

I was raised in a conservative Catholic environment, studying Catechism from an early age, educated in the dogma of Catholicism. My earliest recollection of Catechism class was the lesson of “God is Love”. Considering the level of dysfunction and loneliness in my life with my family, that lesson was internalized and stuck with me till this very day. No matter what was actually taking place around me or done to me I believed with my whole heart that God loved me, that his very essence was love. But so much of the rest of my learning was filled with anything but love.

I was taught to be afraid of God and his punishment of sinners, and my former vision of his loving nature eventually became intertwined with my experience as I came face to face with various forms of unkindness and even hatred in the name of God. In particular, my family was vehemently anti-gay, and I was raised hearing various expletives and adjectives directed at “homos”. They were “disgusting”, “depraved”, “degenerate”, and had an agenda of preying on young minds to turn them towards depravity. They were the worst of the worst. Those shadows played on the wall of my cave life for many decades as I was indoctrinated into this love=hate world of God by family, friends, church and community.

As I entered adolescence something within me yearned to find that loving God I’d glimpsed that day in Catechism class, the one I’d sensed in my small New York City church as a young girl as I gazed devotedly at the statues of Jesus and Mary, seduced and entranced by the smell of incense and awed by the silence and reverence the altar demanded. Looking back, I realize that my deepest and purest self was already beginning to question the shadow world of my cave dwelling, but wasn’t the slightest bit aware of it.

At the age of 14, my family thoroughly engulfed and drowning in the rampant alcoholism and drug addiction of the late 60s and 70s, I began my formal individual search for God. But being still shackled and under the influence of the shadow world, my quest led only to places that strengthened my captivity. Though I was beginning to feel the pain of it, I neither questioned nor fought to free myself. I studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses, got books out of the library on every Christian denomination I could find, jumped from one church to another searching for the Jesus of pure love. I never found him, and returned to my Catholic roots for a brief time. At least those shadow beings were comfortingly familiar.

It wasn’t until my first son was born and developed one of the most serious and complex cases of Tourette Syndrome the experts had yet encountered and, newly divorced from his father, he and I moved in with my tortured family, that I once again began to seek the elusive God of Love. It was there that life, in all its cruel ravagery, awoke in me a fury that began to weaken my bonds as I struggled to free myself and my son. One day, as the demons of drug addiction and religious fanaticism in my oldest brother rose in the form of a psychotic rage to strike my son, I broke free and ran with him, my shackles breaking from the strain. In the years that followed we lived within the passageways between the light and the dark cave, searching, searching for a new way to live. But I was more terrified of the light than of the darkness. The light was painful and harsh. So I settled into the dim world between the two. I got “saved” during a vision I experienced while studying another book which promised to lead me to the Love God. And in my search for those like me, those who had touched the face of God, I made the mistake of looking once again for a church and found it. And once again, I was immersed in the world of Love/Hate/God, the fundamentalist Christian church. There, we all lived together in the dim passageways of delusion, convinced we were the only ones who had found THE light. I lived in that world for 22 years, always full of crippling fear but confusing it with truth. Here, sex wasn’t disgusting, it was a spiritual bonding that mirrored marriage to Jesus. What a concept! And men and women existed in a world in which women should delight in their submissive role since only men were mandated by God to lead. Never mind that it made you irrelevant. The old “homos” being “disgusting” was replaced with a “love the sinner not the sin” mentality. So now, not only did I know the love of God, but I could save those “homos” from their sinful ways, which was an act of love approved by God! But along the way, still living with blinders on to keep out the blinding light, Albert came into view.

Albert was a young African American boy in my third son’s 5th grade class in our church’s school, rescued from poverty and sin and on the true path to holiness with a scholarship. Almost at once, something in me knew he was gay but didn’t acknowledge it till much later. As I watched Albert grow up in our church and school, completely immersed in its world of anti-gay teachings disguised as love, he just kept looking gayer and gayer. And no matter how many years of preaching he heard or prayers prayed for him, he just kept looking gayer. Even playing on the football team didn’t take the gay out of Albert. No one spoke of it, but everyone knew Albert was “the gay boy”. But we believed God would get the gay out of Albert, because, well, God loved Albert, and gay was sinful. God would save Albert from the sin of homosexuality. Only he didn’t.

Albert was a sweet boy, physically beautiful with a long, lean, slender and graceful body, and as he became more and more involved in the performing arts program at our school, it was apparent that Albert was a gifted dancer. Watching Albert grow up, sensing there was something inherent in him that made him gay but never talking about it, I found myself more and more hanging around closer to the exits leading from the dimness of the passageways into the light of the surface world, but I didn’t realize my eyes were getting used to the brightening light that I still feared. I began wondering what it must be like for Albert to be surrounded by people who hated what he was.

At about that same time my family had gotten into the habit of watching American Idol. I had pulled away from it. I mean it was a dumb singing contest, a reality show. One day at the beginning of Season 8, I was walking through my living room carrying a basket of laundry as the family was watching and I heard this voice. This amazing voice. I dropped the basket and said “ Who. Is. That?” It was Adam Lambert. And he changed my life. I watched every single night till the end of that season and fell more and more in love with this beautiful, brilliant, charismatic young man with THAT VOICE, exuding LIFE from every pore, with a fierce, single minded determination that screamed a confidence and self-possession that riveted me and took my breath away. His inner strength and spirit of love and goodness exploded from the screen into my heart. And with it the light exploded into my life. Completely caught off guard, I fell in love with Adam Lambert. Not a romantic love of course. But a powerful love that to this day, almost three years later, I cannot define.

Soon it became clear that Adam was gay. Pictures leaked to the media made it unquestionable. The love/hate game began. Preachers sent out word to their flocks not to vote for Adam Lambert and aid his evil homosexual agenda. Vote for the Christian worship leader contestant and show America that God is in charge! I was filled with such outrage and felt such pain for him as I watched this beautiful young man’s private sex life blasted onto the world scene, torn down and vilified and stripped of the title he had worked so hard to earn simply because his sex life was different than most. And I realized I didn’t care a bit how he lived out his sexual life. And I didn’t believe he was a sinner because of it. And it became suddenly crystal clear to me that I actually believed he was born gay and was meant to be gay and I had actually believed that deep inside for years because Albert had shown me. I loved Adam Lambert. And that love, which I had been taught so many years ago was the essence of God, lifted me and carried me out of the dim passageways into the fullness of light. As I watched and listened to Adam’s interviews, as he talked of love and acceptance of all people, as he so stubbornly refused to be confined in a PC box and made ashamed of how he was sexually wired, as he admitted how confounded he was by the way humans seek reasons to hate differences instead of celebrating our sameness, as he answered attacks with humility and dignity, I felt the rays of light and warmth and TRUTH on my face and danced with Adam Lambert out my cave prison, and I’m dancing with him still.

In the almost 3 years since I first encountered Adam, thanks to the awakening of the light of truth and love he lit within me, and his community of open-minded free-spirited fans helped flame, the resulting freedom fire in my soul that replaced the darkness of my past cave life has extinguished the shadows that once danced there as they fell one after the other like dominoes. Adam Lambert was the catalyst for a transformation that has freed me, my children, and changed the course of my descendants. I am learning not to fear the world but, like Adam Lambert, to love and embrace it and all who live in it, even those who still live in the bondage of the cave. My mission in life is to help them find their way out of the cave of fear and into the light of the true God - LOVE.

Albert is now a dancer in New York City, living an out and proud gay life, having experienced his own journey out of the cave into the light.

Adam Lambert is now a Grammy nominated artist with Platinum album and singles in many countries around the globe, headlined a wildly successful worldwide tour, the only American Idol contestant ever to do so off a debut album. He was recently granted the honor of being chosen to stand in the place of the late Freddie Mercury by fronting for QUEEN at the 2011 MTV EMA awards recently in Belfast, Ireland (see links below), singing to a world wide TV audience of over a billion people. He will front for the iconic band again this summer in Moscow, Poland, and the UK.

His sophomore album, Trespassing, debuted on May 15th at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200, making history as the first openly gay artist to have an album debut at the top of the Billboard charts.

"Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love. :)" - Adam Lambert

Ratings and comments are welcome! See below.

This article can only be reprinted with written permission. Please do not copy and paste it anywhere on the web. Please link to this page with a short excerpt only. Thank you.


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    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      ABSOLUTELY AWESOME article.. You did a great job.. I do love American Idol from day one.. Adam is a wonderful singer.. We are supposed to vote for those that sing the best not vote against them because they happen to be gay. I am a christian. and I thought he was great.. I love the Lord Jesus and I do not believe he would hate anyone that is gay because they are gay. Jesus loves us all.. it's people that hate. great article.. I voted up and awesoem

    • vmartinezwilson profile image

      Vanessa Martinez Wilson 6 years ago from Vancouver, WA

      Thank you so much for sharing this. Anyone who finds inspiration in Adam Lambert must be on the same wavelength as me. Thank you so much for sharing this because, in many ways, I had a similar reaction.

      I will admit, however, that I've been an American Idol fan since day 1, but my reaction to watching him sing was similar. He's only the second AI that I've purchased a CD from with the first being the original Kelly Clarkson.

      This was a wonderful read and truly made me smile.

    • mkott profile image

      Michele 6 years ago from Reno, Nevada

      Great Hub. I am not religious but find it ironic that Christians will say we are "all Gods children". So why hate on someone that in spirit is your kin, a child of God? There is real evil out there and it does not come in the form of homosexuality. If someone is caring, loving, responsible and other positive attributes why be so concerned then with their sexuality. I for one am tired of the hate talk on many discussions and being hateful to someone that is gay is wrong. And dare say very un-Christian.

    • profile image

      glamity58 6 years ago

      Wow this was an incredibly thought-provoking and revealing paper. I think you've finally given me an explanation for my love of Adam Lambert. I couldn't explain it before, but you've really done it.

      I was raised a Catholic (still sing in the choir), but have felt all the same love-hate feelings from so-called Christians in my churches who were racist and homophobic. I still battle this with my mother and some other relatives. Many people hated Adam because of his sexuality, never able to look beyond that to see what an incredible talent he was. I could look beyond his sexuality, maybe because I see the truth that you describe in that everyone is special to God, and no one chooses to be different, gay, whatever.

      My son is autistic,and ironically has some tics similar to Tourette's victims. He happens to love women believe it or not, yet has no real idea about sex or why he's attracted to them. It's hard to explain. I learned a long time ago, that your orientation is really given to you early on and few people can really overcome that.

      I am inspired by your words and still search for God in other places besides church. I try to lead a good life, not being judgmental, giving of myself, being charitable, etc. I think Adam has helped me to see how important that is. I wish others could absorb the truth you are saying in your paper and put aside their biases....and accept everyone in their hearts. Thanks Katie.

    • profile image

      Lucy 6 years ago

      Thank you for your replies to me. I'm constantly facing the pressures of other people's views...especially of my Christian friends. But I found something today that I wrote back when I was 13...and I think it speaks bounds of encouragement to know God made me different, even back then:-

      'Why should we only speak when we're spoken to? Why can't we express ourselves freely, without ridicule?'

      I've stopped reading Christian blogs...stopped reading devotionals. I read nothing of Christian material now except for the one book we as Christians are meant to read. Furthermore, I refuse to stay silent at Bible meetings about my views on 'Being yourself', even though I know awkward silence will ensure and the meeting will be 'moving swiftly on'.

      I feel a lot more peace believing in the TRUE God than other people's perceptions of God. I've been judged by Christians in my peers group because I wear the peace sign, wear 'I Love Adam Lambert' bracelets with my Jesus bracelet etc.

      You wanna know why I still wear them? Because Adam Lambert is the closest thing to the love, compassion, humility, selflessness etc. of Jesus. He emulates him. Not saying Adam's Jesus, obviously. But you get what I mean.

      I'm sick and tired of it being drilled into me that 'God didn't give you Adam...he wouldn't give you anyone of Adam's...nature' or 'God gave you the confidence you have! Remember that! He taught you to love yourself!'

      I'm constantly judged for calling Adam my miracle from God whenever, of course, I'm meant to believe his whole lifestyle is a sin.

      It's very hard not to be angry with my friends sometimes. I love them so much and in this case I believe 'Love the sinner, hate the sin' comes into play, because I despise it when they judge me for this, but I love them regardless. It doesn't stop it from hurting. But I'm NEVER going to stop believing the TRUTH, because not a day goes by when Adam's success and message of love and acceptance doesn't give me hope...hope for the weird girl in me that one day, I'll see the world as a musician in an orchestra and be able to spread love and acceptance too. My friends are always like 'It MUST be God who gives you hope, Lucy!'

      Yes, God does give me hope. He gives me hope of an amazing life and eternity in Heaven. But I have an inspiration...Adam Lambert.

      Sometimes, I think God wanted me to be bullied all those years see exactly what being hated and ostracized and punished for just being myself was like. I will always stand firm beside everyone who innocently fights for their own rights. In joining the fight for equal rights, I fight for not just Adam (as my Christian friends believe), but for every gay person who truly loves their partner and wants to spend their life with them.

      It's got to a stage where I've changed my religion and political status on facebook to highlight my beliefs. I do not label myself as a Christian or a liberal. Here is what I've said:-

      God is love - Religion can take a HIKE!

      I love God! I will NOT be boxed in by religion :) I accept everyone. I don't judge or frown on anyone. I don't actually hate anyone either. I don't walk around preaching and yelling 'THE END IS NEIGH AND YOU'LL ALL GO TO HELL!' I show God's love through being a kind, loving person. GOD IS LOVE! Jesus is my savior and by one act is my own eternal life possible - his death for me! I don't understand why 'Christians' have complicated such a simple relationship with God - I know I've been set apart from other Christians too...because the only way I have ever understood is this:- God is LOVE. God is love and love is ALL. I'm never going to let anyone try to define my faith. 'Cause it's MINE.

      Dreamer - Peace, love and equality of rights and acceptance of all.

      I believe that the world is not a cold dead place, and that when the love of power is overcome by the power of love, the world WILL know peace. I believe that love is a human right. I believe everyone should be equal. I believe we should ALL be able to party together, regardless of our age, gender, race, orientation, religion etc. Love overcomes hate. Love has no colour. Love has no orientation. All is love. I believe in a future where everyone will be free to live together in perfect harmony. One fine day, all men will live as brothers. I believe in a world without war, sickness, hate, bullying, hurt, famine, drought etc. All we need in this world is some ?, rakastan, amour, love! Whether you're religious or not, reach out and offer help to everyone. Little acts of selflessness are not difficult once we overcome the fear of failing. It makes life so much more bearable for others and it feels fantastic. I also believe that fear of something or someone is ignorance.

      This is my two cents.



    • profile image

      Karena 6 years ago

      One word, Katie.... "Courageous".

      It describes your journey. It describes Adam's journey.

      Thank you for sharing your story in such a sincere, honest and open manner. Such passion and compassion within the content, and much food for thought.

      Courageous, indeed.

      Karena xo

    • xethonxq profile image

      xethonxq 6 years ago

      Cool hub...thanks for sharing. :)

    • profile image

      August Sunrise 6 years ago


      Brave Katie. Your story very much mirrors mine, except I somehow found the 'light' before I found Adam. Adam simply enhanced and encouraged continuance of the freedom and love I'd gained, from becoming free. Unconditional acceptance of understanding that we are all 'one', maybe not the same, but one, is the most freeing aspect that Adam has homed in on for all the people he has touched, and he will continue to touch and inspire now, as long as he's here on Earth, in this particular realm of our eternal existence with God the Creator of All That Is.

      Thank you so so much, Katie, for sharing your inspiring story. It will surely touch many souls and lives, you know. Love and Peace, my sweet friend

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Your answer to that Professor was surely a true one in all its essence, I too have discovered the cave, that is ever so real. My next hub will definitely address just that same point in equilibrium, I've been thinking about how to utilize Plato's philosophy as well, as I learned in college into my hubs, but definitely into a single hub that tops all in my growing collection of hubs I've achieved in getting out of my head thus far.

      Many movies have been generated as well in our time to express this same principle of ignorance, and self deprivation of not being aware of one's true existence among all the rest of transient beings that exist, in which Plato's Allegory so suggested many centuries back. I actually was writing a comment on a Hubnugget nominee's hub, about our creator being Love. The comment actually somehow deleted itself, as I was typing it, not sure how but I guess it wasn't meant to land there & instead it landed here.

      I think god is in work here on Hubpages, that's my take on it all & your living proof of this truth soon to become known to many more people worldwide. Voted Up, in every way they allow me to. Powerful message, I'll share it as well. Amazing story!!

    • profile image

      atomom 6 years ago

      Katie, Lucy, and all of you who share here brings joy and tears to my eyes, and can't not help to join in. I also believe God created Adam for a specific purpose: Adam Lambert had to be so phenomenal in talent, intelligence, beauty, and spirit for us to take notice, or else the message would be lost in the mediocrity of the medium. If, for example, Adam caved in to his detractors, or presented a less than stellar example of public persona by not being humble, fierce, uncompromising, loving, and kind being that he is, the learning would be limited. As it is, many more are becoming aware of Adam's inspiring example because of the platform of music and all its permutations. Which leads me to what I believe is the message: God made Adam to teach us what many of us do not know about love and compassion. Many attest in knowing Adam that they become better human beings; and the beliefs they'd been shackled to had prevented them from fulfilling their purpose on earth. Many are discovering renewed zest for living, and appreciation for their worth, as they see their prejudices washing away.

      Society today is undergoing so much upheaval in many political, social, cultural, and economic areas, as probably should happen from time to time. Crisis abounds whenever there is great injustice, such as when conditions are placed on whether a group of people is worthy of our respect, and we villify and condemn because they are different. Our admiration for Adam forces us to hold the mirror to ourselves and see the truth about how different we also are. Should we be condemned as well because we are twenty pounds overweight, blue-eyed, or thin-lipped? We are all born different, no one is like another, so who are we to discriminate for being born one way or another. It grieves me to think that many still believe that homosexuality is a choice, when gays still fear being outed; when persecutions of gays have led to torture and deaths. The Bible is the Word of God, I believe, but it was handed down to scribes who reflected the customs and mores of their worlds, and because society has been fluid through the ages, the attitudes and beliefs reflected in the Bible reveal antiquated, irrelevant, and even incorrect assumptions or interpretations. The eyes of a different time have chronicled Biblical teachings and doctrines according to the mores of the time. Because society is fluid, it is up to us to discern the truth of the Bible's teachings to our times, if society is to discover and live up to its best promise.

    • Margaret Tombs profile image

      Margaret Tombs 6 years ago

      Lucy Vella, Hello again :) I'm so glad you've commented here in such a beautiful way, As you know I've seen a small part of your struggles and I know that you're a very brave and intelligent young lady. I don't know the Bible that well but the way you put it there I know now I have something to refer to the next time someone tries to use those passages in an argument. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Sherri 6 years ago

      At this time of year , I am grateful for people like you who discover love & acceptance & share the experience .

    • profile image

      Susie 6 years ago

      Katie, your writing is OVER THE TOP Awesome!!!!!! Is THIS the Katie I know!!??? Holy cow!! Where have you been, what have you been up to, girl???? I knew you had talent, but I'm need to write a book, go freelance, make money with this gift. Thank you for writing this and sharing your story. I love you.

    • profile image

      Lucy 6 years ago

      Dear M-E

      Your comment is so true. This is the experience I've had. God, I believe, has given Adam to the world to show what real love is. God has given Adam not just a beautiful voice, but a spiritual beauty that I don't think you, or I, or even Adam himself can understand. He's got more compassion than any Christian I know, including myself. He emulates the fruits of the spirit completely. I'd never been closed minded, but had accepted 'those' passages to mean what I was taught they humans. Adam, I feel, was God's way of telling me to re access myself. 'Love the sinner, hate the sin' does not apply to gay people. Because gay is not wrong. Gay are born gay. Just like you're born white, or black, or chinese, or small, or big, or with blue eyes, or with ginger hair, or with hammer toes, or with normal toes etc. I don't buy all this 'ex gay' crap going around...because there's people who've killed themselves over God not 'healing' their gayness. But it's not right. That passage in Leviticus is just like the old laws of not eating pig meat or wearing clothes made of two materials. The passages in the new testament talk about lust and prostitution. And that passage in Romans...well that's about God's punishment against Heterosexuals who were doing wrong. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of many bad things they of which was the rape of ANGELS which in turn are the strange flesh. This is how God has led me to interpret them anyway.

      I only figured this out recently when prompted 'If you love Adam Lambert, then where do you stand on his sexuality? You MUST frown upon the awful things they do!'

      The questions made me upset. I'd never thought about it before, even though I've loved Adam for three years (coming up on it). Adam had helped me with so many personal problems...with my confidence (which he still helps me with), with beating my bullies, with loving who I am...that weird, quirky, eccentric girl who plays the bassoon. I mean, I didn't mind that he was gay. I just hadn't ever thought to think what that meant...

      And now I know what it means. And I'll tell you all.

      It means that he was made and born to love with all his heart someone who just happens to be of the same gender. It means he was given the power to love some, something some people can't find in themselves because they're so trapped and blinded by the dark cave of hate. It means that he'd been given a challenge because he was made and wired different than most people on this world, but that doesn't mean he deserves any less than straight people do.

      You could say Adam's helped me out of two different caves.

      Everyone has a different idea of what Adam is to them. And for me, Adam is three things:-

      1) My inspiration

      2) My angel of music

      3) My miracle.

      I'm so glad I found this peace and have sorted out my heart and mind now. I'm 18 years old. When I have children, I will tell me:-

      'When you grow up, it doesn't matter to me who you long as you bring home someone who cares about you for WHO YOU ARE...who really loves you. I'll love you, no matter what. And I'm sure I'll love who you choose to be with for the rest of your lives, too. Whoever you love is who you love because that's who you are...who you were born to be. Never listen to anyone else because YOU are special.'

      If other Christians around me knew I was planning to tell my future children that, I bet I'd get Bible bashed. But I don't care. Because I know the truth. These people go on about how immoral gay people are ALL the time, but there are SO MANY if not MORE immoral straight people, too. They'd be sure to tell me I'm encouraging my children to be gay. But that's not the case.

      I'm Lucy Vella. And I'm proud to be:-

      A student

      A Christian

      A Musician

      A Glambert

      Open Minded, accepting and supportive

      An LGBT Ally.

      I pray for Adam every night, that he'll be kept safe and well and that he'll be a complete success. If you haven't noticed, my prayers are TOTALLY being answered of late. I'm so proud of Adam...and I cannot wait for this new CD. I thank God every night for giving Adam to me. His success reminds me of what I can do if I just BELIEVE in myself!

      Love, light and God bless you all!



    • profile image

      Victory 6 years ago

      As to Church/God/Hate/Love, one great friend of mine says:

      "Religion is just about rituals,

      Church is just about business.

      And neither is about True Faith".

      He graduated from the seminary, was a priest at orthodox church and quitted being completely disullusioned by it.

      He often quotes Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy: "God is within You"...

      Cheers, again! To us!

    • profile image

      M-E 6 years ago

      Gorgeous and well written article! So many of us have similar stories but you have expressed that unique freedom we have found very profoundly. I am still a Christian (and I believe Jesus is right there saying "Amen" to your article!). I too was taught about "those" Bible passages that are supposedly antigay.(did we interpret them that way?!) My family was loving, tolerant, but still had old attitudes about homosexuality. Since my heart was stolen by Adam, I have searched and read and prayed and I know that we Christians have missed the mark on this somehow. I truly believe God has gifted Adam in ways even he doesn't understand; I am so excited for the future! We are all still emerging from our own self imposed caves; we are still gaining that glorious light if we just open up and let it in. I hope your son is doing well; I am thrilled Albert seems to be fulfilling his mission in life; I pray we all find who we are meant to be - ROCK ON ADAM!

    • profile image

      Victory 6 years ago

      Great story, Katie! And the ladies' comments as well. Agreeing completely with "Adam is a Beauty and thus a Love&God", I'd add:

      You, Ladies, admitting delusions of your own, confessing and changing your minds, - you're as beautiful, as Adam is. And really Kind and Strong.

      To you, Cheers! :o))

    • profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago

      Beautiful and moving article. You have a gift for words as Adam has a gift for music. You are both so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      nanaofliu 6 years ago

      So very proud of you Katie. Started reading,not noticing author, so excited when after first paragraph, discovered it was our own Katie from AO. You said "IT PERFECTLY" I thank you and sure that ADAM does too!

    • Margaret Tombs profile image

      Margaret Tombs 6 years ago

      Absolutely Beautiful article, even though I've been an Atheist since I was a teenager I feel similar emotions for Adam, He has opened my eyes to a lot of things which I had only dimly been aware of before and moved me to take action on a lot of them.

      He is a truly inspirational person who has woken many people up to the possibilities of their lives, and given them courage to take them.

    • profile image

      Lucy 6 years ago

      Hi, Katie :) Was wondering did you get my email? I hope you did. It was a reply to this...sharing my own personal experience with Adam, who helped me beat bullies, overcome self loathing and recently, to remind me that just because I'm a Christian and I'm surrounded by those who have a different opinion on gay people than I do, it doesn't mean I have to change how I feel about it.

      Because I Adam, I am an LGBT ally.

      Love and light God bless.


    • profile image

      jane 6 years ago

      Katie, thank you for sharing your story,I too,left the cave because of Adam Lambert..and I will be forever grateful to him because of this

    • profile image

      aj 6 years ago

      Loved reading this! May you keep dancing xxx

    • profile image

      buffy522 6 years ago

      Well I certainly hope you got an A+ on that paper sister. Beautifully written. (and of course I can relate). interesting to see what your prof's take was. Keep us up to date!

    • profile image

      sdshadam 6 years ago

      He really has a powerful force to steer us in a positive direction. Really enjoyed your paper. People don't know what they are missing.

    • profile image

      Serena 6 years ago

      If only the whole world could see life and humanity through your eyes.

      I was brought up Catholic but by blue collar parents who managed to see the good in everyone. When I went away to college and met Jewish people (I had known 2, both clothing store owners,) African-Americans(I had known 1 girl, the only A-A in my public school,) had a Syrian political science professor, and found out at my 10 yr high school reunion that one of my best guy friends was gay, it was simply chalked up to another leaning opportunity. I seriously tried to do the same favor for my kids that my parents had done for me.

    • profile image

      Lambertime 6 years ago

      Awww Katie, I feel like I watched part of your struggle over the last years on AO. It was that genuine desire to find truth that made me like and respect you (at first, I didn't!) This is a wonderful writing and I appreciate your willingness to share.

    • profile image

      MomTerryLady 6 years ago

      Great story! I could relate to a great deal of that journey myself. I too was a cave dweller and feel that somewhere along the way I have found my way out.

      When I first saw Adam, I was fully captured! His sexuality was never a factor even when it became a "pubic." I just saw Adam with his amazing confidence, professionalism, phenomenal set of pipes, gorgeous looks, and sensuality. He made me believe in him from the get-go! I think a lot of his attraction is that he is so confident in who he is. He found himself along the way somewhere and has unleashed his God-given talent wholeheartedly. He was born to do just what he is doing and the world is better because of it!

      Thanks again for your story.

    • profile image

      barbls 6 years ago

      Katie, This was beautifully written. Most people in one way or another have experienced people who think and speak these irrational religious beliefs. The acceptance of these beliefs, written by man, not God, and preached from generation to generation keeps us from growing to be better human beings. They are the shackles that are always there keeping us from using our own minds and hearts to see what is truly good and celebrating our difference. I don't know when this will ever end. Religion has such a strong hold on so many aspects of peoples lives. If only people would believe in god without the dogmas written by man to separate us and just believe in humanity and that diversity is what God created and for a purpose. to learn from each other and to celebrate those differences.

    • profile image

      Janice 6 years ago

      I do believe that Adam Lambert has changed so many lives and opened many of us up to become the loving souls we really are.He has made us become aware of that by just being himself. Great writing. I'm glad you received an A.

    • profile image

      MsSharon1031 6 years ago from Snow Hill, MD

      Katie: I returned to college at age 53 to earn a BASW. I chose a Philosophy Course to fill a requirement but I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. We also were given the same assignment re:Plato's Allegory of the Cave. I too had the exact same childhood experiences as you. Adam Lambert was that light outside the cave for me and to know him is the most blessed thing that I could imagine. If Adam doesn't already know or understand how much impact he has on our lives hopefully someday he'll realize just how beautiful of a spirit he truly is. What saddens me most is that there are millions of people that have closed their eyes to this beautiful spirit and will never know the happiness he can bring to their lives through his music and just being himself. We all can learn lessons about how to react to adversity and criticism from those that choose to hate or dislike us for no reason. Your story brought tears to my eyes and brought an inner peace if just for a few minutes. Every time I feel sad or lonely I'll take the time to read it. Bless you.

    • profile image

      Teddi 6 years ago

      WOW!I sure am glad Adam came into your life. What a wonder he is! I loved reading this!

    • profile image

      Kelly Marney (Oceanna) 6 years ago

      Thanks so much for putting that in words. So many of us share similar stories, but haven't been able to put it so succinctly. He's changed the world, even if he's done it one person at a time. :) (Okay maybe one every minute or two! :)) Love and Blessings to you.

    • profile image

      Mary S 6 years ago

      Amazing, Katie!!! You described my own Catholic experience exactly, but I had burst out of the cave much earlier than the arrival of Adam. But Adam brought a whole new aliveness to my world and opened my heart in a way that I never dreamed possible. Thank you for expressing it so perfectly. And thank you for embracing Albert and others who struggled with such cruelty disguised as Christianity. A change is underway. Adam Lambert leads the way!!!!

    • profile image

      Juneau 6 years ago

      This is very moving. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

    • profile image

      EtrnlGlamNation 6 years ago

      Beautiful article. Your journey, which typifies many others' is the reason I say Adam is "God", because he is light and love and everything "God" is supposed to be. There is no better role model than Mr. Adam Lambert. He has brought many of us into the "light". Oh, and he can sang. :)

    • profile image

      SCmtn 6 years ago

      Loved loved reading about your awakening. Truly amazing writing. Such an apt analogy for the Allegory of the Cave. So many of us have been awoken, inspired and changed by Adam's loving and accepting message and purity of spirit.

    • profile image

      Michele 6 years ago

      This is beautiful ... I too was raised a Christian, taught that being gay is the worst of the worst kind of sin. I also danced into the light out of the cave with Adam Lambert - what a beautiful, loving, sweet, talented soul he is! I don't have your way with words ... this is a beautiful testimony & also testament to how powerful & real Adam's PRESENCE is ... he doesn't have to DO anything, he just lives his life without apology, strong & loving & accepting of others that are different, of ALL people... thank you for sharing this. It's so hard for me to explain how I LOVE Adam to people that don't "get it."

    • profile image

      Yummy 6 years ago

      Excellent! :)

    • profile image

      Sue 6 years ago

      Reading someone else's analysis of Adam's magic touches me deeply. His music and love have filled my heart since he burst onto the scene in 2009. I can not remember what life was before his sparkling light filled my world.

      I have not had a hard life; I have love and joy, wonderful friends and family. But Adam gave me more and I am so very grateful. He is an amazing being and he has so many fans who agree with us!!

      Thank you for sharing this. It is a beautiful tribute to Adam and I know he would be honored by it.

    • profile image

      Dee 6 years ago

      All I can say is WOW.It's hard to put into words the impact Adam Lambert has had on so many people. You writing is fabulous. I really enjoyed your journey.

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 6 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.


      Of course! Thanks for sharing my work. :)

    • profile image

      Lolpsychic 6 years ago

      Beautiful KatieJ . Adam is inspiring.

    • profile image

      noskerdycat 6 years ago

      Thumbs up KatieJ

    • profile image

      Lauriellen 6 years ago

      I kept watching for the KatieJ at the end. LOL Nice work! Can I link it to my blog at

    • Katie Sheridan profile image

      Katie Sheridan 6 years ago from Florida, U.S.A.

      Thank you so much, Lisa for your kind comment. Yes, she did reply to me by email, as this is an internet class.

      "Dear Katie: Thank you for this most inspiring and passionately written paper. It was truly moving to read about your own personal journey out of the cave into the light, and what a beautiful way to interpret Plato in comparing the Light and God to Love. Plato himself would have agreed!

      Grade= 100%/A"

    • profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago

      Boy, do you have a knack for writing!

      Did your professor have a response on this?

    • profile image

      Anna 6 years ago

      Thank you for relating your journey into the light!

      Great theme of the cave and the light, your story illustrates Plato's allegory very well!!

    • profile image

      NHmom 6 years ago

      So beautiful Katie, you made me weep! Thank you for sharing your inner journey in this heartfelt way.

    • profile image

      Sue 6 years ago

      Iove your article!